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We are delighted to host our first guest post on Biologue  by James Rosindell and William D. Computing and the Internet have revolutionised access to scientific work over the last 20 years, while the peer review system has remained relatively unchanged; in essence, it is optimised for a pre-Internet world despite incorporating obvious features such as online submission. Peer review is an essential part of science, but there are problems with the current system.
In our proposed system, users would log into the system and get the opportunity to vote once for each article (or reviewers comment), thereby moving it up or down the rankings. Ultimately, it may be possible for journals to approach authors for their unpublished manuscripts based on the online reviews and rankings. This post was originally submitted to PLOS Biology before the submission deadline for Elsevier’s competition. By coincidence, I’ve been writing about peer-review over on my own blog in the last week.
Let?s face the basic problem in this debate: There is no objective answer to the question who is and expert and who not.
Having the missing objectivity in mind, this doesn?t mean everyone makes equally intelligent statements. And of course, editors aren’t perfect in judging which scientist is the best choice for a certain review, but that is an ertirely different matter. As an early career scientist retribution does not only come in the peer review process, but also in funding reviews and job applications.
I suppose my point is that not all peer review occurs in journals, and as such, anonymity might still be important, especially for people in early career stages.
While the reddit ranking algorithm might be a good place to start, it’s fairly specialized for its purpose and may not be appropriate to rank contributions to peer review.
To me, Open Science and self publishing go hand in hand, which is why I re-imagined the laboratory website as a self publishing platform (please see above link). Journals are probably not the best solution to this problem, but at least they have informative titles that help me decide what RSS feeds to subscribe to.
Subscribe to our feedSubscribe to our feed and get great lessons and tips delivered to your inbox. Facendo qualche ricerca sul Tuning su Google mi sono imbattuto in forum esperti nel settore e ho potuto notare alcune cose sull’indicizzazione effettuata da Google in relazione allo stato di visibilita del forum. Innanzitutto come premessa bisogna dire che molti webmaster o forum admin scelgono attraverso le impostazioni della loro board di chiudere i forum di discussione a tutti gli ospiti, quindi anche i motori di ricerca restano fuori. Chiudere un forum agli ospiti e come decidere volontariamente di privarsi di questo 40% gratuito e facile. Perche i vostri utenti postando contenuti aumenteranno le possibilita che altre persone nella stessa situazione possano cercare di interagire con la vostra risorsa per ottenere le informazioni richieste.
Chiudere la visibilta di un forum equivale ad avere massimo 300 risultati su Google, e visti quanti siti in internet sono indicizzati ogni giorno su Google equivale a condannarsi da soli al fallimento! I motivi per cui un webmaster dovrebbe tenere chiuso agli ospiti un sito sono la ricerca di maggiori registrazioni. Yahoo recently started recycling unused accounts and was harshly criticized for this policy. Microsoft does not mention the possibility that email account names will be recycled.A  The company confirms that this is the policy, however. Despite the preventive measures, several Web mail users report getting highly sensitive emails addressed to previous account holders.
Webwereld has seen mail correspondence from a confused and frustrated Hotmail user, who has received several private emails addressed to a namesake, which turned out to be the former holder of the account.
Mike Rispoli of the London-based, nonprofit organization Privacy International said that such a complaint could be a good thing, since it would raise awareness of the issue with data protection agencies.
The least Microsoft should do is clearly inform its users about the account reuse policy, Rispoli said.
Privacy International is generally critical of the recycling policies, in terms of how they are implemented and how they are communicated.

Amazon Shop buttons are programmatically attached to all reviews, regardless of products' final review scores. PCWorld helps you navigate the PC ecosystem to find the products you want and the advice you need to get the job done. Open to all, the competition invites contestants to submit a 600-word idea of how to improve the peer review system. It would be remarkable if the existing peer review system remained the optimal one for the 21st century now that swift, international, free, paperless exchange of information makes new ideas easier to disseminate, free of barriers such as the cost of printing and distribution. Despite considerable effort on the part of reviewers and editors it remains difficult to obtain high quality, thoughtful and unbiased reviews, and reviewers are not sufficiently rewarded for their efforts.
The agreement or disagreement of other interested scientists and reviewers are automatically tallied, so editors have a survey of general opinion, as well as full reviews, to inform their decisions. Access could be restricted to those within the academic world or even within an appropriate discipline, so only appropriately qualified individuals could influence the rankings. Indeed, since it is possible to cite articles in online repositories, journals agreeing to publish these works could immediately claim all pre-existing citations to contribute to their impact factor. Many editors have been reduced (or reduced themselves) to bureaucrats who count review scores rather than intelligently reading and critiquing the manuscripts and reviews they receive. Actually I feel slightly offended, as I would probably be in the procrastinating PhD student category, following your terminology. And because it is like this we installed a system of gate-keepers to regulate who get?s which title and who not, who is called into which commisions, who will get which chair and so on. Our reception of who is capable of examining or reviewing other people strongly depends on the trust we give to a certain person or institution and if you are not trusting the work of a procrastinating PhD student, then, I think, he or she shouldn?t appear in the vote when it comes to you – anyway, another person could be interested in the vote and want it to be counted.
Everybody benefits from manuscripts being reviewed by the most topical specialist, and it shouldn’t be left to those with most time, or those who erroneously think they have the most time. I’d be quite interested to discuss this with you guys and see if this can be incorporated in an existing prototype you guys are working on. For example, the story algorithm highly favors new submissions to while the comment system does not. Before creating my new site, over a decade of admittedly ad hoc, two-way email correspondences with hundreds of my academic peers has demonstrated that it’s possible to solicit and cultivate scientific colloquy that approximates and often rivals the quality of discourse in anonymous official peer review.
I can’t speak for James, but my only problem with lab websites is I think categorising by lab makes it hard to find material. Perhaps a big, centralised catalogue with tagged articles would be the way forward, a little like arXiv.
Thank you in advance for your generous donations which allow us to educate people on a personal level. Ricordate che se una persona non riesce a capire quale prodotto riuscite ad offrire e la qualita della vostra board difficilmente compiera una azione tanto noiosa quanto ripetitiva come la registrazione. The company reassured users that proper measures where implemented to prevent privacy disasters like identity theft through data obtained from old e-mail.
When the account becomes inactive "the email account is automatically queued for deletion from our servers.
Recently, Information Week documented several cases of new Yahoo users getting emails addressed to the old user of the account, including emails from Web services, friends, and family. This former account holder, not being made aware by Microsoft of the possibility and related risks of account recycling, is considering filing a complaint about Microsoft with the Dutch data protection agency CBP.
Yahoo downplayed these risks, and ignored these critics, but now we see these concerns were legitimate," Rispoli said.
Our parent company, IDG, receives advertisement revenue for shopping activity generated by the links. There may be resistance to moving away from a ”local optimum” – a state where any small change appears to be a step in the wrong direction but the correct large change may yield huge improvements. The publishing process is already expensive, and scientists value their reputations, so rewarding reviewers with scientific status rather than with money seems the natural solution to us. The publication models of established journals would be preserved, as full publication of an article can still take place once the journal is satisfied with the scientific community’s reception of the work.

A recent simulation suggests that a system where editors bid for articles increases everyone’s number of publications and thus speeds the advancement of science (Allesina, 2009). But do you think you should do A) your proportional share of peer review (however that is quantified) or B) more than that? Accelerating the pace of peer review, making it open and de-anonymized, and instituting a system of microcredits and upvotes that empower scientists over gatekeepers are all superb ideas around which the scientific community will hopefully coalesce.
Labs work on lots of different things, and I need to know the name of a lab in order to check its site. Simply fill out the information below and with no obligation to you we'll get back to you with your requested information.
Quindi e meglio puntare tutto sui contenuti, sopratutto se avete buoni contenuti da vendere (ci sono tonnellate di contenuti pensando all’esempio del car tuning con cui ho iniziato questo post). Then, after a total of 360 days, the email account name is made available again," according to an email statement from Microsoft. Because the buttons are attached programmatically, they should not be interpreted as editorial endorsements. Unfortunately, the terms and conditions of entry involve making your idea the property of Elsevier, so we fear that even those who don’t win will no longer have the right to implement their idea or make it public. There may also be questions over what the new system should be, but we are glad to see that Elsevier acknowledges the need to consider alternatives through their challenge. Reddit incorporates useful features such as karma, which indicates the overall reception of an individual’s posts. Specialists would have immediate and free access to the cutting edge of science, while the wider community would still benefit from the filtering function of peer review.
Since having our idea known is more important to us than winning a prize we decided to make our entry publically available here rather than enter the challenge. We do not pretend that our idea is a complete solution, but we hope to contribute to the necessary discussion over what peer review should be. This in turn would make the process less frustrating for authors: a scientific discussion is useful and exciting, but a debate with an anonymous opponent who has nothing to gain or lose apart from time is not.
User biases regarding author identity or subject area could be automatically detected, and users can then be given the chance to defend their views openly.
Publishing reviews and using the existing (open-source) Reddit code to rank scientific work would be straightforward, and could yield significant benefits to everyone involved in publishing science. What else is this than trampling down someones reputation by using an argumentum ad verecundiam?
If you just throw the manuscript out there, and let it be reviewed by whoever feels like reviewing it, you run the risk that those who do will be a population biased by (perceived) availability of time. All documents, for legal purposes, should be certified (meaning that they are true copies from the land records). In this way, we hope that our ideas will contribute to the debate on this subject and to the implementation of some of our suggestions. We believe that an effective and fair reviewing system is needed to support a rapidly growing scientific community and body of knowledge.
Complete openness would mean no one need fear retribution for stating their scientific position. Unfair treatment would be clear for all to see, and not hidden behind the walls of anonymity created by the current system.
If a journal rejects a paper, it would remain online along with its reviews and its ranking. Authors could submit a revision to a different journal along with a link to the earlier version, so reviewers comments and users opinions are retained for further use, significantly increasing the system’s efficiency.

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