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Large companies can benefit from not only having one individual managing the affiliate program, but can create a small department  with an affiliate marketing manager, and account managers or support staff that can help with the work flow. Yet I have found that content niche affiliates that are really focusing on sites that mirror your business model are less distracted and overwhelmed. So Last week I went out and hit up the Mid-Week Race at Lake Perris or MRAP put on by SAW Productions on Wednesday.
Affiliate Management Days San Francisco 2016 the must attend event for marketing managers and everyone responsible for their company’s affiliate marketing strategy, management and operations. Affiliate Management Days is where the affiliate marketing teams and executives come together to share case studies, insight and the latest tools and techniques to effectively and successfully manage affiliate programs. I am excited to announce that we have finalized the agenda for Affiliate Management Days East 2012 which is set to take place in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on 9-10 October, 2012.
There will also be things on the agenda that will be quite different from the our first show in San Francisco earlier this year.
Panel with affiliate networks — As you can see on the agenda, there will be no morning keynote on Day 2. Remember my Friday morning post regarding March 2 being the last day to save $200-350 on your Affiliate Management Days SF 2012 passes?
So, if you’re seriously contemplating attending [and here are just a few good reasons to do so], remember that by buying your pass online by midnight (Pacific Time) on March 7, you will save $200-350 off the onsite price.
The clock is ticking, and it’s not only already calendar Spring outside, but also, the first-ever Affiliate Management Days conference is just around the corner (only 6 days away)! I do hope to see you there too (and will happily autograph your complimentary copy of my latest manual on affiliate program management). Only ten days left until the first-ever affiliate management conference, Affiliate Management Days, the first of which is taking place in San Francisco on March 8-9, 2012.
Opportunity to meet the legends — Affiliate marketing legends such as as Todd Crawford, Kim Rowley, Sam Harrelson, Karen Garcia, Rebecca Madigan, and Jason Spievak are coming to speak and network.
Professional forum — As mentioned elsewhere, AM Days is much more than an educational and networking event. Autographed manual for everyone — And if all of the above were not enough, every paid attendee will receive a complimentary copy of my latest book, which I will happily autograph for you. Following the resounding success of our West Coast 2012 conference, Affiliate Management Days is coming to Florida.
These affiliate marketing management points will help any company, large or small, looking deeper into how to manage their affiliate marketing program to find a solution that fit their business model. When I looked into it further I found that the company that created this was in fact an outsourced marketing firm While I appreciate their description of what affiliates are I want to expand on their points of which type of management is best; In-house or Outsourced . If you find an outsourced marketing manger that manages or has managed a direct competitor of yours, they will have a sizable list of content marketers specifically for your business model. I think there is truth in both sides of this coin, but there are some good points left out too. Previously affiliate marketing tasks were managed as a side task by the marketing director, but these are my current responsibilities. Most companies I have dealt with maintain a graphic team in house, as well as an IT department in house. If your team is headed into the busy season of your annual cycle, or is facing an unexpected boom in business outsourced program managers are an excellent boon to your efforts. This statement is based on an assumption that as a business owner, marketing manager, or even a Chief Marketing Officer you are not capable of hiring the right person, of training them to properly perform their duties, and not understanding how to manage them in a way that allows them to grow and excel in their craft.

They will attend your strategic planning sessions for the month and be able to give insight to unify and maximize your efforts.
Often you know them by name, have their phone number, they have your phone number, You may have attended a function with them. If you have a smaller affiliate program working with an outsourced program manager who maintains a respectable portfolio can help you get the upper hand  on placements and communication with sites known to drive traffic. Then to have your program managed in-house calling at time on an outsourced program manager to assist with their workload as the department expands. I love Battletech, Mechwarrior, Star Trek, Halo, The Walking Dead, the rather long list goes on and on. Whether you have an existing affiliate program or you are creating a new initiative, AM Days offers you the most valuable insight into how other online retailers are successfully implementing and managing their affiliate programs.
Both through affiliates, or other channels, you can successfully build your brand, growing a solid database of loyal customers.
Come register while the Super Early Bird rate is still on (it won’t last for longer than 15 more days)!
We will have graduates of Yale, Harvard, Cambridge, Oxford, MIT, University of Pennsylvania, University of California Santa Barbara, University of Melbourne, as well as such top business schools as Wharton, Kellogg, and Booth. Additionally, we will also have such digital marketing celebrities as Tim Ash, Linda Bustos, and Chris Goward attending, speaking, and available for networking. Where else will you have an opportunity to network with fellow-affiliate managers in one room? So, if you’re coming, and want to save at least $200 (see this post of mine on how you can save even more), make sure you register by EOD March 2, 2012. As the world’s first and only professional forum devoted to affiliate management we are holding our second conference in Fort Lauderdale on October 9-10, 2012.
You can also brag about your products, selection and pricing to give the affiliates confidence in what they will be promoting.  When drafting your affiliate program description make sure to include the following points near the top for quick reference.
People that have bought and used them have a unique viewpoint as they don’t typically have the same vision or perspective as the marketing department. Now let us say that you’re a larger company, or you have spent time researching your needs.
Once the position is filled work close with the outsourced program manager to train your new in-house program manager. I think it is very true that most affiliate programs start out as pet projects managed by the marketing manager or company owner and we not considered heavily in a strategic planning session. Both of these individuals will help in the long term growth and overall competence of your in-house affiliate marketing manager. It also excludes that outsourced program managers are human, that they never play favorites with the accounts that pay them the most, or that they need no communication with their clients to gain the insights they need into your program to be able to create the communications, deals, coupons, banners, and talking points for the month and really become your advocate. They will grow to understand your seasonality, to understand the cycle of products, know about new product offerings, speak directly with your vendors, attend vertical specific trade shows and conferences and bring all of their previously acquired skills into your office for the betterment of your direct team.
Whether your company already has an affiliate program, or you are just considering the affiliate channel, AM Days offers you the most valuable insight into how other online retailers are successfully implementing and managing their affiliate programs. If you’re looking into which method is best for how you operate the information you find here may change your outlook on that decision. If you are hiring an experienced affiliate marketing manager for an in-house position they are also going to have these types of connections, especially if they have been in that position for a few years.

Once you feel that your internal candidate has the experience he needs (plan on 6 – 9 months) end the contract and take full responsibility in-house. They can help your department become the best blend of In-house and Outsourced management and be most efficient.
For a small affiliate program an outsourced program manager is going to have the ability to outsource workloads and keep your tightly knit team focused on the tasks that they are already doing and be able to provide an expanded team of professionals at a set rate. If you manage to convince an affiliate marketing manager that has been in charge of a competitors program then you have just struck gold.
For Smaller companies this method is also perfect except instead of only having a 6 – 9 month contract plan on something longer (I recommend 24 months) this helps set a time frame in place and gives you goals to achieve. Their experience is a mile wide, but only an inch deep, and they suffer from a lack of communication from merchants, and even merchants at times suffer from a lack of communications from their OPM. I’ll state again that making your job description very specific so the individual position to assure that the company can hire a qualified and capable individual is most important. While yes an in house affiliate program manager is going to be asked to do more internally this is actually a strength.
I think often one of the weaknesses of Outsourced program managers that they can outsource everything. Affiliates can easier  This whole concept goes back to the classification of the affiliate to determine just how busy they can get.
Hiring an experienced affiliate manager will not only make a quicker than typical improvement, but they can make a lasting change for the benefit of your program, the environment of your office, and your profits. Remember with any marketing effort especially one as long term as affiliate marketing it takes time to plant the seeds of success. They know the inner workings of a company and can relay whats happening to affiliates savvy enough to take advantage of it. The brand can be diluted, or a specific campaign  message lost in translation. Responsibilities can be over delegated and accountability can be loose which can overrun deadlines. Also over the last few years I have been an outsourced program manager working for two great firms and had my hand in over 20 separate affiliate programs. The trick here is consulting with your human resources team and getting a proper job description built that has the right salary and benefits package, and knowing where affiliate marketing fits into your strategic planning endeavors.
They might walk the docks and see a new product land and know of an affiliate that can push the sales of that item.
That’s given me a unique perspective that can help you know what direction would be best for you. They might sit in a business development meeting and overhear your objectives to increase sales in X and be able to inform an affiliate that can maximize that effort.
In short my opinion is that a blended solution is best, just like the different stages of a rocket reaching skyward for orbit. They can also be there when you want to talk to them about your branding strategy and how their relationships can support you. The companies affiliate marketing program is not going to succeed and become it’s best as a side task of someone in-house.

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