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Apple this weekend launched a new advertising campaign for the iPhone showcasing some of the many reasons why the handset is so popular. Apple’s new iPhone push comes just a few days after Samsung introduced its latest flagship handset, the Galaxy S4, which was unveiled on Thursday to much fanfare. Some folks are saying that Apple, for the first time since it launched its iPhone, is going on the defensive against its competitors. S-AMOLED also has much better blacks and contrast ratio, so both technologies have their pros and cons.
We will have to wait and see what Anand has to say about the battery life when he reviews it. I could care less what your, or some other random users, opinion is about any phones battery life. I’ll take the scientific approach to battery testing that Anandtech does any day instead thank you. If those flaws were fixed simply by Google maintaining the development of Android and having updates actually ported sooner than they are, I might be willing to go back.
My dualcore 1.2 GHZ Droid Razr Maxx with Jelly Bean is not as smooth as my dualcore 800mHz iPhone 4s. Yes, also it’s harder to make animations drawen using Hardware Acceleration (via OpenGL) on a managed software. Same thing also happens in Android, but your processor is not able to handle that many amount of threads and processes at the same time. Lol… Those are core services bro which are definitely supposed to run on the background all the time. The scuffs on your phone aren’t a sign of poor quality, they are a sign or poor ownership. I’ve been using android on the Galaxy S3 for a while and I realized that android is not a reliable system. How can u not blame third party when a stock iOS doesn’t end up with ridiculous boot loop?
You say dont argue with Apple fanboys and yet keep creating new accounts to come here and bash them? I’m not saying you are to blame, but it is truly what then owner does that causes problems to the device.
Instead of calling me a fandroid, etc., how about you people go and LOOK AT an Android device. November 25, 2013 by Kevin Rubel 40 Comments Have you ever thought of the marketing strategy apple used in order beat down their competitors? Marketing is the process of promoting a product or services to customers for the purpose of selling it and satisfying their (customer) needs. Marketing Strategy (or marketing mix) is the process that can allow an organization to concentrate its resources on the optimal opportunities with the goals of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage. If you want to run a successful marketing campaign then the first thing you must do is to take action, don’t think everything is going to happen in a twinkly of an eye, Nope!
As far as you’ve made your first step, you’re definitely going to get to your destination if you’re focused. I’m sure hundreds and thousands of sketches where thrown in the bin when Apple was about to develop their first product but they didn’t stop there, instead they kept moving forward. One of the main reasons why Apple reigns is due to their sleek and attractive design in ALL THEIR PRODUCTS, customers will rush to get gadget like that right? No one is going to hear of Apple if they didn’t advertise their brand and product, they’ll only be known as a fruit but they spent money in order to make money.
No string attached, these are all the tips most bloggers used in promoting their blog and the result is awesome. Apple didn’t stop at creating Iphones but Steve Jobs thought of a new idea and this brought the existence of Ipad and IMac.
You don’t need to underestimate or overestimate the value of your product by carelessly placing a price tag on it.
If you really want to get the best out of marketing your blog then you must peep into Apple’s strategic plan and implement it according to your category, imitate other successful brands (or bloggers) out there and follow in their footstep.
What are the steps you took in order to have success in your online marketing journey, did you follow anybody’s footstep, thought different? Join Our NewsletterLike what you read here in this blog post?Subscribe to get more awesome updates delivered to your inbox.
About Kevin RubelA young entrepreneur, freelance writer and SEO Ninja, he specializes on traffic strategies, Search engine optimization and blogging tips that'll skyrocket your online business. StudioPress Genesis Framework empowers you to quickly and easily build incredible websites with WordPress. If you already use Genesis Framework, be sure to sign up for their affiliate program and start making money with your blog today! And great post Gilbert, lot’s of great information highlighting the methods Apple has used to seek out success.
A good design can show professionalism and that’s what potential leads are looking for.
I have been studying the rise of Apple Inc for a while and I must commend you for sharing these detailed facts of their marketing strategy.
Erik Emanuelli recently posted…8 Killer Fiverr Gigs to Take Your Blog to the Next Level!
Every business has an unique plan which need to be followed step by step in order to achieve success! Marketing is all about being creative, looking for problems people have and solving them in a real way.
Yea, that’s just what marketing is all about, selling solutions to those in need of it.
Neil is famous as he does things with great planing and having the knowledge of his competitor. Exactly a good marketer need to pitch the things at right moment whether it is product or it is service. Neil Patel is a successful entrepreneur and that’s just the kind of person we should follow because his strategies are perfect and transparent.
The one unique thing about this post is that you used Apple as example of how they have marketed through the years. I still feel that I just scratched the service although I’ve been blogging for 3 years. Of course Apple has huge teams of people to make sure their ideas are good and also carried through.
Keeping an eye on what others are doing and following their footstep is quite related, at least we all want good results and when we work towards it we can even get better than what we expected.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The one-minute commercial featured black-and-white footage of 17 iconic 20th century personalities. Promotional posters from the campaign were produced in small numbers in 24 x 36 inch sizes. Switch was an advertising campaign launched by Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) on June 10, 2002. Due to the simplicity of the ad, many parodies surfaced on the net shortly after the campaign started.
Apple has used a variety of advertising campaigns to promote its iPod portable digital media player. The silhouette advertising campaign featured dark silhouetted characters against brightly colored backgrounds.

They were usually dancing and, in television commercials, backed by up-beat, energetic music. Bangalore, Apple has started to attract the Smartphones' buyer after a long ignorance of Indian market. Analysts say that it may be beginning of the apple's strategy to have a space in Indian mart.
The price, images, video and specifications we have provided, are from our best market analysis and search results. We are providing the information best of our knowledge and we are not liable for the accuracy of the points mentioned above.
If we were able to somehow pull a technology journalist from 1999 into the present day, this poor soul would be unable to believe Apple was still in business, let alone that it was the most valuable company of all time.
Apple is now worth over $623 billion, which is just a little more than the previous record of $620 billion. Rumors indicate that Apple is preparing to launch a new version of the iPad with a smaller 7-8-inch screen to compete with Amazon and Google. According to Google’s Eric Schmidt, we human beings create as much information in two days as we did from the dawn of civilization up through 2003. This has real consequences for people like you and me.
Posted in Marketing Tips, Sirf Marketing, Social Media Tips and tagged Okanagan, Penticton, Sirf Marketing, Sirf Web Marketing, Sirf Web Marketing Strategies News, Social Media Penticton. The retail giant aims to raise awareness around its offerings from Apple, Samsung and L'Oreal, among others. Walmart has launched a campaign to bring attention to some of the large brands it carries – brands consumers might not even realize the retailer offers.
Susan Schutta, senior director, marketing, PR and social media, Walmart Canada, believes it is the first campaign of its kind for the retailer.
The campaign’s execution features in-store signage, flyers, email, website presence, digital, social, a 30-second TV spot, as well as about 480 demos with Brita, Soda Stream and Clorox sprays. The retailer traditionally targets price-conscious families, where moms often take the lead on shopping, Schutta says. Recently, brands have been dedicating a substantial amount of their budget to influencer marketing.
Although it has been cloaked with controversy ever since, Facebook announced that it would split ad revenue with its video creators. At the moment, Snapchat has a long way to go before it is accepted as a legitimate marketing platform. If you haven’t heard, live streaming is on the rise, and a great tool to connect audiences with events and brands in real time. While reach and impressions are still crucial metrics, marketers are starting to place more of an emphasis on action-based responses, such as comments and shares. Several brands have begun to utilize platform-specific influencers on their original platform while, at the same time, promoting influencer generated content across other channels. Advertisers are now leveraging Instagram for more long-term branded content instead of just the one-off post. Despite some new competitors on the scene in 2015, YouTube has managed to retain its position as king of the social channels. Others believe this is just the beginning of a long overdue aggressive marketing approach for the Cupertino company. Unless these manufacturers stop skimping on battery size and start putting in 3000mah MINIMUM then I’ll always stick with the iPhone (Droid Razr Maxx and Galaxy Note 2 excluded since they qualify for good battery life). When displaying a mainly black screen, its the other way around with power usage, as S-AMOLED pixels don’t draw any power displaying black (where as an IPS LCD will always have a backlight on for the display). As someone who calibrates home theatre displays for a living, I personally prefer the full RGB resolution and colour fidelity of IPS LCD’s when it comes to mobile displays. There is far more to picture quality than just pixel count (just as there is far more to camera quality than megapixel count).
Honestly, the battery life in my 4S isn’t any different than my old Samsung Captivate.
But since most phones use dedicated launchers, such as HTC Sense, Samsung TouchWiz, MotoBlur,etcetera, I doubt it’ll happen.
It does drain pretty fast in a call — 4-5 hours is about all I can manage before it would start to get dangerously low on battery life. Judging by the comments from HTC about the cheaply build S4 plastic tat, it would seem so.. How does iOS run so smoothly with less powerful processor compared to an Android that runs choppy with a more powerful processor?
I lost count of how many times my iPhone crashed and went into completely random boot loops in the middle of the night, and not waking me up in the morning. Comparing stock iOS to Android is ridiculous, and jailbreaking, which makes the comparison possible, also makes my device run like shit. How the hell is it my fault when a tweak randomly malfunctions in the middle of the night and causes a boot loop?
My iPhone 5 jailbroken runs so well that two of my co workers sold their GS3s to buy i5s for me to jailbreak for them. Don’t provoke them anymore since i see you like to provoke people in other threads too. Apple give you a good OS compared to others with laggy interface, or those capable of getting malware. Is it your fault for taking the med, or my fault for not double checking and giving it to you?
Nobody is perfect and every day we learn new strategies of taking a step forward in our career. You made a plan at last, good but you’re making a very big mistake if you ever think of dumping it, it’s high time you created something out of it. Many companies out there implemented the plan but couldn’t get to their destination due to some distraction, why? There’s nothing to hide, your output might not be as good as you expected but if you keep trying newer strategies the more experienced you’ll be until you eventually break the record. They went through tons of commercials and drowned other competitors, seen those funny advertisments?
If you’re on a journey to becoming an influencer, you need to utilize social media, build your followers and promote yourself in front of them, they’ll always be there to back you up. When creating a product don’t make it too expensive or too cheap, instead sell according to the value of the product else customers will go for similar or competitive products. Genesis provides the secure and search-engine-optimized foundation that takes WordPress to places you never thought it could go.
I have of course learnt my lessons from at least from Apples perspective courtesy Gilbert Samuel. Your example of Apple is great and leveraging their slogan within your title is a great idea, indeed! That is what Apple did and that is why they became who they are today from where they come!
They had their ups in the early 80s, had their downs throughout the 90s and early 2000’s, and then they became popular again with the advent of the iPod. When push comes to shove, a lot of us have gone through or are currently going through the same journey. I do however, keep a close eye on what others are donig and possibly duplicate those things in my business, but duplicate them in a way that will work better and produce more results. The Get a Mac campaign is the successor to the Switch ads that were first broadcast in 2002. A succession of throwaway CEOs were brought in in an effort to reclaim the glory Apple enjoyed in the ‘80s.

This will be the first major launch since Steve Jobs’ death, but the markets are clearly optimistic that Apple has been forever imbued with the ethos of Jobs. In our ever growing world of information overload, it’s vital that you understand how to cut through the clutter if you want to make a difference. Consumers are encouraged to tweet about brands they want to get their hands on using the hashtag #want to win gift cards. However, Walmart also wanted to reach dads and teenagers interested in electronics with this campaign.
The rise of ad-blocking has marketers and advertisers looking to social media influencers to get their product and message in front of viewers. Since that move, Facebook’s video growth has reached about 8 billion average views per day.
But that hasn’t stopped brands like GE, Burberry, Amazon and more from using it to grab the attention of the millennial consumers.
This year we will see more brands using Periscope with top social media influencers to drive awareness and engagement.
This year, brands should shift their focus to results that display more active participation rather than passive participation.
For brands sponsoring content with social media influencers, a cross-platform strategy promotes brand messaging, and has the capacity to reach a range of audiences on various touch points and social channels. As Instagram is inching toward becoming one of the top mobile apps for millennials, consumers are speaking up about their disdain for sponsored ads and their desire for storied content. Although it is still necessary to adapt content to newer platforms, YouTube is still considered significant because of its well-established global audience. Could care less about a random user saying their phones battery life is great or bad since that could be based on a multitude of factors + I refuse to root an Android phone.
On C languages, there is also a preprocessor but it is way more faster than compiling the code at runtime. I have a screen and back protector and a clear side wrap installed, so the only part of my phone not protected is the diamond cut bevelled edge. I remember those painful days without a jailbreak, and being forced to use stock iOS on a daily basis… I had to restore only once.
TripTop has been hating on iPhones for at least a year on this blog… So just ignore him. Although jail breaking makes it possible to do a lot more, there is still a limit the on what you can do on your device. Previously, we all know apple as just a fruit but now there are two kinds of Apple, A fruit and a company. There are lots of companies (competitors) out there that have similar products but everybody wants to go for a high taste and use what trusted friends are recommending.
If you really want to get the best out of your blog, you need to go out there and advertise your blog. Social media is best platform to show case your brand to the world, create connections with influencers and many more significances, don’t miss the golden opportunity. Before thinking of what to charge for your products, watch out for competitors, if your product has more quality and features than theirs then your price can be higher but if they don’t then it’s either you add more features to your product or give it a reasonable price. Sometimes in order to be successful we need to take a peep into the successof others, apple’s just a coincidence and a pinch, there are millions and brands that our legs will fit in. Apple have great Goodwill in market and their marketing strategies really impact on brains. Now that was a unique device within itself although there were other devices similar to it. I’ve had my ups when I first started, had plenty of failures, but now things are going back in stride again. In India, because of growing interest in Smartphone, it has been the reason of worrying for its investors. Earlier, the company was paying attention on the agreement with mobile operators in India to sell products. Market researcher IDC estimates, Apple devices, especially iPhone's sales went up to 3 to 4 times. It’s also worth noting that 1999 was in the middle of the tech bubble when almost all stocks were overinflated.
As it happens, all Apple needed was to bring a little bit of the ‘80s back to the boardroom. Popular vloggers, Viners, creators and social media influencers (even the newbies on the scene) have been vying to be the first ever breakout “Facebooker”. It will continue to be the Elvis of brand influencer marketing because of its long established traction for numerous demographics over Facebook and television. If inefficiency, staleness or the chronic lack of functionality means quality to you, you need a new dictionary. It’s high time you kick started yours, create a plan, roll up your sleeves and you’re definitely going to get a good result.
Back on the blogging train, you need to give your blog a good design in order to make it professional, to get more customers, returning visitors and to build your brand.
They are afraid of the growth remain flat of the giant troupe because the use of the Smartphones has reached at the peak level in the developed countries. Jayant Cola said, "troupe is doing exactly the same, which it did in China 3 or 4 years ago".
Steve Jobs came back on board after building Pixar and started trying to salvage the company he founded. Last year, interest in influencer marketing more than doubled and Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube users continue to grow at an unbelievable rate. Don’t be surprised, at first you might experience failure but as a matter of fact, there’s no success without failure.
Of course, a good design makes you look professional and makes you rank higher than your competitors. There are tons of free ways to advertise and promote your blog, to get more insight on this you can check out these helpful blog posts. Because they sold wisely, they also shared their best monetization strategy, it’s definitely going to come in handy.
If they block me again I will dedicate a facebook fan page, twitter page, you name it in order to bash this site and its close minded founders. Do you know you can as well peep into their progress and find out the strategies they used in getting to the position they are today? Drawing this back to the aspect of blogging, your plan can be anything; it can be a product, Service or even starting a blog focused on something specific. Rub minds with likeminded bloggers and dig out a new ideas, don’t prove to be independent. I wont be getting the GS4 only based off my upgraded availability but i know its gonna be improvements on what i already have just as any nee iteration of a device series.
First things first, I’ll drop a definition of marketing strategy and marketing as a whole.
Check out this helpful post on having the best blog design and a blazing fast website load time. I dont expect to have a complete and utterly new device (looks at iPhones and iOS) even though the shell changed its still basically the same experience with hardware upgrades.

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