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Software includes dozens of animated templates, Every object can have many types of animations, such as rotate, swing, beat, wave, fade, typewriter, pulse.
Key-frame animation: Using just a single timeline, I will be able to control all aspects of your animation, including the length, playback speed and so on.
Title and Intro of the video, all video workers wants to make the same titles as Hollywood titles.
With the Aurora3DAnimation for either Mac or PC, you can quickly and easily create professional animated text. And for a limited time only, you can take advantage of this amazing Mighty Deal, and snag Aurora3DAnimation at a whopping 66% off the regular price! Multiple Language SupportBesides having unicode support for Latin, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters, Aurora 3D Animation Maker supports a number of languages. Total ControlWith Aurora3DAnimation, you have complete key-frame animation at your disposal. Multiple Animation StylesThis killer software doesn't just give you one neat animation style to play with. 4,000 Graphic ShapesYou'll have access to the SVG shape library, text shape library and toolbox in order to grab a shape for your logo or title. Separate Bevel EffectsNot only can you change up the bevel for your shape and text, but you can do so separately.
Light and Particle EffectsBesides having complete control of all the light settings in your project, you can add a ton of fun, eye-catching effects to your animation. Render Size SettingsEasily adjust the size, width and height of both your preview and export files. Aurora3DAnimation normally sells for $69.95, but for a limited time only, you can get it for just $24! That's a huge 66% off the regular price!
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We are dedicated to enhance ease of use of 3d software to improve efficiency, so that every ordinary person can make a cool 3D animation and presentation.
Edraw Max for Linux - An all-inclusive diagramming software for OS X that is capable for 260+ drawing types including flowcharts, mind maps, org charts, infographics, floor plans, AWS network diagrams, Gantt charts, electrical schematics. 4Videosoft Phone Transfer - 4Videosoft Phone Transfer is the best phone data transfer software for users to transfer files between different phones (iOS devices and Android devices) easily.
Edraw Max for Mac - An all-inclusive diagramming software for OS X that is capable for 260+ drawing types including flowcharts, mind maps, org charts, infographics, floor plans, AWS network diagrams, Gantt charts, electrical schematics.
Disketch Plus for Mac - Creating professional CD and DVD labels is done within minutes with Disketch.
DWG to WMF Converter MX - DWG to WMF Converter MX is a DWG to WMF conversion tool, you can use it to convert DWG to WMF, DXF to WMF, DWF to WMF file without AutoCAD.Supports 3D objects Hidden line removal.

ECTcamera - ECTcamera by EyeComTec is a freeware portable program to manage a webcam or an external camera.
Mainmedia Screen Capture Directshow - Screen Capture directshow source filter that support Capture the full screen, an area of the screen in any Directshow base application. FLV Encoder Directshow Filter - Support encode FLV video file in any Directshow base application.
Mainmedia Audio Pitch Directshow Filter - Audio Pitch Filter is a powerful transform filter that allows change the audio pitch or audio tempo when playback video or audio file in any Directshow base application.
Details:PDF to Flash Catalog Professional for Mac is flexible and powerful software for all levels of users to create 3D interactive page-turning catalogs on Mac OS, Mac X Lion etc. But we know as a video editing products, in the Title and Intro animation video editing is not necessarily the best.
3D Manipulator: Drag the button at the right-bottom of an object, I can extrude the text or shape.
Texture Effects: You can mix colors and textures, texture effects can be set  reflection, mirror and transparency to create a glass, metal, plastic, wood, stone and other special effects. Bevel Style: Software have dozens of Bevel style, you can selecting the style and height to adjust the bevel of 3D graphics.
Light control: The angle of the ambient light and the color, light and dark settings, is to improve work efficiency. There is also a variety of animation styles, the need to design 3D animation of people, this is a great feature. Export and Share: Export designs as PNG, JPG, Tiff, BMP, GIF, TGA files, which can be imported and edited in other illustration applications. Whether you're working on your own movie, presentation or just want a fun animated logo for your website, creating animated text is fabulous design resource.
This robust tool features roughly 4,000 different shapes to play with, as you add various animation styles to your project. With its user-friendly control panel, you'll quickly and easily have your animation set up in no time! Animate up to 7 different languages including: English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, and Russian. Well, you'll have a text editor to completely control your text, altering the depth, width, character spaces and more. You can distort your text and shape with effects like sector, heave, wave, curve, arch and sunken. You can export your animation to movie, GIF animation or Image Sequence, all of which can then easily be imported and edited in any other video editing software you have. We cover different “hats” under programming, graphic design, social media and Internet marketing, app reviews, and tutorials tailored to designers, programmers, social media enthusiasts and Internet marketers.

It allows to scale and position video, make screenshots with flexible intervals, export and import settings. Support user define video bitrate, audio bitrate, frame rate, resolution, audio sample rate, audio channels.
And the current video editing products provide almost no 3D design tools for the title and intro. Especially in the production of 3D animation, we were ordinary video editor is difficult to learn, such as Maya or Lightwave.
Export Animation to Movie, SWF(windows), GIF animation or Image Sequence as you like, Which can be imported and edited in other video edit applications.
Toss in dozens of pre-built templates, distortion effects, particle effects, dynamic backgrounds, and even separate bevel effects for your shape and text, and there's no telling how far you can take your animation! There's even a way to import an .SVG file to the canvas so you can the nodes of your shape.
Your purchase of this Mighty Deal gets you a large assortment of 3D title and logo templates so you can start animating in minutes! There's plenty of options at your fingertips including Borders, Board, Buttons, 2D and 3D text.
Aurora3DAnimation supports dynamic backgrounds, letting your background move, rotate and even automatically scale. You can also export your designs as PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, and TGA files, all of which can then be imported and edited in various illustration applications. You can add visual effects and customize each page so that your flip book can look any way you want it to look. It's amazing how many software titles get introduced in bitsdujour that I would not otherwise have encountered. Each object can have tons of animations including rotate, swing, beat, fade, wave, pulse, and typewriter. Besides, the program also enables you to import links from original PDF files; you also can embed image albums, video, audio, Flash, YouTube videos and links to your page-flipping eBook.
Additionally, StoryBoard Aritst has built-in location, character, and prop images to facilitate quick visualization of conceptual ideas. FreealerA very user oriented modem dialer that combines an easy to use interface and powerful abilities. Bad Credit LoansInternet Explorer Toolbar to help find low rate bad credit loans for UK homeowners and tenants.

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