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For people who are doing internet marketing, it is necessary to get the most out of  your every resource.
However, when you repurpose your articles into other formats, it is often necessary for you to have the right tools to get the job done. Article Video Robot is an online service that was created by San Kumar and Navneet Rai for the convenience of internet marketers everywhere. If the article is saved onto your desktop, all you have to do is copy and paste it into this online software, and it will generate a video for you within seconds.
If all it does was to convert your articles into videos, there would be not much of an attraction given all of the other tools that are able to do so. Article Video Robot is a very comprehensive software, including a number of other built-in tools for the convenience of online marketers. This video marketing software is basically comprised of four main parts: the Article to Video Editor, the Video Submit Robot, the One Click Ezine Wizard, and the Article Reel. It is basically a number of different high-performance services all bundled into one package. The Article to Video Editor allows you take create a new project, copy and paste your desired article, and instantly convert it into a video. Once you have chosen to create a new project, you will be allowed to paste in the title and body of the article you want to convert. You can rearrange the order of the paragraphs to suit your liking, and you can even choose how much of each paragraph is displayed in the video.
One of the powerful things about the article to video editor is the ability to add a human voice which reads your article in the video as a voiceover. Finally, you have an author resource box where you can enter your personal and website information. The Video Submit Robot is basically a service which allows you to instantly distribute your videos to over 12 different video sharing sites.
Every month, you are given a specified amount of credits, and this varies depending on the membership package you have chosen during purchase.
All you have to do is to click the button, and you will be able to get the video that you created instantly distributed.
Apart from automatic submission to the sites listed above, you may also manually embed your video into your own site or into a number of Web 2.0 sites for further exposure and backlinks. Furthermore, Article Video Robot gives you access to their patented Dynasubmit feature as part of your video submissions. After submission is completed, you will be provided with a report on your submission status, showing you the number of successes and failures, as well as the URLs of your posted videos. The One Click Ezine Wizard is another convenient extension provided by Article Video Robot, and it is mainly of great convenience to article marketers who have a lot of articles distributed in the article directories. With the One Click Ezine Wizard, you don't have to copy and paste an article into the Article to Video Editor in order to create a video. This is very convenient for people who already have a lot of articles distributed at various article directories and would like to repurpose them quickly and easily. What it does is to basically take your videos, and add them to a collection of article videos. Article Reel exists on a sub-domain of the Article Video Robot website, but you have the option of putting it on your own domain for more control.
Apart from the basic Article Video Robot service with text to speech integration for creating videos, you will also be able to get access to the One Click Ezine Wizard which allows you to instantly convert your Ezine Articles into videos, and also to the Article Reel traffic and backlink generation system. Those are the basic features that you will get as a part of the Article Video Robot package, but there are also a number of unadvertised bonuses available to paid members. You will also be getting additional resources on article and video marketing, which normally cost over $30 as sold on Clickbank. Furthermore, you can get an exclusive Article Video Robot bonus for no extra charge simply by purchasing Article Video Robot from our bonus page. Don't forget to get our exclusive backdoor Article Video Robot coupon, which will help help you to get a massive discount.
Easy repurposing of your existing articles into video, without any technical knowledge whatsoever.
Professionally made videos, which include speech voiceovers, giving you a clear distinction over other videos. Free access to the Article Reel system, allowing you to gain further backlinks and traffic, while ranking in the search engines. Article and video marketing bonus resources and manuals, which normally sell on their own in the marketplace.
Regular additional credits added to your account every month, so you can use it again and again. However, depending on the account type you choose, you will be able to get from 50 to 125 video downloads and distributions per month, which I think is quite a fair amount. One thing that you might want to be aware of might be the fact that sometimes too many people are using Article Video Robot all at once, and this causes the website to become very slow in loading.
There are two price packages available to customers, and they are relatively inexpensively priced.
But, even though these are quite inexpensively priced, you have the opportunity to get them at an even lower price by getting our Article Video Robot coupon through the bonus page.

Power users of Article Video Robot may find that the free credits provided with each package are insufficient to meet their submission needs. Overall, Article Video Robot is quite a useful tool that allows you to quickly and easily leverage existing content. With the other additional included features, such as Article Reel and other bonuses, Article Video Robot is definitely a very powerful service which is worth the investment. Also, don't forget to take advantage of our Article Video Robot bonus and the exclusive Article Video Robot coupon which is available through our site.
It is important to bear in mind that marketing with video is like marketing via other kinds of media. Of course you want great results, then of course you will do the optimization because it is just necessary – that is pretty much it. Of course you want people to be able to share, rate, and comment – so be sure you set those options to enable.
You can get more use and mileage out of your video marketing by using them appropriately in other areas of your marketing such as landing pages, for an example.
Video marketing is powerful, no doubt, and that is why you need to optimize your efforts with it.
Most people are visually orientated because they grew up watching television, video games or interacting with their computer or mobile device.
Video is one of best ways to promote your products and services because it captures viewers attention with sight and sound.
One of the biggest problems of video creation is that it takes so much time to actually create the video.
The software comes bundled with more than 5,000 Royalty-Free stock photos and hundreds of professional music files. Simply write your article or video script then convert it into video with Article Video Robot. Ninja Metrics, which helps brands zero in on their most influential customers, today is announcing a program called True Ad Value. Philip utilizes influencer data to create models that let him, he said, more accurately buy Facebook look-alike audiences. While Ninja Metrics is based in Los Angeles, a tech company local to SXSW called People Pattern is making an intriguing appeal during the show. Meanwhile, check out several Twitter reactions to South by panel discussions about data-driven advertising innovation below. Did you know that "Tick-Tock Day" is December 29th?  Can you think of a Restaurant Marketing Idea for this? On the free restaurant marketing plan calendars you'll find HOLIDAYS and Special Event Days!
If your sales are down or flat, look at the marketing planning calendar on the wall.  Just how many people are you making invitations to each week? Franchisees buy food at allegedly above-market prices from a Quiznos-mandated supplier network which squeezes profit margins. 2009 Quiznos settled a franchisee class-action lawsuit by agreeing to pay up to $95 million. One of those tools that you might be interested in using to get better results at very fast rates would be Article Video Robot. What this software does is that it takes an article which you have already written and instantly converts it into a video.
If you have published your article at an article directory, all you have to do is to enter the URL of your published article and Article Video Robot will turn it into a video instantly. However, this online service is also able to take the text that you input and convert it into audio, giving your video more of a personal touch.
For more details on usage and best results, you may refer to the included manual and the instructional videos.
For instance, you can choose for only the first sentence of the paragraph to be displayed while the rest of the paragraph is read. Once you are done, you may download the full video in various formats, embed it into your websites, or distribute the video to over 17 different video sharing sites with the built-in Video Submit Robot.
This service is normally sold by the company as a separate service package, but you are able to use it for free as a part of the Article Video Robot service.
You don't have to create a video with the Article to Video Editor to use the Video Submit Robot. What Dynasubmit does is that it submit the same video with three different titles and descriptions. All you have to do is to specify the article directory URL where your article has been published, and enter it into the wizard. Your Article Reel can even automatically exchange backlinks with other users of the service who are publishing similar topics of videos. Don't forget the Video Submit Robot feature which allows you to submit your videos to over 17 different video sharing sites.
These bonus resources are updated from time to time, so you will be getting a lot of material to teach you how to get more traffic and power from article and video marketing.
This bonus includes more great items which you can take advantage of to boost your traffic and backlink generation.

One thing that might be a disadvantage may the limit cap on the number of videos you are allowed to download or distribute a month. If this is the case, you also have the option of purchasing additional credits at the following prices.
By using Article Video Robot, it becomes really easy to do this simply by entering the article directory URL where your article is published and clicking the button. By using Article Video Robot, you will be able to leverage the best of both worlds with regards to article marketing and video marketing in an instant. This will give you an additional Article Video Robot discount offer for your purchase at no extra cost. Believe it or not, but video thumbnails are perhaps as equally important as the titles of your videos when it comes to capturing attention. However, never fall for the cheap tactic of people some kind of hot image only designed to get people to click on your video.
If you have an unusual video, it could very well go viral, and you want to let people make it viral.
This is nothing hard to do, and the good things it can do for your business are tremendous.
It depends on so many things, including your perspective, previous experience, and your goals in life. The software creates the video for you using images, professional voice overs, animations or even using your own voice. For every startup pitching an innovation around physical hardware, there are still more companies pushing software in better developed areas of mobile and social where there is money to be made now rather than in five years.
It's a mobile retargeting system, built to let marketers know what consumers did before and after leaving a physical location. As one use case, when fans of the school's football team visit Vaught-Hemingway Stadium this fall, they may receive a promotion via Unacast software.
Developed by a University of Texas, Austin linguistics professor Jason Baldridge, the system's data is based not on where or what people purchase but by what they say and how they say it.
Now, industry observers say the Quiznos sandwich chain led by Denver investors Rick, below, and Richard Schaden a€” is $875 million in debt, with sales down 14 percent and 600 stores closed last year. Lead researcher in a groundbreaking, multi-year study of hundreds of struggling companies and author of When Growth Stalls: How it Happens, Why You're Stuck, and What to Do About It. These articles can be repurposed in various formats, including PDFs, videos, audio, and more. This software can actually help you to get traffic, backlinks, and exposure all at the same time while utilizing content that you have already created.
This may be an article which you have saved onto your desktop, or it may even be an article which you have published in an article directory. Furthermore, once you are done with your creation, you can instantly submit your video to the major video directories for backlinks and traffic. This means that you are increasing the amount of potential traffic and backlinks you get while ranking for different search terms in the search engines.
The One Click Ezine Wizard will then instantly convert that article into a video, which is ready for submission. If you find that you need to use much more videos than this, then you will be able to purchase additional credits. It's not something that happens all the time, but if it does happen to you, it is easily remedied by simply using the service at another time. Not only does it turn the articles into videos, but it creates really nice videos that include voiceover audio. If your thumbnail looks interesting and makes people curious, then it will have done its job for you.
Plus, people like to get an idea about a video, so they will want to read comments from other people. Web 2.0 SEO pretty much dictates that you use video, so if you have them on Youtube you may as well put them on your sites.
Build a business model that aligns with your goals and you will be able to reach your desired destination. The Norway-based company has partnered with various proximity data providers around the world and meshes the stats with a pool of offline metrics. This is quite simple to do once you get used to it, and it will allow you to produce much more traffic-getting content than you would normally be able to do. Besides that, the beauty of online video is that it can be shared and spread so quickly, so why would you want to limit that? The tech player said that University of Mississippi and an unnamed Scandinavian cinema company are testing the system.

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