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A professionally designed direct mailer with a considered creative message addressed and ready to go. Our associates are on hand to share their vast experience in all scales of event marketing worldwide. Vintage advertising -- found in my mother's basement, flea markets and various corners of the Internet -- dusted off and displayed for your viewing pleasure. As a final step before posting your comment, enter the letters and numbers you see in the image below. Smoking dangers aside, this was an incredible advertising campaign, both entertaining and effective in the marketplace.

To explore messages of psychosocial needs satisfaction in cigarette advertising targeting women and implications for tobacco control policy.
A daily dose of advertising, design, pop culture and anything else that Paula Zargaj-Reynolds thinks is worth sharing.
My father is a psychiatrist, so advertising concepts using ink blot images always catch my attention. Advertising concepts that use them exceptionally well -- these ads for Levis jeans, for example -- catch my admiration, as well. I am living in the Republic of Macedonia-(FYROM) and i would like you to send me the brand new Levi's Jeans catalogue, including the cost of each produckt.

These were sexist ads that promoted faux feminism so that women would think it was liberating to buy their product.
These ads used the idea of women's liberation to suck consumers (women) into buying their products for narcissistic means rather than liberation. These aren't cute ads and this was in no way a triumph for women to have their own kind of cigarette.

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