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TicketSocket provides White Label Ticketing Platforms for organizers  & Ticketing companies who need to build their own solution. Proprietary Plug Framework allows infinite flexibility and Speed-To-Market  for custom plugs integrations. Extend your platform with both out-of-the-box functionality as well as custom plugs to define your own flow. Create your own solution, integrate it directly into you website, Facebook, or Mobile Apps. At TicketSocket we know that our customers rely on us as an important part of their business process. We take our responsibilities to our customers seriously, and the security and reliability of the software, systems and data that make up the TicketSocket platform are our top priority. Bankrate is you liaison between you and the banks if you elect to accept commissions for approvals for credit cards and financial offers through your website.
Please be advised that you should not contact your manager at Ncsreporting to get your affiliate tracking code until you have completed building your website. You are also now ready to build your forums, and begin using your FAQ and advanced tracking features (if you desire).
For your startup or product based business, an affiliate program can do wonders for your business. For example, Affiliate network like ShareASale, CJ offers a marketplace that does the hard part of recruiting the affiliates for you. Recently, I was setting up an Affiliate program for my client & with his acknowledgment I have written this guide so that anyone can start an affiliate program for their business. In this particular case, the client had an e-commerce site that was built on WordPress using Woo-commerce platform.
You can select your shopping cart from their big list & it would guide you on how to add tracking code. This plugin will automatically add the tracking pixels at the checkout page, so no other configuration is required on your WordPress blog. When you click on begin the test, it will open your website with ShareASale affiliate link.
I would suggest you to work closely with your marketing team initially to set up the program properly.
I’m not getting in depth of dashboard configuration as it will differ from one business to another. Do share this guide with any of your friend who have an online business & can take advantage of this affiliate program for marketing. Nice post Harsh, I have little confusion that if I want to sale affiliate product in global market but I m from India and domain use .in so in case it will effect site traffic? Last but not least most marketers will love our new software product because it eliminates the need to buy Solo Ads and it makes running ads on Facebook virtually obsolete.

I started ShoutMeLoud as a passion and now it's empowering more than 432,000+ readers globally and helping them to make money with their blog.
Second, come back over to our Affiliate Links page and plug your new Affiliate ID into our various link generators.
If you log into ClickBank, just click on the "Reporting" tab and then the "Analytics" link that's nested under the "Reporting" tab. We do not discuss statistics, promotional methods, or reveal the identities of ANY of our affiliates. When you contact Bankrate through your dedicated manager, you will be given a specific Bankrate ID. You may enter your Bankrate ID provided by Ncsreporting into the field marked Client ID as shown by the red arrow. Your products will be activated and live in your system and all applications will be tracked. Even though you have a great product but reaching out to the right audience is a challenge. How about a lot of influencers around the globe talk about your product & market it for you in return of a small commission from every sale they generate.
With a successful affiliate program, you can have an army of people who will be doing the hard work of marketing your product for free. I will be discussing more specific network in coming days but today you will be learning about starting an affiliate program using ShareASale. Even if you have a different platform, the process is more or less the same with a slight difference of placing the tracking code. Even if you have never setup an affiliate program before, this guide will give you a complete idea of how other businesses are setting up an affiliate program. Now, when you complete a purchase, it would track the sale & show you if the test was successful or not. Meanwhile, you can continue uploading rest of the stuff such as banner graphics, text links or coupons & deals. It’s recommended to have graphic banners for your product that will ensure that affiliates can quickly start promoting your business with given graphics. This includes drip feed of email for new affiliates, setting up program rules, working on promotion strategy for the affiliate program. Few of the steps like adding product banners, setting up coupons are generic for all the affiliate programs. I am looking out more content on sites who offer to write for their products or for their website.
I also read your article about the CJ affiliate platform and if I remember correctly there were no fees to get started so CJ seem to be more appealing than Shareasale.
As an experienced team of direct response marketing professionals, we spend time figuring out WHAT WORKS.

If you are having trouble locating your PPC tracking ID, please see these instructions and examples for finding your Google tracking ID and other paid search tracking IDs. When visitors are generated by our in-house marketing team, or by affiliates from another network, they will not be processed through Clickbank.
Sites and campaigns that drive massive volume are wins for both of us and will receive special attention.
At this point go back and insert products to your homepage or onto other pages and begin letting people know about your website.
ShareASale will send you an email about an affiliate transaction that could take about 5 minutes and then click on verify test. You can also setup Auto-deposit option that is suggested to ensure you can pay affiliates when the fund is low in your account. ShareASale merchant dashboard offers all the tools that you need to run a successful affiliate program. But if a vendor is likely to recruit more affiliates on Shareasale the extra fees could be worth the cost. Payments for our affiliate program are managed exclusively by Clickbank, a trusted leader in digitally delivered products.
You can also download one of our PPC Landing Pages - with your Affiliate ID automatically inserted - which you can customize so you can quickly launch a successful PPC campaign!
However, our technology sends any users with a Clickbank cookie who returns to our site through the Clickbank checkout… so you’ll still get the sales you deserve. When you enter it into the appropriate field of your Client Dashboard, all visitors who apply for products and offers via your website will be tracked.
Do remember, you will be collecting payment for all sale made via affiliates using your usual payment gateway channel. Of course, this works in your FAVOR since no one will have a higher commission or "unfair advantage" over you. You may then access the results daily by logging into your Bankrate Client Dashboard via their subsidiary Ncsreporting. If so, check out our special Super Affiliates section to learn more and see if you qualify. If you are a town government or a university's financial aid office or other entity that does not want to accept commissions, you may leave the default number in the field.

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