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Earlier today at a livestreamed event in San Francisco, Google's SVP of Engineering Vic Gundotra announced a slew of new features slated for Google+ and Hangouts.
While we're still waiting for the Hangouts update that will enable SMS support, animated GIFs, and location sharing to hit the Play Store, which should happen in a few days, the Google+ update 4.2 is already live. After playing around with this version for a bit, I'm glad to report that the annoying and superfluous G+ Photos shortcut is now gone. The cool new Photos icon we saw in the presentation is now official, and selecting the Photos menu item actually changes the slide-out menu altogether and exposes new filters, such as Auto Awesome, Videos, and Trash. But probably the most important addition to Google+ 4.2 is the Auto Awesome Movie Maker, which can mash up photos, videos, and music into movies even Hollywood directors would be jealous of (OK, not really, but it's probably going to do a much better job than 95% of us could on our own).
The elements in shared images within G+ posts have been moved around and now expose the poster's name as well as the number of views. The notifications pane UI has been updated to the light theme, and now looks cleaner overall. I haven't been able to confirm yet, but I'm guessing the new Auto Awesome Action and Erase features are also live - time will show if these start turning up in my gallery.
The notification slide-out can no longer be dismissed by tapping outside the box - that's super annoying and something Google should fix ASAP (thanks, Faruk Ahmet!).
Animated GIFs start playing as soon as they scroll into view - you no longer need to tap them. Originally Shared links now properly link to the post being re-shared rather than the profile of the person who originally shared it (thanks, Richard Davis!). All in all, this is a pretty innovative update, which rejuvenates my excitement for the future of Google+. If you read Ron's article carefully instead of hastily passing idiotic comments, you may understand that Google is quickly turning important Android functionality into closed source.
The first thing you see is the Camera tab with all your local photos you took with the camera.
If you think about it, It's not so much different than before where you were able to see your Picasa pictures and then some folders created by G+. There's a new Google+ icon, the notification drawer is now white, the app seems to be smoother as well. While this seems to be their intention, after playing around with Photos I'm seeing that there are a lot of features missing from Gallery.
Replicating the Gallery app will definitely bring an update to older phones without any hold-backs!
I wonder if that could be released for every app if you use KitKat changing the old standard way of sharing things on Android. And browsing photos by swiping uses the "Card stack" animation now, like the homescreens and the app drawer in stock Android. On the plus side, Google+ Photos now seems to integrate with local photos (there is a "Folders" icon that lets you browse your local pictures), which is awesome. Thank you guys for getting rid of the two different download links you used to have that led to a different marketplace. I really hate how viewing photos full-screen in G+ is not actually full screen, and the status bar is still visible and takes up space. Not that Google shouldn't do this for you, but if you root your phone, install Xposed Framework and App Settings, you can do this yourself.
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Admittedly, this makes some sense and isn't as obnoxious-looking as G+ Photos (thanks, Russel Taylor!).
Unfortunately, this doesn't apply to regular posts - you still have to go to the menu, copy the link, and share it manually.
The Dismiss all button has been slightly tweaked, and now tapping it pushes down the previously seen notifications by default.
Yeah, it's definitely gunning for the Gallery app and will likely replace it fully in the future.
Google has shown time and time again that it's not treating G+ as yet another social network. The cryptographic signature guarantees that the file is safe to install and was not tampered with in any way. The stock gallery is the same apk as the camera app, which allows them to be so seamlessly integrated.
Google could easily modify the camera to remove the gallery and make it exclusively the Photos app.
With the ability to view local photos as well as FINALLY being able to share photos with something other than g+, this make perfect sense. You can't open camera from it, you can't use the pinch and swipe gesture to delete pictures, and picture loading sometimes take significantly longer time.. It doesn't show you your default photos folder, which is a good thing, as that would be redundant assuming you have auto-backup enabled.
It makes a noticeable difference compared to the stock Gallery which shows photos truly full-screen where the status bar slides away.
I'm not rooted anymore, and hate to have to for dumb reasons like this, but Google just keeps making it necessary with their poor decisions.
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Rather than wait for Google to push this download to your devices, which can take days, download and install it just like any other APK.
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