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This guide is a walk-through of the steps required to integrate both Unified Accounts and Webstore Accounts with Linnworks. If you have an Amazon Unified Account, you will need to setup a Linnworks Channel Integration for each marketplace you use. Compare the Marketplace Id provided by Amazon with the list in step 1 above, if they do not match then you will need to logout out of amazon and return to step 1 to ensure you have logged in to the correct account. Copy and paste this information into the relevant fields in the Amazon Account setup screen. The Amazon S3 connector allows you to use Zynk to store and download files automatically from Amazon S3 storage servers.

The SFTP connector provides tasks for handling and processing files stored on an SFTP server, we also provide a connector for FTP servers.
This connector offers a number of developer related tasks which allow you to automate build tasks. The Salesforce connector supports the popular Salesforce CRM system and allows you create integrations to import, export and update information from your Salesforce system and other Zynk supported connector.
The Web connector for Zynk allows you to interface with Web services on the internet including REST, SOAP or simple Web pages. If you need integration between DropBox and your accounting or CRM system then this connector will provide you with that facility.

To find out more about the what our company can do for your business please browse our site and contact us for a free quote.

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