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World's First Amazon Products Extracting Software Extracts All Products Inventory Directly From Amazon US, UK & Canada Websites.
Dominate Amazon Niche Sites with Azon Ripper by uncovering New and Highly Profitable Micro or Nano Niches. Niche Research & Products Extraction can be done on US, UK and even Canadian Amazon Websites.
The Software is so Rich in GUI and User Friendliness that even a Novice can unearth Highly Profitable Niches in matter of minutes.
It's a Powerful Windows PC software that Instantly Extracts Niche keywords which people are searching for on Amazon that are the most popular search engine suggestions! Azon Ripper does not have the 100 Products Restriction imposed on Amazon Associates API thus allowing you to get 100 or 100,000 products ripped at once form the Amazon's latest inventory. Extract a list of products directly from Amazon's website and analyze them to find the best products to promote on your websites or blogs. Find out newly listed products which are not popular yet, and earn huge commissions by introducing them to the market. Create and maintain your own copy of Amazon's inventory which you can either sell the list to customers or build new niche specific websites using the ASIN numbers. Save your valuable time required to search for the most popular, highly priced and highly rated products which have the ability to bring enormous affiliate fees into your pockets.
Filter out only a selected range of products according to their prices, total reviews and average customer ratings and then save them to separate lists to your computer. Compatible with Associate Goliath, Fresh Store Builder 4.0, WP Robot, WP ZonBuilder and All Other Software & WordPress Plugins which Accept ASIN Numbers. Extract All the Relevant Categories related to the Current Niche being researched including suitable Brand Names, Product Colors, Shapes & Sizes, etc. One Click Exporting of All or Selected Categories for that Specific Niche in TXT or CSV formats.
Extract All or Some of the relevant Products available on Amazon Websites (US, UK or Canada) for any selected Category according to one of the 10 listing orders such as "Best Sellers", "Most Popular Items", "Price High to Low", "Relevancy", etc.
Export only ASIN Numbers or All Product Information such as Price, Total Reviews, Average Rating and Product Links to CSV or TXT file formats.
Type a Word inside the Keyword Box and the software will instantly find and display selected Micro and Nano Niche Keywords out of the search terms that buyers are currently using on Amazon Website. When clicked the 'Start Analyzing' button Azon Ripper will begin to display extracted Categories in the order of relevancy for the Main Niche Keyword. After Analyzing is finished the software will display the following results under the "Niche Product Research" report.
Main Niche Products : Total number of Items available for sale which are highly related to the Main Niche Keyword. Related Products : Total number of Amazon products available for sale which are somehow related to the Main Niche Keyword.
Estimated Monthly Purchases : Total number of purchases expectable for each month when newly entering the competition for the Main Niche.
Average Purchase Value : Calculated Average value of the products that will be purchased through the relevant Amazon website.
The Azon Ripper will also display the following facts under the "Niche Keyword Research" report.
Monthly Search Volume - Local : Total number of exact searches done using the Main Niche Keyword on the major search engines relevant to the country selected.
Monthly Search Volume - Worldwide : Total number of exact searches done using the Main Niche Keyword on the major search engines globaly. Cost Per Click : Estimated CPC advertising cost will incur on major PPC Ad Networks for the Main Niche Keyword.

Click Through Rate : Standard average rate a user will click on the First page of the search results when the search is done for the Main Niche Keyword. Total Advertisers : The Total number of Advertisers who are currently advertising their products relevant to the Main Niche Keyword through PPC Ad Networks. Competing Home Pages : Total number of Organic competitors appear on the First page of the search results for the Main Niche Keyword. Ranking Difficulty : Overall ranking difficulty for the exact Main Niche Keyword on major search engines.
Click on a Category and you'll be taken to the "Products Ripping Mode", where you can extract the details of products directly from the current and uptodate inventory of Amazon.
Upon entering the "Products Ripping Mode" Azon Ripper will immediately analyze that specific Category you've clicked and will present the Total Number of products available for that single category alone.
If you want to change or select another Category to rip, then just click the 'Go Back' button on the top left corner and you'll be taken again to the "Niche Analysis Mode", where you may select any other Category to rip or just hit the 'Goto Rip' button and again you can come back to the "Products Ripping Mode". You can extract the products according to Ten different listing orders such as "Relevance", "Best Sellers", "Price High to Low", "Price Low to High", "Average Customer Review", "Most Popular", "Featured Items", "Publication Date", "Alphabetical (A-Z)" and finally "Alphabetical (Z-A)". You can also choose how many products should be extracted for that specific category by selecting an option from the list or type in a certain numeric value inside the combobox 'Total Products to Rip' and then hit the 'Start Ripping' button to begin extracting the products. The Azon Ripper will extract products directly from Amazon's website for the selected country in the sorting order specified, and will retrieve ASIN Number, Product Title, Sale Price, Total Reviews, Average Rating and Product Link for each product.
While ripping products you can click the 'Pause Ripping' button to temporarily pause the ripping process and then click the 'Continue Ripping' button to resume the ripping from where it was left. If you have selected the "Play A Sound When Ripping Finished" option in the Settings menu, then the software will sound an Alarm when the ripping process is finished. If you Double Click on an Item in the list it will open the specific product page on that particular Amazon website using your default web browser. Click the 'Export' button on the right side panel and the "Export Results" window will be opened where you can export either the Categories or Products List which are already extracted.
Click on the 'Export Categories' button to save Categories information or click the 'Export Products' button to save Products information on your computer. When exporting Categories, you may select the "Full List" option to save all the extracted Category Names in the list. Further if you select the option "Include The Names of Main Categories" then the exported Category Names will be pre-attached with names of their relevant Main Category.
When exporting Products you can either export all the information extracted or just the ASIN numbers only.
Choose the option "Full List" to export all the Products or "Selected Only" option to export only those items you have manually marked on the ripped list. You can also apply 3 types of Filters alone or combined to narrow the selection of Products in the List.
To apply the Filters you can either modify any of the 3 ranges (Price, Total Reviews or Average Rating) or click the "Apply Product Filters" option.
Click on the 'Settings' button on the right side panel to open the "Settings" window where all the user customizable options are listed. Enter your own 'Associate ID' which you use to promote Amazon products and select the "Include Associate ID in Product Links" option to make the ripped Product Links pre-embedded with your ID. To make an Alarming sound when the ripping process is finished please select the option "Play A Sound When Ripping Finished". To automatically check for any new updates available on the web you need to select the "Check for Updates Automatically" option. After you have successfully activated, the 'DEMO VERSION' tag will be changed to 'PERSONAL LICENSE' or 'PRO LICENSE' or else 'PROLIFE LICENSE' according to the license type you've bought. Once you have done the activation using a Valid Activation Code, thereafter you can Deactivate the software on your current machine by clicking the 'Deactivate' button.

Purchase a Full License of Azon Ripper 2014 right now and use it completely risk-free for the next 30 days. We're totally confident that you'll love Azon Ripper and the outstanding niche research you can do with the software. To run Azon Ripper on Mac OS, you need to use a Windows Virtualization Software such as VMFusion or Parallels.
If you purchase the ProLife License then you'll get an entire Lifetime of updates for free.
To find more information on the detailed use of the software please go to the How To Videos section of Azon Ripper. There select the option "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" option and choose "Windows 2000" then click Ok.
If you choose a country then all the results such as Category List, Products Report, Keyword Report and Extracted Products Inventory will be from that specific country. This will help you to either choose ripping some or all of the products form the list if neccessary. Also you can stop the ripping by clicking on the 'Stop Ripping' button and use the 'Clear Results' button to start with a fresh ripping process by deleting all product information extracted before. The Azon Ripper will automatically assign suitable names for the output files which will save you time and work in organizing your extracted lists. If you choose the "Selected Only" option the software will export only the selected Category Names to the file format you have chosen. If you export the ASINs only then the list can be easily used with software like "Associate Goliath", "Fresh Store Builder", etc. To mark an item as selected click on the box appear at the left side of each entry in the list. This filtering option is only applied to the whole list and here your manual selection will not be in effect. If you want to apply only one or two Filters and not the all 3, then deselect the individual ones which are not neccessary by clicking on the 'And' labels. But you can either select to "Use Built-in Proxies" or enter your own list of valid Proxies inside the text box and select the option "Use Custom Proxies From The List Below" in order to enable proxy usage. This will allow you to do the activation again on a different computer using the same code.
This awesome powerful tool will change the way you promote Amzon products and help you to reap more affiliate commissions than ever before. But, if at any point during those first 30 days you decide that you'd like to go back to the old way of doing things, then we'll quickly and quietly refund every last penny of your precious investment thus leaving you absolutely no risk at all! This is extremely useful when getting into unknown or new niches where you don't know what Categories are relevant. Any specific Category can be selected or deselected by clicking on their "Tick Box" appear on the right side of their name. You also have the option to export the Entire list or just a Selection of items from the list extracted already.
You need to enter a valid Activation Code inside the text box and click the 'Activate' button to activate the software to Full Version.

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