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The official Apple Events page has been updated in advance of the newly announced media event. The event can also be streamed from second-, third- and fourth-generation Apple TV set-top boxes. Apple’s March 21 presentation is widely expected to be headlined by a new 4-inch iPhone with A9 processor and support for Apple Pay.
The company is also expected to unveil a new 9.7-inch iPad with Smart Connector, quad-speaker array and A9X processor. Apple’s presentation is also expected to mark the debut new bands debut for the wearable Apple Watch. The Frenchies at MacG are citing reliable sources as saying that Apple will be announcing its first product refresh as early as next week. Granted, a refreshed Mac is not an all-new product, but it is the first new thing out of Apple this year, so it counts.
MacBook Air currently ships with 128GB of Flash storage as standard, which means Apple could theoretically double that amount next week. Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities issued a lengthy research note earlier this month projecting Apple’s entire roadmap for the year, including an all-new MacBook Air model boasting a 12-inch Retina display.
The iMac line of desktop computers should also receive a processor upgrade and perhaps more all-Flash configurations starting this year. The MacBook Pro range of professional laptops will probably witness the discontinuation of the only remaining model that boasts an optical drive, while the Mac mini line will most likely get new chips too.
Having just refreshed the Mac Pro a few months ago, the most powerful computer in the entire Macintosh line is not expected to undergo any changes soon. Some Macintosh upgrades will most likely be announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference in early June, so mark your calendars and keep a fair distance from those cash reserves.
Talk is already strong about what new products Apple will sell following its fall product launch event.
The iPad Mini is in desperate need of an update, and many reports have suggested that it will get an improvement at the September event. Over the past few years, a nagging rumor has stubbornly claimed that Apple is planning to launch a new iPad Pro that would feature a nearly 13-inch screen, higher-end processors and more storage than any other slate the company offers. Apple has stubbornly decided not to talk about how many Apple Watch devices it has sold to this point.
A recent report suggested that Apple has the ability to expand the number of Beats streaming-radio stations it offers by five and will announce the new offerings in September.
Apple may have already unveiled iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, but the company typically uses its September announcements to show off some unannounced Mac OS features. Apple's Force Touch is expected to be a major feature in all of the company's products in the coming years.
Todd Haselton has been writing professionally since 2006 during his undergraduate days at Lehigh University. By Christina Farr and Edwin Chan SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) – Apple Inc has often displayed uncanny timing, with its well-orchestrated end-of-year iPhone releases. Images from the web about celebrity hacking clouds apples upcoming product launch, hope you like them.
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When a new press event was being held by Apple (AAPL) in the past, there was always an amazing level of excitement for me.

Legal Disclaimer - The author has no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.
Apple is also expected to hold an event this fall, but it will likely be in San Francisco rather than Cupertino, if history is any indication. Rumors have suggested it will be named the iPad Pro, just like its larger 12.9-inch variant.
The upgrade will consist of a faster processor and extra storage for the base model, but the latter spec remains unconfirmed. The upgrade would be senseless coupled with a price spike (since you can actually get a 256GB model for a few extra notes), so that’s pretty much out of the question. It’s also possible it will cost less than the current models, he added, which means you may want to hold out your purchase. Next week’s upgrade may be the least important announcement of the whole year (if confirmed). Look for the iPad Mini 4 to come with a better processor and an even thinner frame that's lighter than its predecessor. Each time, Apple has dashed hopes of such a launch, but the rumors are circulating again that the company will unveil it in September. It's unclear what Apple will focus on with new Beats stations, but the rumor mill says the company has hopes of building out a network of stations that will ultimately funnel people to its paid Apple Music streaming service. The same is likely to happen again this year when Apple shows off split-screen multitasking support for the iPad Mini—something it has yet to talk up. Force Touch allows users to apply varying degrees of pressure on the screen and have the software acknowledge the amount of pressure and respond accordingly. Some analysts argue that Apple's foray into Android with Apple Music could be a precursor to the company offering Apple Maps and its other apps on Android. That might mean some new patterns and colors, in addition to a possible new aluminum gold body, and now we see at least one new color that might make its debut. In the wake of the breach, cybersecurity experts and mobile developers have called out inadequacies in Apple’s and, more generally, cloud-services security. With that said, there's quite a bit different about the company now that we've lost Steve Jobs. Ever since we saw the first iPhone and all of its capabilities, I've been infatuated with trying to figure out what the company would come out with next.
I understood that suspense was important, but as a tech junkie, I just had to know what was coming. David is currently managing at the football examiner as a senior editor and proofreader of the articles before they get published. The source says it’s only an upgraded MacBook Air with a faster processor and maybe more storage. There's also a rumor that Apple could announce the iPhone 6c, boasting a 4-inch screen, for customers who don't want to pay so much to get a new handset. The device also may come with more RAM to accommodate the high-powered applications increasingly making their way to iOS. According to several rumors, Apple's next iPad Air will, like the Mini, be thinner than its predecessor and include new processors to speed it up. It's time for Apple to finally report how many Apple Watch units it has sold worldwide and put the issue to rest. There are also indications that El Capitan may get some other improvements, based on reports from developers who have played with the beta versions, but it's unclear exactly what that OS may add. Force Touch is believed to be coming to the new iPhone 6 models and may also find its way to at least some of the devices in Apple's iPad line.

While it seems unlikely, the analysts argue that if Apple is planning to offer its music service on Android, it could try its luck with other apps. Chatter leading up to this year's event indicates the spotlight will be on the latest iPhone models.
The red hue has previously existed out in the wild, spotted on celebrity wrists, but has never been sold in stores. The bottom line is that when Steve Jobs was in control, product launches were a complete surprise. So, while some point to higher sales volume as proof that the leaks work just as well at building suspense; others think that the Steve Jobs strategy was the way to go. It will be held at Apple’s corporate headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, Calif. While it's unlikely that Apple Watch is a failure, the less Apple talks about it, the worse it looks.
Apple has found the sweet spot on product pricing and shouldn't modify its strategy one bit. Many Apple watchers are hoping that Apple also will showcase some other products and finally talk about some of the things it's been sidestepping for far too long, including sharing sales numbers on Apple Watch and how many of its Apple Music users are actually engaged with the platform.
Some security experts faulted Apple for failing to make its devices and software easier to secure through two-factor authentication, which requires a separate verification code after users log in initially. There was never a leak that this or that would be coming out, definitely not pictures and prices of the products circulating, we knew absolutely nothing; other than the fact that an event was being held. Because we knew nothing, we had no choice but to think about what could be coming, speculate about the possibilities of said possible product, and eventually shut up and wait for the release. Instead of making sure that information about products doesn't get leaked, Tim Cook is the one leaking information on a regular basis. In my opinion, as much as I hated him for it, the suspense made product launches from Apple (AAPL) more fun, more interesting, and made consumers more willing to buy. The author has no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.
As usual, Apple remains tight-lipped on its plans and won't disclose what it's planning to talk about until CEO Tim Cook takes the stage in September. So, today we'll talk about the style we saw from Steve Jobs, the difference we see with Tim Cook, and which style is better for the tech market. While I do agree that Cook is doing a great job so far, I personally think that he should work harder on keeping things a secret before the product becomes available. The media speculation is focused on the likely introduction of the iPhone 6s and 6c, which would certainly conform to Apple's earlier release of an iPhone 5s and 5c.
So, the desire to know and long weeks, sometimes months of waiting, would naturally make us feel like the product was better than it actually was when we finally got to see it. We also know that the Apple (AAPL) watch will be part of the event with features like time only mode and the ability to replace your car keys. This slide show takes a look at what could be unveiled at Apple's annual September product briefing.

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