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With Apple getting dangerously close to eclipsing 1 billion apps downloaded around the globe, the company has posted an elite roster of bestselling, All-Time Top Paid Apps in the iTunes App Store. In a February report issued by marketing research company ComScore, profiling iTunes App Store users, 35% showed a household income of more than $100,000 per year. While it's becoming increasingly more challenging for new games to get noticed amongst some 15,000 plus apps competing for mind share in the iTunes App Store, addictive games like iShoot and community driven apps like Pocket God confirm that great design and a quality gaming experience still matter most. Like others, Apple has released it’s Best of 2013 lists, covering top apps, games, music, and more from iTunes and the App Store.
Duolingo, the language leaning app, was named iPhone App of the Year while Disney Aninmated was the iPad equivalent. For the top results for music, movies, and more, head over to Apple’s full list, which can be located through iTunes. Apple has begun to send out e-mails to iOS developers who are allegedly app-name squatting. It seems that this practice has created issues such as people reserving app names relating to companies who may be working on an app. On the other hand, there are developers who actually need to work more than 90 days to make an app. Apple’s top app for smaller iPhone and iPod touch devices, meanwhile, goes to Elevate Brain Training.
For more on the top music of 2014, you may want to check out streaming service Spotify’s list of the most listened to songs of the year.
Apple splits up its Best Movie choices in different categories, but all of the company’s choices are solid. Podcasts have been part of our culture for years, but it seems like they’ve never been bigger. Do you have any favorite apps, games, or books from this year that didn’t make Apple’s tightly curated list? If Apple could lower their prices slightly at the bottom end of their range and Windows doesn’t gain a near identical feature in Windows 8, Macs could see a growth in percentage share over the next year or two.
BooksShelfari: Book reviews on your book blogOn the Psychology of Military Incompetence by NORMAN F.
Apple has hired IGN’s Matt Casamassina to become global editorial games manager for the App Store.

Anyone that downloads and browses a lot of games in the App Store ,whether you are browsing through iTunes or the App Store on the iPhone OS itself has more than likely noticed the lack of organization and quality assurance. A tremendous accomplishment that should make every developer included in this short list of 20 apps extremely proud.
These three original concepts grabbed headlines as we all watched their rise from obscurity, cashing in big on the fantastical iPhone gold rush. The ability to download any app on a whim has been proved by Apple to be an instant game changer for the mobile market. Do note that this isn’t a first, since Apple also presented the best apps on iTunes last year via the catchy iTunes Rewind moniker. Apple had their own picks and also provided a recap of top apps and games based on downloads. This e-mail states that you cannot register a name and not have an actual application binary to go with it for more than 90 days.
What if a developer wants to register a name in fear of someone else taking it, and they actually have an app in the works? The free app promises to improve mental focus, memory, math skills and your speaking skills through brief, fun challenges.
It was the only platinum record of 2014 thanks to Swift’s smart strategy to make it unavailable for streaming. The Best Blockbuster of 2014 is Chris Pratt’s Marvel superhero movie Guardians of the Galaxy, released on iTunes this Tuesday. In a year full of competition, the winner of Best TV Show of the Year is FX’s original series Fargo. Fans of fiction should take a look at The New York Times bestseller All the Light We Cannot See. Now he will be in charge of making sure the games in the App Store stay neat and tidy, and that is a request that myself and many other iPhone and iPod touch users have had for quite some time. Hopefully Matt and his new team will be able to bring a little bit of order to the gaming section in the App Store.  With Apple obviously taking advantage of the massive gaming market that makes up for significant shares of App Store downloads and the introduction of Game Center with iPhone OS 4, hiring Casamassina as a global editorial games manager is definitely a good move in my opinion.
Their work is quickly becoming enshrined as an inspiring chapter in Apple's mobile gaming history.
Triggering knee jerk reactions by Google, RIM and Microsoft who are all collectively playing follow-the-leader in order to remain relevant while trying  to cash in on this cultural phenomenon.

Stats that offer only a small glimpse into the profitable upside for developers creating mobile games for iPhone. For example, if Apple is rumored to launch a product with a certain name, people will rush to get domain names relating to the supposed product name. Today’s warning to developers informs them that they have 30 days to submit an app for the reserved name or the app name will be set free for anyone else to use. Today, Apple released its list of the top iTunes and App Store downloads of 2014, currently available for review on each respective service.
I use the desktop version of the app, and it’s a terrific low-cost alternative to Adobe Photoshop with many of the same powerful tools.
Based off the Oscar-winning movie, the star-studded series (Billy Bob Thornton, Bob Odenkirk) mixes humor and violence in an otherwise quiet Midwestern world. The book details the story of a blind French girl and an orphan German boy during the madness of World War II. Of the Top 20 of all-time paid apps, thirteen (65%) are listed in the games category which has dominated App Store downloads as Apple rapidly approaches 1 billion served.
These new rules seem like a good idea, but need to be implemented in a way that fits all developers and all situations.
In the game, you move numbers around a 4x4 game board, trying to combine like multiples of three to create the largest number you can before running out of moves. Apple’s award for the Best Non-Fiction of 2014 goes to The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace. The aware for Best Classic Podcast of 2014 goes to Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History, another popular favorite. It follows the life of the titular character from the rough streets of Newark, NJ to the molecular biochemistry department of Yale University – and then all the way back to the streets that would claim his life.

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