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Array MediaGraphics & Systems specializes in transforming presentations into attractive visuals that convey your message to the audience with relevance and effective communication. We create presentations using PowerPoint presentations, Keynote, or Prezi which enables you with a clear advantage over your competitors.
Apart from static presentations we also design and create animated presentations that can run on auto mode.
We create fantastic motion graphics presentations using the power of dynamic, trendy animation software to enhance your marketing visuals.
CrazyTalk Animator is a fully-featured animation tool designed for users to create professional marketing video, and for presenters to quickly add animated avatars and comic effects into PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Doc and other presentation software. Just like with drama, storytelling is all about setting the mood and allowing the audience to see things from your perspective. In public venues, it is important to standout from numerous competitors in order to be remembered. Then these two packages are the best-ever deals to assist you in making memorable presentations.

Simply download CrazyTalk Animator 2 and become a free member, and you will receive 100 animated GIFs that can be applied to any presentation tool such as PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slide.
Our presentation portfolio includes concept presentations, corporate presentations, content based presentations, report presentations and visual presentations. Our animated presentations create a wow factor to all the audiences and helps you to deliver the right message even for audiences in an offline mode. With it's full editing capabilities and well categorized content libraries, users can easily design unique characters and specific motions, to later copy-and-paste to most web and office applications.
To most people, reading a comic book is a more intuitive way of attaining information rather than reading a book. With the help of visual aids we can empathetically guide our audiences to feel and even think what we wish them to. So it is important to first break down mental barriers before we wish them to accept our ideas. Each package is bundled with the most practical content selections that can be used to customize presentation slides with unique characters.

It can also be added into marketing video to effectively increase the exposure rate for your business. The same reasoning allows you to persuade better with emoticons rather than with just text messages. This is a higher-level of presenting skills that focus on what you wish your audience to feel and remember, instead of just telling them what you know. So why not use recognizable avatars and animations to have your audience visually recall your presentations through association?
And once they laugh you then have the opportunity to invite their opinions and endorse your ideas.

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