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Cars are getting smarter and more connected, but there still seems to be a small variety of app icons sitting on the dash — usually Pandora radio, in-car navigation and not much more. But 2013 looks to be the year automakers move beyond a few pre-approved partnership-driven test apps and into the great unknown. Today, Ford is announcing its developer program, which will allow app developers to connect their Android and iPhone apps to Ford’s SYNC voice-activated interface.
But Ford isn’t the only automaker trying to attract developer interest for its increasingly open platform. Ford was the first major auto company to jump on the connected-car bandwagon; the AppLink program dates back to 2010. The other big question is how integrated automakers want to be with existing platforms, and how much they require developers to build on top of car systems — which unfortunately often seem to be a takeoff of the interfaces we get on our smartphones and tablets, only with more pixelation and awkward hierarchical menus. There are a range of perspectives on that issue — for instance, Kia and Hyundai said last week they will add Google Maps into their navigation systems. The GM developer portal, meanwhile, indicates that the company is choosing more of an HTML5 open Web app strategy, though we’ll hear more about that soon. Replying to an email from Wired, Mr Sharma said “This helps AMD leapfrog Intel by making Windows 8 more attractive on their tablets and PCs. These Android apps will be probably most welcome on the upcoming Windows 8 touch enabled PCs and tablets, where the software market is currently quite small. Tipp: Wir empfehlen zusatzlich zur Fernbedienung eine USB-Maus, da hierdurch die Bedienung des Gerates erleichtert wird und sich viele Anwendungen (APPS) und Funktionen angenehmer steuern lassen! Jorge has been playing games for over two decades and remembers playing games on black and white televisions. Here at Old School Junkie we want to fill in the niche market that the main websites were failing in. One of the issues you may face when developing an application for Android is embedding of a video player into your application.
Correct operation of the component and its controls within a complex layout, when the video is only part of the screen. Layout toggling between normal and full-screen display by double-click, with changing of size of the playback panel controls.
Pausing and resuming playback, with restoring the current position after the device screen has turned off or application has quit. This entry was posted in Android, Online Video and tagged Android, development, video platform, video player.
By the way it’s to much code for vertical seek bar implementation, when you can use such implementation of seek bar which is more lightweight IMHO.
With its generous display, expandable storage, and thin-and-light design, the Galaxy Player 4.2 is a solid option for anyone looking for an Android-powered media player. Available in two new sizes, the Samsung Galaxy Player is a Wi-Fi-connected Android media player that complements Samsung's popular Galaxy phone lineup--with the advantage that it doesn't require you to be tied to a phone contract or monthly data fees. The 800-by-480-resolution display doesn't quite achieve retina-display density, but it looks crisp and bright. Unlike its smaller cousin, the Galaxy Player 4.2 comes with dual front-facing speakers--one above the screen and one below it, in portrait orientation. Similar to the smaller player, the home button and volume rocker are on the right side, and the Micro-USB port and headphone jack are on the bottom. Samsung promises 8 hours of video playback or 60 hours of audio playback between charges of the Galaxy Player 4.2's 1500mAh battery. The Galaxy Player 4.2 comes with the full suite of Google apps, including access to the Play Store marketplace, Maps, Gmail, GTalk, and other official Google apps.
Other notable preloaded apps are Quickoffice, Samsung Smartview remote control software to turn the player into a remote for a connected Samsung TV, and Kies air to manage the player over a Wi-Fi connection from a browser.
To show off its gaming potential, the Galaxy Player 4.2 also comes with Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Angry Birds, FIFA 12, and a link to trials of more EA games.

The stock headphones that come with the Player of reasonable design, and the same design as on the Player 3.2.
The Galaxy Player 4.2 doesn't have the range of equalizer options that the Walkman Z Series does. The screen falls short of full 720p resolution, but 800 by 480 is sufficient for clear video. The video and audio playback apps on the Galaxy Player 4.2 are easy to use and offer lots of options for organizing and sorting music and videos.
The Galaxy Player 4.2 is a good all-around performer with a nice big screen, strong audio and video performance, solid gaming options, and passable rear- and front-facing cameras.
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PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. General Motors, which is also gearing up for a big launch at CES later this week, held a hackathon this weekend where about 20 projects were developed for the GM platform.
At first it only included a few apps — Pandora (of course!), Stitcher and a couple more. That will allow for apps to be built around interesting and car-specific topics like fuel efficiency and ride sharing. GM seems to be further along on that front, with vehicle data mentioned in a developer website that’s already live.
DIYTrade accepts no responsibility whatsoever in respect of such content.To report fraudulent or illegal content, please click here. This new software will enable hundreds of thousands of Android apps to be used on AMD equipped PCs. Consumers can now enjoy their favourite mobile apps on the larger, more immersive screen of their PC”.
The program is supposedly easy to use but requires a user to set up an account and run through a connections wizard to get started.
So far there have been a lot of Intel and ARM powered Windows 8 devices announced, but not so many with AMD chips.
The basic game play is the same, but as you’ll see, when playing with Guy your faster than Cody and Haggar.
He has been collecting home consoles and classic computers from Atari and Commodore and own almost every system released in the U.S.
Focusing on retro gaming, indie game developers and their games as well as reviewing trending gadgets. It is not so easy to add new functionalities or even re-design playback panel controls, as this is not supported by the SDK.
Looking forward to your bug reports, suggestions to implement new functionality and patches. The 4.2-inch screen is slightly too large for me to comfortably navigate one-handed, using my thumb, but I have small hands.
The large back panel is removable, so you can have access to the battery and the MicroSD card slot. The quality of the 2-megapixel camera on the back is adequate for a quick tweet or Facebook post, but not much else. In my hands-on use, the Player ran smoothly for casual gaming; FIFA 12 played smoothly most of the time, but the intro video dropped a few frames. The GPS locked onto my location quickly, but in the absence of cellular data to update the maps, turn-by-turn navigation was impractical. Oddly, Samsung rates the same-capacity battery on the smaller-screened 3.6-inch player for just 5 hours video or 30 hours of audio.
Samsung augments the stock Android experience with its TouchWiz interface; if you have a Samsung phone, you should feel right at home with this overlay.

The in-ear buds come with a choice of three sizes of rubber tips, and I was surprised to find that the middle size actually fit comfortably and stayed in my normally hard-to-fit ears.
You can add new files to the device by plugging in the USB cable and then dragging and dropping them directly to the player itself or to its MicroSD card if you have one installed.
For the price of an iPod Touch, you can have a larger screen, front-facing speakers, and expandable memory. Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. It is a fusion of different media styles, different topics, different formats and different sources.
Developers will also benefit by gaining a larger market for their Android apps “With BlueStacks technology, app developers can rest assured their Android apps will run directly on Windows without any code change. Playing with Cody gives you a mix of strength and speed while using Hagger, your slow but very powerful so it takes less time to defeat your enemies.
Developers can only implement their own MediaPlayer-based component from scratch or cut and paste the needed components from the publicly available Android sources and make necessary changes. Import projects from the archive to the Eclipse workspace and add them to your application as libraries (Project Properties, Android, Library, Add …). The glossy black plastic is a fingerprint magnet, too, which further detracts from the device's aesthetics. Below the screen, a physical Home button sits between the capacitive buttons for Back and Search. The front-facing camera has VGA resolution (as does the one on the iPod Touch)--good enough for video chats. In my use, the battery seemed to be draining faster than its spec would suggest; if you're a commuter, you'll want to charge it at work during the day so you can use it on the trip home.
You can purchase music and video files from the Google Play store, or you can stream them from apps such as Pandora and Netflix. For buyers seeking an Android-powered alternative, the Galaxy Player 4.2 is the best choice. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements.
The hope is that the AppZone Player on an AMD touch tablet device could make it a more attractive gadget compared to a similar Windows 8 powered Intel device with access to just 2,000 touch friendly apps from the Windows Store.
First off, it’s the only Arcade to home console port to actually allow for two player co-op game play plus you got to choose from all three original fighters from the Arcade classic. Both approaches have their downsides, so we decided to develop our own video component, AVideo. The code of a simple video player based on these components will be exactly the same as with the standard components. In this review, we'll focus on the Galaxy Player 4.2, which matches up against the $200 Apple iPod Touch better than its smaller cousin does.
Ultimately, the screen size strikes an almost ideal balance between being comfortable to hold and being comfortable to view content on.
It will only work with the headphones plugged in, however, because it uses the cable as the antenna. In this post, we will discuss how you can use this component in your application and what are its benefits. Or you can just go to the AMD AppZone website and download any Android app, the first of which will also download the player app for you.

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