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Innovative, creative marketing is one of the best ways to get a customer’s attention and social media sites take a lot of the hard work out of it, you just have to know where to look. As business people, we all know that the number of Facebook fans we have can absolutely influence brand popularity and sales.
Sometimes, though, when talking to others in digital marketing you would think that traditional marketing channels, such as print, billboards, radio, TV, direct mail, etc., are now worthless. Many businesses choose to focus a majority of their social media marketing efforts on the ever-growing social giant.

The design of the job ads in particular is designed to improve effectiveness in attracting job seekers and communicating the values of the State Service as an employerJob adsJob ads in Tasmania’s daily papers can be presented in a standard line-listing format or as a hot job or executive appointment.
It’s important to use your email newsletters to connect with your audience, become a resource for them, and ultimately generate loyalty, retention, and mindshare. Some say they don’t produce immediate leads or sales and the ROI from multi-channel marketing is difficult to measure. Many businesses have already hopped on board and used these sites to their advantage and Vine, Twitter’s latest video app, is the newest hype.

Gray Matters Advertising can provide further advice on the layout of interstate job ads.Tender adsTender ads are lodged via the Tenders website and guidance on the content of ads is provided during the uploading process. The lodging classified advertising instructions (PDF) provide guidance on how to make these bookings.Sub-brand and partner logo usageSub-brand logos cannot be accommodated on job advertisements in the three Tasmanian daily newspapers due to the layout.

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