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Advertisers get new clients and increase their revenue through our network of publishers, they pay on a performance basis. With zanox TPV tracking technology our tracking is engaged immediately after the display of a creative served by our network. With zanox click tracking technology our tracking is engaged immediately after a click is made on a creative served by our network.
With zanox transaction tracking technology our tracking is engaged immediately after a transaction is completed by the user. This passive and cookie less tracking method can also be called "session tracking" as it is based on a unique event ID for a single browser session.
ID tracking can also be used for asynchronous tracking implementation such as backend tracking also known as server to server tracking) . Within zanox cookies no individual orA  personalised information about the consumer is stored.zanox cookies are used as a cookie container whereA  cookie parameters are inserted, deleted and updated within .
Identification based on this digital signature is what we have named "Fingerprint Tracking".
Now, an autoresponder sequence shouldn’t be used to bombard a list with offer after offer.  Instead it’s important to strike that healthy balance between providing value and promoting a product.
By the time you’ve finished this article, you’ll know how to build a successful affiliate autoresponder sequence. What usually happens is you get sick of this marketer within a week and hit the unsubscribe button.
Build an autoresponder sequence that blends aggressiveness with a whole lot of quality content! Next you’ll want to insert a tracking ID for the affiliate links in your email.  Again this information helps you measure the performance of each message. Tracking each affiliate link is super important.  It’s the only way to know what’s actually working with your marketing. Developing a publishing schedule is the final building block of a solid autoresponder sequence.  This tool is the ultimate way to manage the effectiveness of your email campaigns.
Don’t worry if you’re confused by some of this information.  All will be revealed by the end of this post! Think of those automatic messages you get when a person is “out of the office” or on vacation. The beauty of an autoresponder sequence is you only have to set it up ONE time.  Then these emails work on autopilot as you get to enjoy the rest of your life. The moment a prospect joins your email list, he or she will automatically receives this sequence – WITHOUT you doing a thing. A broadcast message is an email that’s sent to prospects – Regardless of when they joined.  In theory, a person who just subscribed receives the same message as someone who’s been on your list for years. Sending a broadcast message is useful for those times when you deliver date specific information.  Like a link to new blog post or a promotion for a new product that’s just hit the market. Another great thing about a broadcast message is you can target a certain group of people on your list.
Ultimately broadcast messages are the best way to stay current with your list and make sure you’re sending up to date information to each subscriber. Put subscribers through an autoresponder sequence.  And then add them to the list of people you contact via broadcast messages. By stringing together a series of emails, focusing on a single product, you build excitement and anticipation.  Done correctly, this sequence will make want to buy before you’ve even seen the sales page. The reason marketers use product launches is because they WORK!  With a blend of content and salesmanship, this technique eliminates all objections that people have about a particular course. You can take the fundamentals of a product launch and apply to your autoresponder sequence. To start I recommend using 3 to 5 emails for each product.  This is that sweet spot between aggressive promotion and giving quality information to a list.
With the value email you want to talk about the same product you mentioned in the last message.  The only difference is you’re now providing a few examples of how it helped you solve a problem. To be honest, some folks need an extra step to take action.  Sending a follow-up email is a great way to get people buy a product before they miss out.
Finally after the bridge email you’ll start back up with another autoresponder sequence (3 to 5 emails) that promotes a second product.
Okay…You might be wondering how to come up with so much content for your autoresponder sequence.
Fortunately it’s not that hard!  Probably you already have a bunch of content that can be reused as an autoresponder.
The important thing is to blend content with great marketing.  Basically you’re giving away top-level content while earning a sizeable affiliate income. Remember how every email has its own tracking code?  Well, periodically track the results and measure the performance of each email. You can put this information on a new spreadsheet or simply add a few columns to your autoresponder publishing schedule. I figure the best way to demonstrate the value of my course is to give you a small excerpt. Honestly, I knew 90% of the stuff you’ve written about, but the 10% (I particularly like the diagram and content ideas for follow-up) is pure gold.
You’re going have some people leave your list regardless but done right a person would probably be happy staying on your list for years. Good point as long as the + comments exceed the – comments chances are you are doing the right thing. There are always going to be people who forgot why they got on you list (because you gave them valuable free stuff) and just complain because you caught them on a bad day or they didn’t like one message.
The only challenge for readers is that because this info is free, they may not appreciate the insight and hard-won knowledge packed in this post. I’m going to dig through this post like crazy when I have an entire afternoon because this is definitely going to be the thing that makes the list crazy as shit valuable. Your description of the different types of e-mails and then the bridge was a hue help to me in understanding how to do the launch. If this is an indication of the quality of your course, then it looks like it will be quite good. I can’t wait till I really get into affiliate marketing after I get my traffic where I want it to be. Thanks William, if you are planning on getting into AM it is never to early to start building a list. Glad you liked it and i hope that you continue to get some good info from this for now and into the future.
I will be using a lot more content emails, but I will be using your 4 steps to launching instead of just pitching at once. The exact plan and makeup can vary (though I have tested this one bit for myself), the important thing is that there is a plan and that you refine it over time with split testing and tweaking as you go. And if you cover all the aspects of affiliate marketing in this way, you ebook will sure be to great to pass Steve!
Since being introduced to your blog I must admit it’s one of very few that totally blow me away for great free content.
I hope the eBook will be a great seller for the selfish part of myself , but I actually really do hope it will be a very useful tool for people also.
Glad you are reading the freebies and getting good info, I tried to pack some good stuff in there too! Thanks for sharing that Information with me Steve, I look forward to your products release.
Our brand-new report reveals the 7 biggest mistakes most affiliate make, and how super affiliates really make boatloads of money!
I’ve said before that there are many different ways to make money online and blogging is just one of them. In a nutshell, the profit margin is the difference between what the advertiser (affiliate program) pays you for referring a customer their way and how much you’re paying for the pay-per-click (PPC) campaign. The way that an amateur would go about it is to set up a number of PPC campaigns and have them all link to the same affiliate URI.
For anyone running a PPC affiliate campaign, Tracking202 appears to be an incredibly valuable tool, providing all sorts of incredibly useful information that will help you minimize costs (PPC) and maximize profit (affiliate income).
The downside is that all your affiliate resutls and keywords are hosted on his server so potentially he coulds steal your good campaigns. Just use google anaylitics until there is a version you can host on your own server so it cant be stolen. Hey Poker Sharks, I agree with you on the main concern being the keyword security issue, we made a decision early on to keep the user’s information safe our highest priority, for this I will personally promise you that you are the only one looking at your keyword data.
Tracking202 is a free product because 202, our company is going to also introduce several other affiliate marketing products into the industry here shortly. True on that, it is impossible to keep the keywords secret but it is possible to let as less people possible to know about the keywords (i.e.
And since Tracking (as Wes announced) is going to release more softwares I doubt he would want to hurt his company and business by just stealing some keywords (well, depends on what the revenue would be heh). I wanted to add that Google Analytics is a web analytics company and can not do half the things Tracking202 does.
My apologizes if I communicated that we were going to definitely release a self-hosted version, we have been discussing it whether or not we should do it. I respect your opinion, and realize what you bring up it what other PPC marketers also believe.

To me personally it isn’t about the money, it is about keeping a promise to the hundreds of users I swore to keep their data safe. If you were in our position, and you have promised over 400 people that you would keep their data secure, and only seen by them. Would a few thousand dollars mean more than hundreds of personal relationships you have built? I have had some experience with other programs that haven’t lived up to their hype though.
Discover the secrets I used to take my small blog from a few visitors to hundreds of thousands, and how I made millions along the way! John Chow rocketed onto the blogging scene when he showed the income power of blogging by taking his blog from making zero to over $40,000 per month in just two years.
Google Analytics is a free program that allows you to track a visitor's behavior on your website. Google analytics and tracking codes may seem a bit confusing, but it is a very easy program.
Once you have created a Google analytics account andhave successfully added your tracking ID to your Affiliate Lease Dashboard, you may then create a Webmaster Tools account to submit an .xml sitemap. NDTVThe report was based on data from 200 million visits to 4,500 retail websites on what is traditionally the busiest day of the year for Internet shopping. NDTVBusiness software maker Oracle Corp reported a better-than-expected quarterly profit, helped by strong sales from its cloud services. E-Commerce TimesSales of video games via downloads may surpass physical copies for the first time this holiday season, The New York Times reported Sunday.
RegKeeper is a straightforward, inexpensive e-sales tracking software application packed with handy features like an overstuffed sandwich.
With sales tracking You can keep track of Sales, Commission Checks, Clients Balances, Documents with Auto-Attach feature, scan it and dont worry about it!, Clients Files, And you'll be able to: Print clients receipts.
Userbase is designed to make it easier to manage your software business by helping you to do the labor intensive processes quicker so you can spend more of your time coding! Integrates sales tracking, invoicing, contact management and marketing functions in one simple customizable system. A complete sales management system that includes: invoicing, inventory management, automated billing, mailing list management, customer management and sales tracking.
Sales tracking and analysis system using orders retrieved from the RegNow and Avangate registration services.
Social Bookmarks Demon is enormously powerful, 100% automatic social bookmarking software which will build UNLIMITED number of top quality backlinks, send first-class traffic in minutes, increase your affiliate sales, AdSense income and site revenue as much as never. As e-commerce grows, web based auctions continue to gain in popularity and catalog sales continue apace. Your own in-house affiliate program with the Next-G Affiliate Software to sell more naturally. VIP Task Manager combines functions of CRM, Team Organizer, Project Manager, Document Manager. It allows your team to plan, track and report your sales team's activities, share your contacts, calendar, documents etc., send messages to your customers and colleagues, receive notifications, take actions and get reports. Ecommerce Emailer (EE) is a tool for tracking customers and orders and creating personalized mass-emailing for different groups of customers.
QuoteTracker provides streaming Real-Time quotes, Live intraday charts with Technical Indicators, Level II quotes, Time and Sales, alerts, news monitoring, and everything else you may need to effectively trade in today's market.
The Sales Analytics Page on Fiverr keeps track of how much money you have made, the number of orders created, the average selling price and your positive rating on Fiverr. Fiverr statistics go deeper on the line below with the number of new orders, gig extra orders, the number of multiple orders and the amount of orders that have actually been completed. Scrolling down, you will see more details about your Fiverr reviews and the number of canceled orders. At the bottom of the Sales Analytics Page you will Fiverr statistics like currently active gigs, number of pages views your gig page has received and the conversion rate of your gig. It’s recommended that you check your Fiverr statistics on an ongoing basis to see where you are and where you are headed. PPC click tracking is something all PPC marketers have to pay extreme attention to, since each untracked click literally costs you money! There are tons of existing PPC click tracking software, but generally speaking they cost a bomb and is typically for really PPC advertising agencies. At LinkTrackr, we’re planning to include PPC click tracking into our campaign feature, so you can track up to 5 variables such as Campaign, Subcampaign Ad Name, Ad Type, and keywords.
I will explain the rest of this post by taking Google AdWords as the primary example for our discussion, since it’s obviously the largest, and most complex, PPC advertising platform around. With Google AdWords, you can automatically pass all data to your Google Analytics account, specify a goal, and you’ve solved all your click tracking issues. The first (and most important) part of PPC click tracking is to define your campaigns, so that you can view your performance in LinkTrackr instead of having to login to Google AdWords all the time. Subcampaign – You can further define a campaign by sub-campaigns such as Search Network, Content Network, Mobile Only etc.
Ad Group – If you do PPC right, you will be having a few ad groups, and each ad group will contain a handful of related keywords. Ad Name – You can either put in the headline of your ad (easier but not recommended), or you can enter the unique ad ID. These are all existing features, so you can read more about how it works on our ad tracking page. Destination URL – By checking this, you will display the actual website’s url in your tracking link. Unique identifier – A unique string of numbers and alphabets you can use to track affiliate sales from ClickBank and other affiliate networks that do not support pixel code tracking. In our proposed new PPC click tracking feature, the most obvious challenge is tracking dynamic click prices. Basically, you’ll need to determine the average price you have paid for the last 20 or 30 clicks, and enter that value into LinkTrackr’s campaign page. How you configure this really depends on how a PPC ad network like AdWords or Bing charge you.
As I said, implementing PPC click tracking with a third-party software like LinkTrackr can be a challenge simply because Google AdWords only shares its data completely with Google Analytics. Before we actually start working on a final version of our PPC click tracking features, we would love to get your feedback.
Let us know your thoughts on our proposed PPC click tracking features for LinkTrackr in the comments below. In this way there is no need to losse tiem calculating the average cost of every click and loose time to update it, plus we can find perfect ROI for each click, campaign, etc.. That’s a great suggestion, we will look into the AdWords API again to see if its possible.
Are You Struggling To Make Affiliate Commissions?This shocking report reveals 7 things you could be doing absolutely WRONG!
Enter your name and email address to get a free copy of this $37 report for a limited time only!
Through a combination of various technologies we ensure that no action goes untracked, and all of this is tracked according to strict data privacy and security regulations.
TPV tracking is enabled by ID, Cookie and Fingerprint tracking techniques and can also support external tracking technologies if needed. Click tracking is enabled by ID, Cookie and Fingerprint tracking techniques and can also support external tracking technologies if needed.
Transaction tracking is enabled by previously mentioned Post view, TPV (where supported) and Click tracking. On click or post view the zanox system generates a unique event ID (click ID, view ID) and transfers this via redirect to the advertiser's landing page. The conversion tracking return time is managed by the zanox system and is set to a maximum of 90 days.
In addition to a hash value generated from values of the TCP Protocol, we use the Browser Identifier from the HTTP protocol which consists the browser version, operating system, language, plugins etc. We have invested heavily in providing an infrastructure with the highest level of fail-safety, worthy of the trust bestowed upon it by our publishers and advertisers. The zanox system is designed and dimensioned to process all events in real time and run below the maximum possible workload. We’ve all been on a list where there’s a huge build-up to a new course that’s about to hit the market. This is one of those blog posts I read, then set aside time later to go through and study with a pen and pad handy. It’s the first email you usually send to a subscriber, so giving away something definitely puts a great first impression. This will most surely be a post I refer back too, because there is already much I learned from reading this once. I think you have mentioned the sequence to release content before, so I’ve started building my own list with that sequence in mind.
If you’re not the most articulate type, it might be in your best interest to attempt a different strategy. It can all be quite overwhelming, because you want to know what PPC campaigns are working, which are not, and which affiliate programs are making the most money.
The process is actually quite a bit more complicated than this, but it can be broken down into three critical steps.

The most successful PPC campaigns are those that target the right keywords and have the most click-grabbing ad copy. By doing this, they have no idea which campaign is the most effective at generating affiliate income.
Instead of having the PPC campaign point directly to your affiliate URI, Tracking202 steps into the middle of the action by providing a redirect.
As I said, this is Tracking202, meaning that it is meant for intermediate to advanced users. All of your data is hosted on their servers and while Wes seems like a stand-up guy, there’s no way of knowing whether he (or anyone else at Tracking202) is sneaking around, stealing your keywords. I think its the perfect tool to actually get a nice visual of how much your actually earning for each PPC program your with!
They could gain access to all the best keywords across all the niches tracked by your site. It`s good because it`s free ?? I`m gonna try this as soon as I get accepted in few affiliate networks.
Though our program contains its own unique built-in industry specific analytics software, we recognize that many of you may want to use Google Analytics as well. You will see that there are two sets of fields and two options for each pertaining to Google Analytics. You want to insert this into the field on the same latitude as the "New Tracking Code" so that it synchs properly on your website. There are very lengthy tutorials on the Google website where you may view more information. The reason why you strictly copy the UA-xxxxxxx-xx field is because we have hard-coded the rest of the script into your website for your convenience. EQMS 2011 is simple, affordable and ready to use sales tracking software which lets you track and manage.
DealOngo handles all stages of order processing, sales tracking, goods delivery and stock control processes for busy professionals. The program also generates sales reports.EE can save a lot of repetitive work by automating common tasks, like notifying customers of new versions or providing new customers with registration instructions. Apparently separate in-house affiliate program setup at each merchant domain but shares the same affiliate platform just like a network, an In-house Affiliate Network.
EQMS Lite 2013 is free sales CRM software to cater the needs of sales executive to manage leads, follow-ups and closures.
It tremendously simplifies task of corporate and freelance workflow management, data and files sharing within company and provides multiple benefits for each team member. The Fiverr statistics will include the percentage of positive reviews and negative reviews as well as a rating of your response time for completing orders.
Keeping a close eye on your progress will aid you in find ways to better your performance on Fiverr and increase profitability.
Fiverr is not for everyone, of course, but if you have watched all the videos you’ll have a greater understanding of how Fiverr works. With a little good work habits and some creativity, you can make a good profit on Fiverr and even make it your full-time career. That’s great when you’ve using Google AdWords to drive traffic to your own website, but how do you implement click tracking when you’re advertising an affiliate offer, or any other site that you do not own? You can get a unique ID for each ad you create in Google AdWords, but you’ll have to toggle a few fields to be visible in your AdWords page, like the example show here. This is optional, but some PPC networks may require you to display the actual URL when you’re using third-party tracking software like LinkTrackr. As you’re aware, the CPC or cost per click for Google AdWords depends on a lot of different variables, and is never fixed. By allowing you to choose how to apply the CPC prices, I think we’ll be making this feature way more flexible to cover almost every single PPC ad platform you can think of. With every other software I’ve tried or seen, similar methods are used as an alternative for tracking PPC clicks and ads. Our transaction tracking technology is fully compatible with external tracking technologies.
Advertisers can adjust the conversion tracking return time (aka cookie return time) according to their requirements. We have developed a complex mathematical matrix to generate a special digital signature on basis of this information.
With this we are then able to track the conversion ofA  post view and click activities on the consumer's computer without using cookies or any click IDs. In addition to this, we continue to invest in cutting-edge technology and infrastructure with our technology and service providers to maintain our high technological standard. This post lays it out clearly for me though and will be something I can reference (and share) in the future.
Affiliate marketing could be your calling, and in case you didn’t notice, it can also be pretty lucrative.
To help you keep an eye on the entire process, Wes Mahler has created an online tool called Tracking 202. By using the Tracking202 affiliate tracking software, they can gain access to a whole myriad of information that will optimize these campaigns.
The people who click on your Adwords ad, for example, would then be sent first to the Tracking202 page (though they don’t see it), and then they would either be sent to your landing page or directly to the affiliate offer. Thankfully, Wes Mahler has set up a number of tutorial videos that vividly illustrate not only how the affiliate tracking software works, but how you can use it. This data reveals which keywords convert the best and which provide the best rate of return. A self-hosted version would provide more assurance, but it would likely come with some limitations as well.
Because of this, we have added a field on our website to insert your unique Google Analytics ID.
Note that ALL you need is the ID obtained from your Google Analytics account, the UA-xxxxx-xxxxx. Note that this step is not necessary, but because we have built a complete web-based solution, we deemed it necessary to provide our Clients with an easy method to use and add Google Analytics by adding their ID's.
Inserting javascript into the correct place, especially with the complexity of a dynamic MySQL database driven site like the one you are running requires extensive coding knowledge. Program features an intuitive interface with pick lists and menus that minimize typing and maxamize productivity.
Managing multiple products, convenient order search with exporting data to the CSV format, drawing sales charts for the last 30 days, generating TOP 10 buyer countries. EQMS Lite manages Leads Follow-ups Closures Sales Analysis Ideal for individuals,small and micro business Features & Benefits - Captures complete lead information such as contact details, source of enquiry, products enquired - Manage product details - Complete insight of follow-up done. Though we understand that accuracy is subjective, since Google controls all the data and is not too happy to share it easily, we wanted to get our new PPC click tracking feature as accurate as possible. This will give you the most accurate tracking, since a new ad id is created every time you edit your ads. However, since getting real-time click bid prices from AdWords is out of the question, the next best alternative is to set an “average cost per click”. You can also choose to apply the CPC to unique visitors only, all visitors, and even include bots.
Once a transaction is made, in the same session, the advertiser will transfer the ID back to the zanox system within the transaction tracking code. It’s taken a while but these have begun to finally roll out correctly to the previous subscribers and the new people. By going through the redirect, Tracking202 is able to keep track of click-ins and click-outs. Adding a Google Analytics tracking code is very simple as all you need is your ID to do so. Copy the selection and then in a new window open up a new browser to access your Affiliate Lease Client Dashboard. New users will want to insert a "New Tracking Code." This is their updated version and new websites should use this.
We have created this convenient solution to give you the opportunity to use the Google Analytics software without needing to read manuals about web programming. Only if the Advertiser stores and transfers the ID exclusively in the same session, ID tracking can be called "session tracking".
So 90% known 10% good new tips sounds pretty good to me, that was kinda what I was aiming for. We did include a "Legacy" field because when our software was built, some users elected to use the older version. Once inserted, it will drop the number sequence into the appropriate code that has been hard-coded into your website.
Make more out of your customer base with follow-up, targeted direct marketing and email to customers.

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