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VLC Media Player is one of the most popular desktop music and video player for desktop systems. Videos are displayed automatically afterwards in the interface with a thumbnail, their file name, playtime and resolution.
The controls at the top let you go back to the media selection menu, and to use the built-in search, open a network stream or refresh the current media listing.
When you go back you get to select the audio or video media listing, pick another directory that you want to browse for media, and to access your viewing and listening history. I had no playback problems, and the HD demo video that my Samsung Galaxy Note 2 shipped with played without stutters or issues.
Most user reviews on Google Play are positive, many stating that VLC is the best media player for Android even though it is still in beta.
I am not so sure about the music side but when it comes to playing video, VLC is one of the best players for both Windows and Linux operating systems. I have been using the player for a few days now and it’s quite stable considering the beta tag associated with its name. Important Note: We have written an amazing guide on VLC called The Ultimate Guide to VLC Media Player. When you launch the application, it will show you a warning that the app is still in beta phase and the developers takes no responsibility if anything goes haywire on your device.
The player creates two separate world for videos and music and one can easily switch between them using the sidebar.
Along with the traditional buttons which can control playback, it supports gesture recognition. I was able to play 1080p high-definition videos without any lag but that might change if you are running the app on a low configuration phone or tablet. You can restrict the app media scanner to few selected folders by selecting the directories in the app preferences. The app helps watch your favorite films and videos of all video formats on your smartphone via one of the best players that have ever been existed! It also supports subtitles of almost all the formats and you can manage them changing the size or scrolling backwards or forward to read one more time. There is an option (like in a desktop version) of showing active MX Player running a video over all other applications and processes.

FLV Player is the global standard for easily, freely and reliably viewing multimedia files on your Android phone or tablet. If you want to change your traditional TV LCD monitor into a intelligent platform which just like a smart phone a Tablet.
The little computer runs Google Android 4.0 and ita€™s designed to be plugged directly into the HDMI port on a TV. The player has been branched out fairly recently to Android, where it is now available as a beta version that you can download from Google Play.
A notification is displayed on first start that informs you that the player is a beta version. Sometimes, this switches to brightness controls instead but I could not really figure out when that is happening. VLC for Android displays the album cover if available on the  player page along with a number of controls that you can use to control the playback. If you are currently looking for a new media player for your Android device, I’d highly suggest you check it out. I can’t even remember for how long I have been using it as the default video player on my computer.
If you want to try out VLC Player for Android as you read on, it can be done from the Play Store.
The videos are listed along with their thumbnails and you can simply tap on any one of them to start the playback. You can increase or decrease the brightness of the device by swiping your finger up or down in the left corner of the screen. The status bar notification lacks media control buttons but you can add the mini player as a widget to control the playback. There are other few settings here you can have a look at but none of them has a huge impact on playback. The developers are saying that the overall interface will be changed in the final build, and when that happens, we will let you know. This page has stellar content on all aspects of VLC and is also available as an ebook for you to download and read offline. You can manage your musics easily, Music Player will guide you easily to find all the music in your phone.This music player is not only based on artists or albums, but also based on the folder structure.

Once that is out of the way, you will notice that it will automatically scan your storage for audio and video files. This includes back and forward buttons, options to repeat a song or randomize the play order, and to change the playback speed. A few days back when I heard that the developers have crafted out a version of the player for Android devices, I was excited to try it out. However the current version (released on 6th of December) only supports devices with an ARMv7 or an x86 CPU. The app takes care of both, your video and music needs and automatically scans and builds a list of music and video files you have on your device, unless you have them hidden as a system folder. The app remembers the last played position of videos in the library and resumes from where you left unless you give special instructions before you start playing. You can also change the aspect ratio of the video using the on-screen button while playing the buttons. There is only one widget size available and a bit healthy person might have a tough time dealing with it. Performance may also not be ideal on all systems, especially on those were hardware decoding is not working yet.
There’s a button which can lock the on-screen controls but that does not work for the home and back soft keys.
So if you find any issues, please send email to us instead of useless comments or rating, we will try our best to help you! Automatic scanning all the lyric files , and matching the most appropriate lyrics file for your songs.
Application will notify you which package you need.BSPlayer FREE version is ad-supported video player. Hardware accelerated playback in portrait mode may be corrupted on some HTC models (HD and others - hardware issue).

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