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YouTube may not be a TV network, but its advertising revenue sure makes it look like it could be.
Business Insider put together the graph after pulling data from news reports, company filings, and their own Business Insider Intelligence investigations.
Business Insider’s findings line up quite well with other reports and statistics from this year. TV conglomerates may bemoan the fact that a single online video website is catching up to their ad revenue numbers so quickly, but YouTube’s ad strategies are obviously working. SUBSCRIBE Get Tubefilter's Top Stories, Breaking News, and Event updates delivered straight to your inbox. If you have a great news tip, are interested in advertising on Tubefilter, thinking about possible partnership opportunities, want to find out more about our upcoming events, would like to write a guest post, or just want to say "hello," be sure to drop us a line.
This year Google will take a 35% cut of gross ad spending on the YouTube platform with the remainder going to content creators and ad partners. Advertisers will spend a projected $5.6bn on YouTube in 2013, an increase of more than 50 per cent on the previous year, according to a report that underlines a shift away from traditional television ads.
The sharp rise, which follows an explosion of viewing on mobile devices, comes as advertisers strive to reach younger consumers who have drifted away from television.
YouTube does not keep all of the advertising revenue that flows through its site, paying much of it to partners and “content creators”. Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) YouTube recently acquired Directr, an online video editing company, for an undisclosed amount. The estimated value of the online video advertising market in the US was $4.14 billion at the end of FY 2013. Going by eMarketer’s estimates of YouTube’s US revenue in 2014, the latter’s market share could go up further.
After having launched video ads in the US in March 2014, Facebook has been piling on the pressure.
While Google’s unique video viewer numbers have been somewhat flat, Facebook’s numbers have been growing quite impressively.
The Facebook acquisition of LiveRail means that the former now owns a Real Time Bidding system (RTB) or ad exchange whose reach in the US has consistently been higher than that of Google and its properties. More importantly, it’s an app that used to cost advertisers who wanted to use it to make videos.
Alphabet announced that its YouTube now supports spherical, 360-degree live video streaming and spatial audio. Google's growth rate is accelerating due to mobile search and better positioning of mobile search ads.
Neither Amigobulls, nor any members of its staff hold positions in any of the stocks discussed in this post. All information provided "as is" for informational purposes only, not intended for trading purposes or advice.
Neither Amigobulls nor any of the data providers is liable for any informational errors, incompleteness, or delays, or for any actions taken in reliance on information contained herein. YouTube Advertising: How to Advertise in YouTube Videos You are using an outdated browser. A new chart reveals how YouTube’s annual intake of ad dollars is quickly catching up to that of CBS’s and eclipsing AMC’s revenue entirely. CBS saw a loss from ad revenue around 2009 whereas YouTube’s stayed level, and right about the time CBS had another slight dip in revenue in mid-2010, YouTube’s ad earnings took off.
Maybe networks like CBS need to take a cue from the online video site (and other entrants into the online video fray) if they hope to keep their revenue numbers on the up and up in years to come.
This is an increase of 51% compare to last year’s ad revenue number and turns out to be 11% of Google’s total global ad revenues. Note that eMarketer’s estimates are high compare to the YouTube 2013 ad revenue numbers published by other financial analysts and research firms earlier this year.
Google is confident it will be able to take a 45% cut next year due to a growing consumer demand to view video content across devices, more lucrative contract renewals with several advertising partners and the phase out of less-favorable revenue-sharing deals with TV networks.

Yahoo’s numbers are volatile but mark an improvement since Jan this year, while Amazon has moved out of the top 10. In July this year, Yahoo acquired RayV, a video broadcasting platform, after the former’s attempts to acquire Hulu and DailyMotion fell apart. YouTube’s recent acquisition of Directr appears to be aimed at strengthening its offerings to small businesses. Following the acquisition, advertisers like small businesses who may or may not have been able to afford a video ad, will now be able to make videos free of cost, using the app. Many small businesses these days leverage Facebook’s ‘pages’ to enhance their visibility and public presence, which comes at no cost of course! However, the online video advertising segment promises to be an interesting one as it unfurls. However, the diversified revenue and lack of dependence on advertising meaningfully offsets some of the downside. The company struggled with foreign exchange, traffic acquisition cost and higher capital expenditures.
Live 360-degree video streaming brings together two developments of strategic importance - live video streaming and VR. While I can’t testify to any added “truth” value, True View ads are a great deal budgeting wise because you only pay when viewers actually choose to watch your video.
This number is much higher than AMC Networks’s revenue from the same year, which appears to reach around $1.8 billion (even though the network is home to hugely popular shows like Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead). According to Business Insider’s findings, YouTube has progressively and largely increased its ad revenue year-over-year, whereas CBS has struggled to gain similar traction. And in October, the Interactive Advertising Bureau reported yet another increase (13%) in digital ad revenue industry wide from the first half of 2013.
From industry news, to web series reviews, to related events, and one heck of an Awards Show.
In 1996 he founded and led Advanced Media Productions, a 20-employee digital marketing agency, as President and CEO. The value of digital video ad spends in the US is expected to more than double by 2017 from its value in 2013. As per estimates of online video advertising spends in the US, the market was worth about $4.14 billion in FY 2013.
Just following this announcement, we analyzed the potential of Facebook’s video advertising revenue stream. Facebook seems to be making the right moves to take it further, and one of them is probably its July 2014 acquisition of LiveRail, a programmatic video ad buying platform or ad exchange. Further, Twitter recently acquired SnappyTV, a video editing tool which allows advertisers to clip and edit live TV streams and share them on the internet. Apart from adding another dimension to advertising on YouTube, the acquisition could help Google gain further access to advertising spends by these small businesses. So much so that platforms like Facebook and Twitter are believed to be mulling the e-commerce option. However, I anticipate the stock to recover given better mobile monetization and reset of analyst expectations. Live 360-degree video streaming is a "gateway drug" between video and the new era of immersive virtual reality.
Near term data suggests acceleration in ad sales, as such Google's next phase of growth will be driven by YouTube.
We look at YouTube, the video advertising space in the US as a whole and what some of the competition is doing to bite into this fast growing market.
As per eMarketer’s estimate of YouTube’s revenue (video ads only), the video platform could command about 21.1% market share in the US.
At times like these, any additional support to the offering available for this segment of advertisers could be of value. In line with our long term view of the stock, our Google stock analysis rates it a ‘buy’ at its current valuations.

In this case, net revenue is what YouTube earns after paying out Traffic Acquisition Costs (TAC) to the creators of the video content.
However, it still is Google’s closest competitor in terms of unique video viewers in the US.
Neither Amigobulls, nor the author have any business relationship with any of the companies covered in this post. What’s great is that with this option, you can create videos longer than 30 seconds, allowing you to experiment with video ad lengths.Since you pay the same amount whether the viewer watches 30 seconds or the whole extended video, you can get more exposure for the same price. Further, take a look at stats from Comscore over the last few months, and guess who’s closing the gap on Google? Justin Bieber first got discovered on YouTube, and more recently YouTube has made Psy’s hit “Gangnam Style” the most viral video of all time. In fact, some studies have shown that longer videos (closer to the 60-second ballpark) tend to do better than the shorter ones.
My theory is that longer videos are probably developing a richer story that is keeping viewers engaged, rather than throwing out a short “look at this, you should buy it” ad.In-stream ads allow for contextual targeting, interest targeting, and demographic targeting. With YouTube being increasingly viewed as the place where pop culture happens, its advertising potential continues to grow exponentially.YouTube’s advertising potential is as big as the record industry itself, hence Psy being invited to meet with Google’s Eric Schmidt (and the resulting obligatory dance lesson). These viral videos aren’t just sensational fads – they are big advertising money.Logic dictates that marketers should go where the people are – YouTube!Want to be the next “Gangnam Style?” Don’t we all? You can customize your channel to express your business’s personality, and make it easy for viewers to subscribe to your future videos.Taylor Swift’s example of a colorful customized YouTube branded channel. Display ads let your ads appear alongside related YouTube videos, or as pop-ups within YouTube videos.Standard Banner Ad – These are just like the regular Google Display Ads, available as standard banner ads and rich media ads.
A bit too colorful for my taste, but I’m sure the tweens love it.Advanced Targeting Options – YouTube advertising offers some great demographic targeting options including niche interest targeting and age targeting. You can use topic categories and keywords to specify where you want these banner ads to appear.
Bright, colorful images that will grab the eye are best practice.In-Video Overlay Ads – In-video overlay ads appear as pop-ups within existing contextually targeted videos that are targeted by selected queries. This immense ad takeover doesn’t come cheap – a single day will cost you around $300,000, so this option is primarily for those with the deep pockets.
But there’s no denying that they are impossible to ignore, even if they are X-ed out immediately. Don’t even think ‘sales pitch.’ Think about quick how-tos, or positive reviews from customers.
Be personal.” No one goes to YouTube looking to watch extended daytime infomercials.Need some ideas? Revolutionary!Audience Engagement: YouTube can be a great venue for connecting and interacting with customers. Check out our Guide to Creating YouTube Content, packed with video ad concepts and ideas, as well as information on recording your video and optimizing it for SEO. A great example is Old Spice’s video response campaign in which they had Isaiah Mustafa, aka “the man your man could smell like” release a number of videos on YouTube answering questions and comments put forth by fans on Twitter and Facebook.
And if all else fails and you’re really stuck, fall back on YouTube fundamentals – kittens!
The campaign was incredibly successful, with Old Spice’s Twitter following increasing by 2700%Customer Help: YouTube is a great place to offer how-to video solutions for common customer problems.
Your videos can serve as a more engaging FAQ, or help customers gain a more advanced understanding of the features your product offers.

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