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With Adobe After Effects CS5 software, you can create compelling motion graphics and blockbuster visual effects with flexible tools that help save you time and deliver unparalleled creative power.
Cloudphotoeditor is a free online animated gif creator that offers you variety of photo effects, animations, glitter stamps, frames, etc.
The only flaw with this free graphic editor is that, it adds a small watermark at the bottom of the final image.
This free online photo editor also provides embed code that you can use to embed image in any webpage or forum. How To Add Effects, Animations, Frames, Glitter Stamps Using This free Photo Editing Website? Once done, you can then click on Save & download button located at the bottom of the interface. Nero SoundTrax is a powerful-free audio editor, using which you can edit audio files and, create good mixes of the songs. This freeware supports a big range of popular audio file formats, which include: Dolby Digital, AIF, MP3, WMA, FLAC, MP4, AAC, OGG, WAV, and NWF. And, finally when you are done editing the tracks, you can save this new edited track in the aforementioned file types. You can download this freeware from the link given at end of this review. The download size is around 68 MB.
This is a really good audio editor, and pretty much stands up to the mark of good audio editing software. The software represents tracks in waveforms, making it easy to find out every peaks of a track. Also, the software has a really good zooming feature; all you need to do is use mouse wheel to zoom in and out a track. To apply effects, first add tracks and then access Effects Info option present in the Insert menu. The main track editing option comes when you double-click on a particular track in the track pane.
Finally, when you are done creating the audio mixes, you can save your work locally in any of the supported audio file formats.
EnjoyPic is a free online photo editor that offers you variety of cool photo effects, PIP effects, GIF animations, magazine covers, cards, etc. The major flaw with this online photo editing website is that it adds watermark to your photos.
It provides you variety of effects, PIP effects, Animations, Faces, Cards, and Magazine covers, that you can use to recreate boring photos into attractive and impressive ones.
Face: Offers you many celebrity faces in which you can replace celebrity face with your face.

Magazine Covers: Lets you place your photo on Magazine cover and making you feel like a celebrity.
Before saving the photo to your PC, you can edit the file name and the quality of the photo, if required. EnjoyPic is quite simple and cool online photo editor that lets you turn boring photo to impressive ones.
It also lets you send via email and at the same time allows you to save the edited image to your computer. As soon as you click on link, it soon redirects you to the page where it displays all the options on the main homepage.
You can use various customization options with text: Font style, Letter Spacing, Rotation, etc.
It provides various options: Upload to Facebook, Send via Email, Direct Code, HTML Code, Forum Code and Save to Disk.
You may get carried away by variety of options, as I too enjoyed creating great looking animated images.
I started this project hoping it would be of use to others and by reading your review it seems like has. It is an impressive audio editor that lets you add different audio files and then do some powerful audio editing on them. You can import audio files of these types and then, combine parts of these audio files, apply fading effects for smooth transition, normalize the sounds, revert tracks, and add stutter, noise reduction, voice modification, time correction, transpose, pitch tuning, and delay etc. It further allows you to open, and edit each single track in the list of tracks, that you added in the software. All the tracks that get added, get displayed in the main pane (Tracks Pane) of the software window. This is a pretty cool feature, and makes it easy to find a particular part in a track for editing purpose.
Besides playback buttons, there’s one Record button as well, which you can use to record sounds and use them in the audio mixes.
Multiple effects, like Chorus, Delay, Distortion, Flanger, Voice Modification, Wah-Wah, etc. This opens sub-window, where you can select any particular region of the track and then cut, copy, paste, delete, reverse, or crop the regions. However, the watermark is not so prominent, and is instead quite stylish and might look like an addition effect added to the photo. This online image editor does not have frames or glitter stamp, but it provides an interesting PIP effect (Picture in Picture Effect), which is quite rarely found amongst photo editors.
It does not provide any option to share the photo directly on social networks, but that is not a big limitation.

You can either opt to upload photo from the computer or simply provide the URL of the same, to perform various edits and actions. And then it lets you select a particular part of the track and do some more detailed editing on the track. For each added effect, you’ll be able to change the depth, frequency of effect, effect strength by moving the sliders left to right. You can save the image to your PC in JPG format and lets you save animated GIF in GIF format.
As soon as you click on the link below, it quickly redirects you to the homepage of EnjoyPic, where it provides you all the options, both on the top as well as on the entire interface. The final image saved to the PC adds a EnjoyPic watermark which is quite stylish, and in most of the cases it not much prominent. I really like the effects that it provides that you can add to photos and the ease with which you can do that. Some detailed editing includes: cut, copy, paste, delete, and crop parts of the tracks, or insert another audio file in-between a track. You can create stunning cool photos, cards, and animations using this online photo editing tool. It can be used to edit videos which are taken by via mobile phone, digital camera or camcorder. The playback buttons are also present in this window, which make it easy for you to create detailed audio mixes. On the other hand, Track Effect Chain option is helpful to apply effect on a specific sound track. This opens a file browser, from where you can select and import multiple audio files together. However, I didn’t find any difference because both options applied effects on all the tracks during testing. Different Options are available such as strim , cut, split, rotate, set fade in and out speed etc. It provides different type of video format to save video or you can share to facebook, youtube or online sharing.

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