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As a business owner, having your own product or service to sell, you're probably always thinking of ways to grow your business. The problem is, most businesses are not sufficiently systemized, to go from 1 sales person, to 10, to 100, while effectively managing all teams, watching expenses and turning a profit through it all. Affiliates are offsite sales people who work on commission only, requiring no training and no management. These affiliates will take the time to study your business, your unique selling point and your competition, coming up with different ways to drive business, all on their own dime. Just about every company with an online store, offers an affiliate program, paying affiliates a commission for sales they refer.
Merchants with affiliate programs range in size from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.
When a visitor lands on your website, a tracking cookie is stored on their machine to identify the referring affiliate. From that point on, for a period of 30 days (timeframe can be adjusted), whenever this visitor makes a purchase, your affiliate system will credit a commission to the referring affiliate.
An affiliate system is a piece of software that integrates with your website's shopping cart, allowing visitor tracking, reporting and web-based management of all affiliate accounts. Assuming you have a functional shopping cart or lead-capture website, the quickest way to recruit affiliates is, listing your program on Affiliate Networks as described above.
You get instant exposure to all super affiliates in each network and many of those affiliates love to try out new programs. When you need more control, it's time to look into your own Custom Hosted Affiliate System. Software Projects Custom Affiliate System, built on our experience working with merchants in various industries, was designed from the ground up to offer all the control & customization you need, without the hassle of ever having to install anything on your server. Once logged-in, affiliates arrive at a custom back-office that appears as a direct extension of your website.

The affiliate's back-office features: Analytics, a Lead manager, Customer manager, Forums, multiple Landing pages and various performance reports.
All Joanne has to do is promote her unique affiliate link, using PPC, Email, Banners or any other form of advertising.
Users who land on Joanne's landing page will either be redirected to your main website, or presented with a lead-capture form. Joanne has complete visibility into the state of all leads she referred from her affiliate's back-office and Joanne will be notified as soon as the lead makes a purchase, resulting in immediate commission payment to Joanne. Each email has some template variables available in it that allows you to specialize the email for affiliates.
Drag a a€?scripta€? element onto your form, and ensure that there is an email field on the form. Most affiliate tracking systems and affiliate networks, rely on JavaScript and Cookies to track affiliate payments. Step 1: You promote an affiliate-offer on your blog or landing page, by redirecting users to the target merchant URL, embedding your affiliate ID at the end of the link. Going back to the example above, the user will land on the payment confirmation page, but the affiliate cookie will not be picked up properly and You Lose Money. Commission Junction, LinkShare, ClickBank and many other top affiliate networks, rely on cookies to track affiliate commission payments. A recent study we conducted internally, shows a frightening increase in the number of users with Javascript disabled or no cookies.
Jupiter research released a study that states as many as 39% of internet users perform a deletion of cookies on a monthly basis. As an affiliate, you can go out and try to fight Microsoft, SpyBot, Norton Anti Virus and others, for making it so easy for users to block and remove tracking cookies. Your best bet is to provide value to your users when they sign-up using your affiliate link.

John Reese promoting AuctionAds and explaining if you sign-up using his affiliate link, you get a $5 sign-up bonus. Make it worthwhile for your users to buy using your affiliate link by adding value and you'll minimize the amount of money you're leaving on the table as lost commissions.
If you are looking into starting your own Affiliate Program, find an affiliate system that supports "cookieless tracking". The most reliable affiliate tracking methodology is server-side tracking, where the affiliate system tracking code is embedded into the thank you page and is not dependent on the user browser. Your readers can check out my scoop on highlighting the issue with misidentification of affiliate cookies as "adware" by progs like Spybot.
Since the concept began with Amazon in the mid-1990's, the idea of earning money through an internet marketing affiliate program has taken the internet community by storm. I am fighting Microsoft by using Linux but I found out something was wrong when I started Blogging and forgot my Clickbank Password and never Got an Answer for my Password Reset.People like Joel Comm are Right . If you Want to Make Money Start out by Hosting your own blog and mAke your Own Product because sites like Blogger are Ripping you off All the Time. I have had to bite the bullet in places and replace CJ links by others that don't get blocked.
Phishing, Viruses and Identity theft are a few of the problems driving users to demand more security.

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