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A while back, we worked with one of our higher profile customers to build out an awesome affiliate and advanced tracking system. But, we realize we never did a good job of explaining the feature – or how it works (we hope to get better at that!). Note: This is going to read a little geeky, but just follow along with the images and instructions, and you’ll be a power user in no time!
There are two steps to your preparation to collect and handle affiliate or advanced tracking data. By doing it this way, if there is data to collect (which we will pass in during part 2) then the system is ready to collect it.
Additionally, this is useful for advanced ad tracking if you want to know which ads brought in the most leads in total, vs just the most front end leads. After you’ve enabled the new custom field, you want to make sure your email marketing integration knows where to save that data.
Many of our most popular email platforms have been upgraded to call-in the available custom fields where data can be saved. This is going to be huge, because it allows you to not only customize the Redirect CTA, but it also allows you to merge in the tracking ID’s when you email to the post contest offer.
There are a TON of use cases where having the ad tracking, or affiliate id saved in a contact record custom field can pay huge dividends. Ok, so now your contest and email marketing system are setup to receive your tracking or affiliate ID. But how the heck do you actually tell the system what to collect in a custom field that’s hidden?

From just about Day 1, we’ve supported URL parameters which were originally built to pre-populate an entry form when you mail from your own list. Also, the order of these doesn’t matter since the (name)= tells ContestDominationā„¢ what data to put where. We believe this is more useful when using a tracking ID to link ads with sales conversions of a front-end offer, but you may find other interesting ways to utilize this. As you can see from the image above, you can personalize what the button text says based on any information you’ve collected. Additionally, you can pass any variable you’ve collected as part of the Redirect URL, which would allow you to drop in either an Affiliate link format, UTM URL etc and then pass in the data collected from the hidden custom field (or that was rolled down-line to that contestant from an original entry source). Notice that we give an example for the Redirect URL feature, and that we have to break out the ampersand into raw HTML formatting for it to work in this case. While we realize this tutorial went may more technical than most of our posts, we wanted to express some of the cooler power user features that are hidden under the skin of ContestDomination. You don’t need to use this feature to enjoy our platform, but if you choose to take the time to implement it you may find it even more compelling for tracking your ads or working with affiliates. If you enjoyed this and want more in-depth breakdowns of other less known power-user features, just drop into our Contest Marketing group on Facebook and let us know. About Travis KetchumTravis Ketchum is the Founder & CEO of ContestDominationā„¢, the most powerful and proven lead generator for sales. Having a list of people interested in your products and services is key to a thriving business. Get the information, help or support you need quickly using the most appropriate option below.

Our brand-new report reveals the 7 biggest mistakes most affiliate make, and how super affiliates really make boatloads of money! This tutorial will open your eyes to 10 different ways you can promote your referral codes or links on social networks.. On the 10th of June , 2015, Neolife Circles held its first award party for her Members in Warri as a way to celebrate successful members in the last month . Tracking202 is a real-time PPC Affiliate Marketing tracking tool that you can use to optimize your PPC campaigns.
This means that someone who understands our token down-line system can’t try to inject their own affiliate ID to override the top level affiliate. This would be a rare edge case, but since we were building this feature anyway we figured we’d take it all the way. However, in the last couple of days we instead decided to make Tracking202 a completely free service for anyone in the Affiliate Marketing to use. Always ensure that your referred friends enter their pins which is the tracking code you have chosen.

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