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Stack Overflow is a community of 4.7 million programmers, just like you, helping each other. I tried playing the following two .mp4 files out of which first one plays and second doesn't.
Thanks, by knowing this I was able to generate such an mp4 video with this gstreamer pipeline: gst-launch-0.10 -e videotestsrc num-buffers=1000 ! Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged android video videoview or ask your own question. MediaController: MediaController class is used to provide the controls for the video playback. Display Metrics class: This class is used to get and provide the dimensions to the views as per need of the application. FrameLayout with VideoView: This code is used to Add a frame layout which holds the video view so that additional view can also be placed over the video. The public void getInit() method: This method is used to initialize the views and to set videoview on play state.
The following code is used to set the path of the video file to be played in String format. The following code is used to set the activity orientation to landscape means activity will always open in landscape mode in phone. How to use DisplayMetrics class to get height and width of the current viewing window of device in pixels. Have good knowledge on Java, HTML, CSS and Android platform and is pursuing Masters in Computer Applications. I am working on an Application for Android TV and I have implemented in-app search using online API.
I've created a small HTML5 App with apache cordova and jquery mobile with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

I'm trying to implement the FB login in my fire tv device, I have an Android Webview with my app on it. In Part 1 of this series, we developed a simple video player using Android’s VideoView, and in Part 2 we improved upon it by adding media controls to enable users to rewind, fast forward, pause and resume video. Now, we need to retrieve that value from the Bundle when the Activity is recreated and when the application is restored. Notice that we also ensure that the video player is launched when the application is resuming from the background. Now that we have a starting position for the playback to resume from, we will pass it into the VideoView’s SeekTo method, which sets the current position of the video. While testing out the application, you may have noticed there is a delay within the application as the video is loading, moreso because we are loading from a URL. Next, we need to obtain a handle to the ProgressBar in the Activity’s code file, just as we did with the video player and media controller. Now that we have a handle to the ProgressBar, this allows us to set the its Visibility to appear whenever the Activity’s orientation changes (ie. If you’re wondering why we are using Gone instead of Invisible, it has to do with a difference in the way the layout space is handled when the view is hidden. In this post, we improved upon our basic VideoPlayer application by adding a progress indicator as the video reloads when the device is rotated, and ensuring that the video playback resumes at the same position it left off. Since our application depends on a network connection, we need to perform due diligence and verify that the device is connected to the carrier network or WiFi before attempting to load the video. VideoView can also be used to load images for the various sources, having information about their measurements computation from the video so that images can be used in any kind of layout manager. Based on Android 4.2 it supports HDTV via HDMI at 720p or 1080p and audio output via TosLink. We have to run this app on all the platforms like android tv, mobile and also amazon fire tv.

One of my features is the ability to open specific Fire TV settings menus from within the application. However, in testing the application, it is obvious that there are some key features missing. Ideally, we want to display a progress indicator until the video is loaded and ready to play.
MediaController contains the PAUSE, PLAY, FORWARD, REWIND, SEEKBAR which will sync with state of MediaPlayer. The method must have inside onCreate() because it has to be called every time we open the view. Let’s take a look at how we can improve our Video Player application to provide a better user experience. This will ensure we will retrieve a handle to the controls even when our app is resumed from being placed in the background.
In my next post, we will build on this example and include the proper checks to handle cases where no network connection is present, as well as how to listen for changes in the network connection while the application is running. We will add a ProgressBar to the layout, which will display by default and then will be removed from the view when the video is ready. It would be ideal to have the video pick up from where it left off when the user rotates the device. Also, what will happen if a phone call comes in and the application is moved to the background?
Again, the user is expecting that the video picks up from where it left off when returning to the application.

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