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H&M E-commerce is now live, Skimlinks Releases its GAN Overwrite, Tips on Viral Marketing and How to Drive Sales Through Affiliate Marketing . Exciting news from Refinery 29: one of everyone’s favorite retailers, H&M, announced their e-commerce site is now live! Skimlinks’s overwrite for the Google Affiliate Network, which Google shut down on August 1st, is now live. The advertising industry hasn’t quite figured out how to best reach mobile audiences, but native ads are being touted as the new formats that will bring real depth and differentiation to the mobile ad market. Getting a campaign to go viral is a content creator’s dream, so what makes something go viral?
Real-time marketing is a relatively new form of marketing that many savvy marketers have managed to use to their benefit. This week saw H&M embrace e-commerce to the delight of fashionistas everywhere, and the release of Skimlinks’s overwrite to help mitigate the impact of the Google Affiliate Network shutdown on publishers.

The GAN overwrite will automatically monetize former GAN merchant links to merchants in Skimlinks’s network of more than 18,000, and will repair broken links even if the merchants are not in the network so that publishers can still monetize them.
BI Intelligence presents a report explaining the challenges advertisers face in capitalizing on the mobile opportunity, which includes scale, cost, and explains how mobile ad networks will be bypassed by the trend toward native ads on mobile.
Two things: 1) The quality of the content on your website, and 2) Provide incentives for referring people. Here are some tips for success: make sure your marketing team and processes are  in place and that the team knows the high-level communities relevant to your brand, closely monitor the space and start generating high-quality, quick turnaround content once the moment is right. The industry also inched one step closer to figuring out the conundrum of mobile advertising. An interview with Skimlinks Senior Director, Mark MacDonald, reveals the favorable response the overwrite has received by the industry-at-large and credits the nimbleness of the fast-acting engineering team to provide a solution that helps to mitigate the impact the GAN shutdown will have on publishers.
Present a well-rounded view of the product you’re writing about, like it’s best features, which brands are selling well, and share your expertise and ideas.

Traffic can equal revenue in e-commerce; driving traffic to your site, and the importance of having users refer others is the essence of viral. Remember that real-time marketing success starts with a brand’s day-to-day activity, not a single well-timed moment. In tips we have advice on how to drive more sales through affiliate marketing, insights into what makes content go viral, and how marketers can capitalize on the real-time marketing trend.
The product feed should be well-structured, correctly formatted, consistently labelled and updated frequently.

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