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Solavei was founded by Ryan Wuerch in late 2011, with Wuerch also serving as the company’s CEO. Wuerch (photo right) was the Senior Vice President of ShapeRite (a nutritional supplement company) between 1995 to 1998. Taking some time off to rethink his next career move, Weurch decided to build on what he’d learnt at Motricity and after raising 4 million dollars in startup financing, announced plans to launch Solavei. Solavei offer members a $49 a month unlimited voice, text and data cell phone service through the T-Mobile network in the US. There is no service contract, however new service subscribers do have to pay a $49 sign up fee. Through this app and a Bank of America VISA debit card, Motricity also offer their members access to a merchant rebate program.
Solavei use a unilevel style compensation plan meaning that each new member and customer you recruit is placed directly underneath you, forming your level 1. There is no distinction between company members and retail customers in Solavei, so any people referred by your level 1 members become your level 2 (recruited members are placed directly underneath the member that recruited them). This continues down a theoretically infinite number of levels as well as wide, with each new member joining under you forming a new downline leg. Any additional members (one or two extra once everyone has been grouped into groups of 3) are reserved until they can be matched into a trio group on the same level. If a trio is broken and there are unmatched members in the same level of your unilevel team who have not been placed in a trio yet, the system will automatically assign these members to the trio that lost a member. Note that these Fast Start Bonuses stack per trio made, thus a total of $650 is able to be earned upon the creation of four trios within the 60 day qualification period. Solavei pay out a $20 residual monthly commission on the creation of a trio on either the first or second level of your unilevel team.
Path Pay commissions still revolve around trios formed as in the Personal Trio commissions, however there are criteria that must be met with fifteen levels to qualify for. In addition to the cap on how many trios are counted on any given unilevel level, a 40% rule also exists meaning that no more than 40% of the trios counted can come from any one unilevel leg (every time you enrol a new customer they form a new unilevel leg directly under you).
When using the Solavei VISA debit card to purchase goods from Solavei Merchant Partners, the company collects an affiliate commission on your purchase. 50c out of each dollar collected in affiliate commissions by Solavei is refunded back to the member who made the purchase. Membership to Solavei is free for customers of the company, with there being no additional cost to participate in the compensation plan and earn commissions as a member. Customers of Solavei must purchase a cell phone service for $49 a month with an initial $49 signup fee and $29 SIM card fee. If a customer chooses to purchase a phone through Solavei (HTC or ZTE) this is also an additional expense (there is no SIM card fee if a phone is purchased). Non-customers are able to join as company members and earn commissions through the compensation plan for an annual $149 membership fee.
Weurch’s corporate history is kind of hard to ignore but as far as Solavei goes, there appears to be a legit product offering here along with an affiliate cash back.
I did initially see the non-customer paid membership option for $149 a year as possible pyramid scheme territory (paid members recruiting other new paid members to form trios with nothing being sold other than company membership), but then realised that trios only contain customer members who are on a monthly service subscription.
Theoretically if everyone just paid for the cell phone service and didn’t sign any additional customers up, the system should be able to sustain itself based on service subcription fees alone. When analysing Solavei as a business opportunity the affiliate commission cashback is neither here nor there as it appears to be a personal cashback based on personal spend. Admittedly I’ve got no idea what cell phone service plans are like in the US at the moment, so I can only assume $49 a month for unlimited voice, text and data through T-Mobile is somewhat competitive. Solavei are currently in prelaunch with an official launch date set for September 21st, 2012. The question is does mobile telecom have this much margin to be sharing profit with the affiliates AND a decent corporate profit for itself? AND it offers 4G, something T-Mob does NOT have (they have HSPA+ which is not 4G, even by Australian standards).
Lightyear has a better comp plan, pays residuals on every customer you sign up, and even allows you to earn your service for free each month.
EVO shift is almost 2 years old, and Galaxy S is about as old with S3 just hitting the market. Who else pays you residual income on your own cell bill, whether you get your service for free or not, and pays you for other customers you acquire?
Having just initiated and setup a Solavei HTC 1S I can tell you Lightyear users that there is something Solavei has that is lightyears ahead of anyone. Next, I’d have to give up my new phone rebate which will allow me to buy the iPhone 5 at $199 when it comes out. They are (as I type) expanding into the billions of dollars in network coverage this year and 2013, not to mention that their service is already heads and tails better than any of the off brand services (virgin, boost, cricket) and will only continue to get better. This service is aimed at the 18 to 45 demographic that uses all that cell service has to offer every month. We all should know by now, that the ability for a Networking Company to reach the big leagues…is directly dependent on the value of the product offered. There is zero brand loyity for the Big 4 and cell service is more popular than toothbrushes around the world. This is a product that folks already have (and most fell naked without) and at a price point that will provide relief to those who are getting slammed by the big 4. I am chomping at the bit to have Solavei open its doors, and getting to work (Ozedit: marketing spam removed).
Take a good look at Solavei, the product, the leadership and the overall concept (which I did not even discuss, that will make Solavei a house hold name in less than 2 years) and decide for yourself, if this is a door, worth walking threw. Nicely written sales pitch, covers a lot of the points it *should* cover, but left out quite a few pertinent points and misrepresents more.
Cricket, Boost, and Virgin are virtual carriers… All use the Sprint network, and Sprint is one of the Big 3. Ditto do the trios rearrange intelligently below my level to maximise my benefit …when people leave, or is one trio always a set group of people. As I understand it the trios rearrange themselves if people leave, but only using previously unassinged people from the same level within your unilevel team structure. Being in the direct sales industry for 11 years there are A LOT of new deals that come across my desk. Plust it actually isn’t that difficult to share something with your circle that people naturally talk about anyway.

It is amazing seeing the shift with traditional business-minded fold, embracing this social model. Cricket, Boost, and Virgin are virtual carriersa€¦ All use the Sprint network, and Sprint is one of the Big 3.
This thread at Howard Mobile forum about Solavei is in agreement that Solavei’s offering beats anything on the market currently. Lightyear Mobile has a better comp plan which makes it appealing to networkers but a poorer value proposition making it less appealing to consumers. Solavei offers an excellant value proposition making it appealing to consumers but a poorer comp plan making it… also appealing to networkers who recognize the advantage of a strong consumer base. Most people are not going to jump out of their verizon contracts and jump into a new service until their is proof it works. The credibility gap seals up tight when Fed Ex drops off a new package with a phone and SIM card and you put it in and it works just like T-Mobile. Dropping your plan to minimum service and adding the 49 dollars is probably cheaper than what most folks are paying now. The fact that every phone has an app that signs people up in a few minutes is something that could result in an explosive geometric progression of members once consumers see that it’s a real service like every other carrier. 4G is very fast, what are you doing with your smart phone that makes that extra speed worth the extra cost?
You have commented on the lack of margins in wireless to make this venture in MLM viable long term. I made it 19 minutes into the Lightyear webinar from saturday and got lost in the comp plan. And how is the companies financials since the stock took a 90% tumble, now trading at $0.17? Unthrottled data throughput is tethering which is an expensive plan option with any carrier. What I like about Solavei is the buying power we get from our earnings,you shop at Walmart right??
Stop with the you wont get rich here stuff, most people in MLM won’t and never will but Solavei offers a chance to cut your wireless bill or even get it for FREE. Average person stays with a wireless company for 28 months on average if they like the service. The thing that attracts me about Solavei is that you can bring your own phone, almost any phone that works on a SIM Card. I don’t need the latest and greatest gizmo and I don’t need a Gazillion GB of Data either! Right now I have an AT&T phone (Samsung Galaxy Appeal) without contract for $50 per month BUT no Data!
If some of my friends and acquaintances decide it’s a good deal for them too…great!
The founder of Solevei has FIVE federal lawsuits filed against him right now for SEC violations! Correct me if I have the wrong idea from what you said before but I got the impression that you thought that the “Amway argument” was specious! Oh, and BTW, your “ATT spends $3billion on advertising is grossly inaccurate in itself. Wir haben das Cashback-Portal Qipu getestet und verlosen je einen 50,-€ Gutschein fur Douglas, Saturn, Ikea, Media Markt und Tchibo! Bei handelt es sich um ein Cashback Portal, das 2010 gegrundet wurde und mittlerweile Deutschlands erfolgreichster Anbieter auf diesem Bereich ist.
Wenn man sich als User registriert und etwas uber das Portal kauft, erhalt man einen Anteil des Netto-Einaufswertes zuruck („Cashback“).
Um die Cashback-Vorteile von Qipu zu nutzen, musst ihr euch einfach kostenlos registrieren.
Zurzeit stehen bei Qipu uber 2.000 Online-Shops zur Auswahl, in samtlichen Bereichen, darunter alle wichtigen und gro?en Shops aus dem Mode-, Technik- und Reisebereich. Zu gewinnen gibt es je einen 50,-€ Gutschein fur Douglas, Saturn, Ikea, Media Markt und Tchibo. Bin schon lange bei Qipu registriert und bin sowohl von den Cashback-Raten, als auch der schnellen Auszahlung und dem Support absolut begeistert. Ich hab dies ja nun ein paar Tage und hatte nicht gedacht das dies so einfach und unkompliziert ist! Auch ich habe mich dank deines Beitrags (und Gewinnspiels ?? ) bei Qipu angemeldet und ich bin begeistert. Es war mal wieder soweit und dieses Mal kam die Degustabox April sogar eher als gedacht ?? wunderbar. Wir durften den Wuxal Hortensiendunger testen und suchen einen weiteren Mittester fur den Wuxal Calciumdunger. Teddy durfte ein gro?es Futterpaket von PURINA PRO PLAN testen und wir suchen 5 weitere Produkttester mit Hund!
InformationDie meisten der Produkte, Preise und Rezensionsexemplare wurden uns kostenlos zur Verfugung gestellt. Clicking a few more times than you normally would can really add up to some hearty discounts, especially during the holiday gift-buying season.
Ebates – Launching in the US in 1998, Ebates finally brought its cashback services to Canada in 2012.
DealGuild – Another great cashback site, DealGuild provides users with excellent click-through offers. Download the mobile app to price match products in-store, organize your shopping list, and earn cash back on your purchases. AyaDoK propose a tout ses membres plusieurs salons de discussions pour que tu peux parler sur des sujets spécifiques ou non. Weurch served as the CEO and Chairman of Motricity, with the company going public at $10 a share in 2010. Retailers Solavei has advertised as merchant partners include Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and Target. A trio is three members, grouped together on any level of your unilevel compensation structure. Note that while the Path Pay is paid out on levels 3 and below of your unilevel, it also includes the first two levels meaning it covers trios createdA on any level of your unilevel. These fees are being paid on a legitimate service, with the intention of purchase being to use the service (what else can you do with a cell phone service subscription other than use it?).

Nevertheless I suppose that it is an additional marketing tool Solavei members can use when pitching the cell phone service. Because of their relationship with Sprint, they have a great selection of phones now, including the most popular phone in the world, the Samsung Galaxy S. My point is that Lightyear is coming out with the latest and greatest phones fairly quick because of the great relationship they have with Sprint.
So Lightyear isn’t just some reseller who packages up a service and resells it with an MLM element to it. But it was asked earlier if anyone knew of a wireless company that paid you commissions like Solavei, so I decided to answer that yes I did, and I thought Lightyear’s comp plan was even better.
Your sentiments lead me to assume that your day job is not as a chief financial officer in the corporate world. After doing some checking he told me that Lightyear offers 3G speed for 60 and 4G for 70 a month.
He did say that the new Boost Mobile is truly unlimited but I informed him he was incorrect and he checked that too and found out I was right. Either they are 1x on data or you get 100mb(4g) from pre paid Tmobile and yes some are 4g but how is the coverage? If you like Tmobile then Solavei might be for you, and with a roaming agreement with AT&T makes the coverage that much better. Many, many compatible phones are available on ebay and even your local pawn shop for way less than the price of a new one.
The fact that the person who is selling you the product will make money is true no matter where you buy the product, the difference is that Wal-Mart, Sears, etc. He ran his previous companies into the ground and was responsible for the worst performing stock in Washington State last year. It is very clear to me that the idea of being able to make a profit from a product that I am going to use anyway versus not making a profit, is pretty simple. I, however, think that the idea that I can make a profit from sharing a product that I use every day is a great idea! Im Vergleich zu anderen Cashback-Anbietern bekommt man bei Qipu eine relativ hohes Cashback.
So muss man nicht lange sammeln, bis man eine bestimmte Summe zusammengekratzt hat, sondern spart beinahe sofort.
In meinem Blog schreibe ich uber Online-Shops, Produktneuheiten, Freizeitaktivitaten und Reiseziele fur Familien und starte wochentlich Gewinnspiele und Testaktionen fur meine Leser. Emerging as a viable way to shave a few extra bucks off a purchase, cashback shopping websites reward users who do their online shopping via the cashback site. To ensure the transaction goes smoothly, make sure your browser allows cookies and any ad-blocking programs are disabled. With over 400 merchant affiliates, Great Canadian Rebates features offers from the likes of Wal-Mart, Microsoft, Lowes, The Bay, and many more.
Browse flyers online from all your local retailers, print coupons or have them mailed to you for FREE.
Ensuite, clique sur le bouton 'Entrer' et tu te reconnecteras dans les secondes qui suivent dans les meilleurs salles de chat pour ados ! Members on level one of your unilevel can be grouped together to form a trio, however you can’t group members from any other levels together.
Bottom line seems to be you need to recruit well over 50 people (get them to switch) to get paid any money. But if you don’t care if your phone is the latest gizmo out there and saving money and making money is your thing, then it might be.
They are a legitimate wireless company who are actually competitors of AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Yes, Tmobile is offering $49 plans, but there probably is a contract that goes along with that which there isn’t with Solavei. LTE may be much faster than 4G but if I can watch HD video without buffering then why should I care?
And how do you feel about your carrier using your money to convince you to keep giving them your money? So when I switch to Solavei the monthly bill will be virtually the same but I will have unlimited Data. Wenn man auf diese Weise online einkauft, kann man also mehr sparen als bei anderen Portalen – und zwar bares Geld, das man zuruck bekommt. Through the wonders of affiliate marketing, these sites earn a commission every time a shopper clicks through to make a purchase. Coupon codes can be used in conjunction with the cash rebates, but only when these codes come from the cashback site. Reimbursements are made through PayPal, and payments are normally received two to three months after the transaction has been completed.
But with Sprint and AT&T all going LTE, T-Mob is going to be left behind in a few years. I believe soon that contracts will be a thing of the past with companies like Solavei launching. Danach hat man verschiedene weitere Auszahlungsmoglichkeiten: auf das PayPal-Konto, als Online-Gutscheine oder sogar als Bonunsmeilen.
This commission, which can be anywhere from a modest 1% to a staggering 50%, is refunded to the customer. Also make sure you don’t visit any other web pages in the midst of the transaction, since this can mess up the cookie trail needed to garner the cash credit. Registration is free, and refunds are paid via your choice of Gift Certificate, PayPal, or cheque.
Repayment methods include cheque, PayPal, or your choice of charity or gift to a family member.
Es besteht auch die Moglichkeit, sich sein Cashback automatisch monatlich auszahlen zu lassen. Refer a friend to the service and receive a 15% bonus on all cashback rewards earned by the new member for five years.

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