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CJ7 restoration in progress- Advice pleaseThis is a discussion on CJ7 restoration in progress- Advice please within the CJ Build Forum forums, part of the CJ Forums category; Work in progress, but I wanted to see what it would look like. Not 100% sure I like the brushed stainless look or maybe just not stand alone, but it was still cheaper than getting the original dash blasted and repainted.
I don't know how I missed the license plate before and maybe you mentioned it, but where in MA are you? If you want to continue to progress with your workouts and strength levels, you must continually add weight to the bar — it really is that simple. CJ7 restoration in progress- Advice pleaseThis is a discussion on CJ7 restoration in progress- Advice please within the CJ Build Forum forums, part of the CJ Forums category; So I think I am about ready to start the POR-15 prep process. Is that the POR-15 that looks like that in your tub, I do not know this product and don't know if we have that in Quebec. What I like best about this software is how practical and at the same time, complex it is designed. What I like least about this software is that the program freezes and you have to log completely out, to restart the program.

Well because I work front office and back office for front office it's pretty easy to register patients and put insurance information in the system and to verify the insurance which is done by the system also for as back office the system will drop patient's vitals in the system and it also shows how long a patient has been in office starting from check in to check out. I don't like the fact that CPT codes doesn't appear in the visit note so for instance if doing a prior authorization you have to search for the code and you have to be sure to have the right one. I bought some Loctite Extend Rust Neutralizer and hit some spots in the tub to test it out. By putting customers and employees first, eClinicalWorks has built an electronic health records software that is top rated in customer satisfaction and usability.
The Meaningful Use system is fraudulent and does not tally the patients accurately, even after multiple phone calls and outside help on my end. I was forced into this system by my hospital system when they couldn't get enough support for Epic in time to certify for MU. It's also easy to order certain labs that needs to be done before seeing the doctor such as glucose finger stick, pregnancy test etc and it's also is easy to put it in the system as well.
GroupOne’s 20+ years of experience and unique combination of services is most appreciated by practices that are experiencing problems with patient collections, claims submission, ICD-10 transition, high accounts receivables, denials, high overhead, or improper coding.

To date, 10 customers have received the prestigious Davies Award from HIMSS and more than 50 accountable care organizations have chosen eClinicalWorks. But after logging off then back on the software works and the pages load, without any problem.
And I would recommend that if medical practice facilities are researching software, they should invest in this software. I just got myself a 84, CJ7 what smashed (hood, left fender,windshield frame and glass) lots of potantial, was parked for the last 2 years but was all redone 6 years ago so it won't be too hard to redo.

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