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One of my frequent readers asked a question of me I thought was a fabulous topic, and a much overlooked question by many.
The best affiliate managers I know have a variety of skills, and the best affiliate programs generally have an entire team of skilled people working on different aspects of the program. This is your main contact person who executes the day to day tasks of your affiliate program.
These people (when first coming into the industry) usually come in from either a sales, communications or customer service background. This person’s job is to help with creative uploads, tracking issues and questions, fraud monitoring, reporting and at times research. In order to turn over high quality banners, landing pages and other creative work, it’s a good idea to have a solid graphic designer as part of your affiliate team. This person is responsible for managing the entire affiliate marketing team and leading them to continued success.
For some smaller companies, one person has to fill all these rolls, however those with a more formal structure, larger budgets and a more vested interest in their affiliate marketing program will consider at least these four positions to start.

Sarah is a recognized digital marketing leader who is ranked in the Top 40 Digital Marketing Strategists and Top 25 Affiliate Marketing Bloggers of 2012, and is recognized by the New York Times as an expert in performance marketing. Sarah is the Founder & CEO of All Inclusive Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency known for delivering innovative, experience driven results that reach, engage and convert buyers online.
I follow your blog and appreciate the gems you regularly post pertaining to affiliate marketing. Here are the roles and skill sets I would recommend in order to build your powerhouse affiliate marketing team. They should in extremely friendly, love helping people, be professional and responsive and have a quick turnaround on urgent tasks.
This person’s job is to create new banners with each season, create exclusive banners when asked by the affiliate manager and keep the program and the company brand looking aesthetically exceptional. The team leader ensures items are being completed in a timely manner, that goals are being met, that team members are performing according to internal requirements (or better), working with the executive team on placement, positioning, budgets and main messaging, then communicating that to the rest of the team for consistency and proper execution. On a separate note – depending on the size of the business, there may be multiple affiliate marketing teams internally focused on different geographic regions, each of which would have at least one if not all of the listed four roles.

She has won over a dozen awards, is an international speaker and contributes to periodicals such as Feedfront Magazine and Small Business Trends. Their clients range from e-commerce start ups to leading retail, travel and SaaS brands such as Norton Symantec, Southwest Vacations, and Dropbox, who want effective digital marketing strategy from innovative thought leaders. They should be familiar with banner best practices, common size requests and have several design capabilities for static, animation and flash work as needed. In the case of an outsourced affiliate management agency such as our own (and even internally) that person would either be the CMO, VP of Marketing or VP of Affiliate Marketing. Sales, media, marketing advertising, public relations, event planning, people skills financial. Impressive 17-year background in creating winning sales marketing resumes and share templates.

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