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Note: Although the last one Santasm isn't from an agency or a production house I just thought it was so weird it had to be included.
The bold design stands out as does the intrigue of having something unbranded spend so much money on advertising.
And just by chance (or maybe it was staged) popular Aussie Youtube blogger Blunty3000 was witness to a bus load of people people shouting "WAKE UP" with the same white text on black background. Didn't they learn from KONY2012 that you cant expect the public to stay interested in anything for more than a week? The agency who registered the domain is Tongue and their client list doesn't give much away.
2009 saw us waste 3 days putting this link bait piece on advertising agency Christmas cards together.
If you want to save us even more time also send a 550x322 sized jpeg with your submission also. Testing Christmas present suggestions submitted via tweets with a Focus Group exposes all the pain and joy of focus group testing.
Critical Mass need a special mention for the sheer amount of Xmas related stuff they produced in December. Their Facebook page was taken over with Christmas activities like Gingerbread decorating comp, xmas jumper photos and a host of other things.
The agency is lucky they put a donation limit on their video views ($2,500 donated) as it's broken 150,000 views.
VML win the best charity effort with their installation at a train station which was then destroyed by many eager kids.
Young Director David Wilson serves us a daily dose of WTF in his Alternative Advent Calendar.
I'm pretty sure this will work on a PC or Android device but I'm guessing the Deep Local guys didn't have any around when filming.
I had to Goggle Lionel Blair to understand the connection but he used to have a charades show and is well known in the UK. It's 'serial killer' creepy but W+K have rolled out the Virtual Holiday Dinner again after a successful season last year. And for those not in Ireland SVP is how The St Vincent de Paul society refer to themselves. The QR codes take you to the 12 days of Christmas sung by the team which doesn't seem like much of a reward for all the effort it takes to scan one of these suckers. And for those that were planning on doing this next year note they have already claimed the World's First Christmas tree made out of QR codes.
Have your Facebook friends randomly chosen and if you choose to kiss them the agency will donate a $1 to Children's Tumour Foundation. The agency made a donation to the Canadian Brain Tumour Foundation instead of buying presents for their clients, this was a personal donation as their co-founder died of brain cancer just a few weeks ago. The agency also had the time to make an Augmented Reality xmas card too but thankfully made a video for everyone who is too lazy to print the AR marker. This time Santa has been kidnapped by two Greenie Meanies and you must follow the clues across Twitter, Tumblr and Youtube to locate him and save the presents for a kids Hospital. I feel sorry for the other staff who were probably working on briefs for clients who want everything before they go on holidays while these guys run around London dressed up having fun.
Every tweet lights a heat lamp which melts an ice lolly (icy pole) which fills up a container which is marked with donation values for charity. A agency version of the 12 Days of Christmas sung by their animated CEO to show how far the agency will go to please their clients.
A box of pre-strung xmas cards for clients and friends to adorn their office and make them look popular. Al's grandma died (sad) and left a treasure box filled with recipe cards, magazine clippings and tips on hosting a party. Send a tweet to the Wish Bird tree and help the agency decide which charity gets their A?1,000 donation.

The actual game itself is unplayable (unless that was me?) but the voice over more than makes up for it. The agency put a lot of effort into each day as each one is unique in both content and presentation. This is the same agency that did the Digital Nativity story from last year which had over 20 million views.
The only Ecard to use Unity but luckily they also added a video for you to watch how much fun you'd be having. Pick some festive tags and watch other people's Instagram photos float down for your viewing pleasure. Warning: This is an actual animation meant for kids and does not contain any advertising jokes, hipsters, social media christmas puns, swearing, nudity, explosions and is definitely safe for kids to watch.
The founder of the agency played Ping Pong for 24 hrs straight which raised over 3,250 for for Age UK. Note: Lional Blair also made an appearance in the last hour after coming off the work for Collective. Every positive and negative christmas tweet will go towards revealing a side of the Million Pixel Christmas card. The promise of being featured in one of their picture frames with your twitter profile seems like an odd lure though. 100 unique T-Shirts printed with predictions from a renowned psychic based off the number you choose to buy. Rather than force the staff to sing Saatchi's asked the talented ones who already do music to submit songs around the theme of Love and Hope. All I can say about this one is you should always use Youtube or Vimeo to host your videos as it provides a much faster download to view videos and works on all browsers. 26 Writers, 26 Illustrators collaborating to create 26 Stories for Christmas based off a single object that represents Christmas to them. Your chance to fire a snowball at the CP+B crew and raise money has passed but you can watch the highlights in the video.
The Fearless team were robbed of a laptop with the Xmas party invitations (they didn't have their invitations in the cloud) So they used the security footage as their message. After being selected as the Digital Agency of Record for the Occupy North Pole movement Studio Banks went into 5th gear to produce a blog to encapsulate the 99% demands. The mash up videos are well done as is the agencies commitment to the idea for all of December.
Not wanting to rest on the Flash Mob brilliance 22 Squared also put together this Instagram mash up tool called Drunken Mistletoe. Landor US looked back at the heritage of their building for the projections in their office street front.
AgencySpy nominated this as the worst Xmas card of 2011 but I think there's worse out there than this. The only other entry to use the 99% and the Occupy Wall Street protests as part of their xmas theme. The Museum of London commissioned Simon Costin to create a Dickens inspired street scene for their exhibition. A sexy and somewhat famous model each new day (even a few guys if you're into that kind of thing) presented in an annoying interface. If actual environmental impact calculations sounds exciting to you then THIS is the xmas message for you. Buy yourself a BeerTender and have it disguised as a gift from someone else with the power of Facebook strangers.
This is one of the few Xmas promotions directly tied to a purchase and as of posting the app had 160,000 monthly active users so the app got around.
To help warm up the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra Chorus, Calgary Tourism asked Calgarians to tweet their tips on how to keep warm. Award winning London advertising agency CHI & Partners comissioned Soulful to transform the basement of their office into a Neon themed nightclub for ther night.

Graffiti artists bring The Body Shop's Enrich Not Exploit campaign to the streets of the UK. They are part of the STW Group so could be helping out a larger agency in the group with the domains? There's very little chatter on Twitter about it despite all the activity and a simple call to action. Agencies donating small amounts to charities or asking for views, likes or tweets to raise their donations but at a capped limit (which is very low).
While the online presentation of the project is lacking they did have an installation at their office in which you could go in and sample the chocolate. They also ponied up $10,000 to Toys for Tots which was the largest agency donation we found. So if you're a fan you can watch all of the 50+ minutes of charades action captured live earlier in December. Unlike a lot of the streaming efforts this is still running over the xmas break so we can still enjoy it. We'd appreciate a video showing off the AR in action as none of us can be bothered printing it out.
Parents can predetermine the response and then hand the phone to their kids and them film them! It didn't take off because I'm not sure many agency staff care about how other agencies party.
The fruitcake association needs a Pro Fruitcake campaign soon to risk an entire generation missing out. It seems stress was at it's highest Dec 21 while being in the spirit peaked early this year on Dec 20.
At the time of posting its sitting at 651 but with no limit specified let's hope we can get that up to a around 5,000 to really break the bank. This time with a slingshot (I thought they were illegal in Australia) and semi slow mo video. There's also a snowflake icon in the main bar which produces snowflakes over the video which can be controlled by the cursor. An interesting idea as we're seeing a lot of custom promotion channels being created lately with this one being a fully fledged micro site of entertainment.
The 90's inspired artwork was painted using fluorescent paint and brought to vibrant life through use of UV lighting, which had the 'clubbers' thinking they had been transported back in time.
I'm waiting for sky writing, newspaper wrap to follow on from the bus protest and banner ads. Not only that but mentioning the charity but not linking them or supplying any information as to why you should care about said charity. Send Ad Santa a request and he'll send back a hand written note with the solution and many times photographic evidence.
A DVD with a directors cut of the footage is being produced to help raise more money for charity. They also uploaded a few choice clippings to their flickr page like this one for meat pancakes.
RBH if you're reading this you should have just donated 5,000 pounds as a licence fee for using the image of kids with cancer to promote your agency. Interesting to see 40% of women are feeling naughty while just 13% of men feel the same way.

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