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Like a master chef that mix ingredients to create a great dish, editors know how to put together image, sequences, audio clips and special effects to captivate and entertain the audience. Though the maker of this sign doesn’t seem to know it, the word ‘where’ is very simply always used in English grammar to indicate a place or location. This hapless tattoo fan has unfortunately tried to use this form in her tattoo, to declare that ‘we are free to do anything’.
Sadly she has forgotten the first major rule of deciding to get something permanently tattooed on your body – for goodness sake check the spelling and grammar first!! If she had done this, she would have realised that she has missed out the apostrophe and so has accidentally used our next and final word instead of the ‘we’re’ she actually needed.
It is this form that this camera shop needed to use in their advertisement, when they wanted to inform customers that they ‘were’ the first to stock a digital camera! Can’t believe you’d be so stupid as to get something actually tattooed on your body without checking it for mistakes first!

Time and time again people fail to learn the simple difference between these three little words, resulting in some very funny real life grammar mistakes.
The apostrophe shortens the words into one, with the punctuation mark taking the place of the missing letter ‘a’. Unfortunately this wasn’t the only grammar mistake they made – time to fire whoever was in charge of their proofreading!
We used to have a book of these at home but it has been mislaid for some time so this is a very welcome substitute. Technology evolved with the invention of videotape, (Ampex) and electronic editing was established by the 1950’s. Astronomy and nano-imaging technologies could also be some of the uses for a super ultra high definition.
About 50 years later, Non-Linear Editing would arrive with the computerized desktop revolution (Avid).

When the digital revolution arrived at the end of the 20th Century, the rules of the game started to changed. In the meantime, 1080-P is fantastically economical and viable specially for on-line distribution.
Adding to the equation the High Definition revolution started to close the big gap in the resolution wars. The final step just happen with the arrival of 4-K (UHD) Ultra High Definition was released to the general public recently in 2014-2015.

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