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Now on our 9th Issue of Selective Magazine Wetherby and getting around 70% retention, we are currently putting everything in place to replicate our 360 degrees affordable advertising platform in Harrogate. Carl Stephens has done work for me a couple of times in the past and I have always found him very professional and his work outstanding. I was almost in two minds whether to say anything but Train FX is one of the best kept secrets in the area!
Un mercato in crescita esponenziale, l'unica fonte di pubblicita in crescita nel 2009 nonostante la crisi, l'advertising online ha superato la pubblicita su carta stampata negli USA nel 2009 e la pubblicita su radio in Italia. Letteralmente "Piattaforma pubblicitaria", consiste in una pubblicita online che presenta una elevata interattivita con l'utente, dando la possibilita di creare campagne anche per budget limitati, investendo sulla distribuzione di contenuti via Web ottenendo ottimi risultati, incrementando il traffico sui propri siti e misurando in dettaglio la risposta dell'audience. Le possibilita di investimento sono innumerevoli e personalizzabili a seconda della tipologia dell'azienda, della logistica e del target. Everyone knows that the future of online advertising is through self serve advertising platforms.
With all of that in mind, EngageBDR has just released their own Self Serve RTB which is bound to be one of the best around.
First Impression is the first of its kind RTB self serve display platform that focuses on the direct response advertiser.
We have built a platform that enables advertisers to target online and mobile inventory like never before.
By leveraging real time buying, it gives a media buyer the full control to maximize the value of an impression and increase ROI.
18 Mar, 2016 – FissionAds LLC announced the launch of their flagship software platform that automates online advertising.
FissionAds is a premium, internet-based web solution that offers the entire online advertising process in one single place. FissionAds connects your advertising sources to online revenue streams to see real time ROI and automate advertising. The largest online retailer in the world, Amazon announced its latest feature, a new advertising platform for developers who want to sell their apps. Amazon advertising platform was specially designed for all the app developers who want to distribute their Android apps through Amazon’s own Appstore and even on Google Play.

Amazon’s new advertising platform is called simply “Advertise Your App with Amazon” and was designed to help developers promote their apps via Amazon’s network of Fire tablet screens, as well as through Amazon’s mobile placements. Although the company has not disclosed the installed base of the users who currently utilize the Fire tablet, the ads can reach millions of Amazon customers.
The new Amazon advertising platform was designed for developers who want to attract loyal users that are interested in their apps, especially those users who are more likely to purchase the in-apps.
According to independent research, Amazon’s Appstore has a revenue that is as much as that of Google Play for their Android app developers. As per Amazon, a recent report done by Newzoo says that more than 64% of the users who play mobile games and use the Amazon Appstore pay for their games, compared to 37% of the users who go to Google Play to purchase their games. However, Amazon has the advantage that all the ads will appear on the wakescreen of the Fire tablets, when they are compatible. This is very good for Amazon because it will be harder for consumers to ignore the ads as some do with the News Feed ads. Aside from appearing on the wakescreens of Fire tablets, the new ads for apps will also be shown on Amazon’s other properties through the Amazon Mobile Ad Network.
According to Amazon, it takes no more than 90 seconds to set up a new campaign and it can cost about $100 or more. After setting up the campaign, the developers have to pay only if a user clicks on their ad. It may sound very easy, but Amazon said that it cannot guarantee how well a campaign can go. The app developers can also use the Amazon advertising platform to target their users based on their interests. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
We’d been let down by our previous security provider and the services Triton provide are of a high standard. NEXUSLab offre tutto questo garantendo professionalita ma anche grande creativita, attenta all'innovazione delle forme espressive e di comunicazione, ma sempre focalizzata all'obiettivo di vendita e successo del cliente. Ever since networks like Facebook and Plenty of Fish have moved to their own self serve platforms, affiliates and online marketers are making more money than ever.

While many other self serve advertising platforms allow you to build campaigns for one method of advertising (web, banners or mobile), Engage BDR has created a platform that will tie in all display methods. Advertisers can now test campaigns on our exchange traffic, scale on our premium inventory and expand their campaigns into mobile.
The innovative platform connects your online advertising channels to your revenue streams to see real time ROI, Profit and CPA.
The platform integrates all your advertising sources like Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and Google Adwords allowing you to manage all your advertising solutions on FissionAds’ innovative platform.
We have created a simple yet innovative platform that allows you to manage all these pieces on one place. Already surpassing over $100,000 in Facebook Ad spend, the platform has proved to be very successful for the first few users.
When working with a self serve ad platform, the affiliate or advertiser has full control of the ads, landing pages, offers and who they are targeting.
In development, we focused on the methodology of a performance advertiser, and created a platform that empowers them to easily measure success and grow campaigns quickly and efficiently. Using deep data analysis, their patented Einstein Algorithm changes ad bids in real time and automates your entire advertising process. The software has a data driven algorithm knows as the Einstein Algorithm that uses performance based ad data to automatically change your bids based on a target ROI that you can set. Whether you have an e-commerce store or a content network, FissionAds allows you to save time by automatically managing your online advertising and see your bottom-line in real time,” said CEO Tyler Horvath. The platform is currently in Beta for a few select customers and will launch to the public on May 11th 2016. Connect your revenue streams like Adsense, Lijit, Yieldbot, Shopify and many other sources to see real time revenue, profit, spend and ROI per advertising campaign.
The bid automation functionality has allowed us to increase profits while being a little more hands off with our marketing efforts,” said beta user Matt Bizal.

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