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When taking the cover off, I scanned with my naked eye for bad electronic component but I could not find anything.
This is a made in China CRT TV set and was brought to my shop with a vertical deflection problem. Most of the time, you can turn the TV and you could see the vertical line across the screen but in my case here, the TV was dead. I could read the 300 volts on the main capacitor and 124 volts was reaching the horizontal transistor. The moment I soldered out the vertical IC, power came back to the set and I could see the vertical line across the screen. I replaced the vertical IC and the TV came alive and I could see a picture but there was something wrong with that picture. It was lots of work but at the end, I won the challenge and the joy to see that TV come to life was wonderful.
This microwave oven was brought to my shop for repair and the problem was, it does not heat up. I checked the fuse that is connecting the transformer to the main capacitor and it was open. It is a very easy process to replace the capacitors but it is very important to make sure that the old capacitor in the microwave oven is discharged before replacing it.
The microwave ovens are very easy to fix and it can generated good income if you know how to do it. Electronic Damper Control (EDC) automatically or manually adjusts each damper to suit the driving conditions meaning you enjoy outstanding comfort along with the best in BMW on-road safety. Materials Today is a community dedicated to the creation and sharing of materials science knowledge and experience. From experience, when I hear a ticking noise coming from inside the TV set and the stand by light is not on, one thing comes to mind; the problem is in the high tension area.

Usually a vertical problem is shown on TV screen with a black screen and a line across the screen. The magnetron is not shorted out; This testing is done by testing the ohm reading between the metal body of the magnetron and the two terminals of the magnetron.
Even if the capacitor is bad, just make sure, it was discharged before replacing it with a new one. EDC reduces variations in wheel load, ensures tyres have excellent traction and counteracts bodyshell movement regardless of the weight your automobile may be carrying or the state of the road's surface.Sensors constantly monitor all factors influencing the vehicle's behaviour and occupants' comfort, in order to precisely adjust the damper control.
For articles and information on all the journals in the Materials Today family, visit the Journals page. Supported by Elsevier, we publish high impact peer-reviewed journals, organize academic conferences, broadcast educational webinars and so much more.
We’re here to support the creation and sharing of information: if there’s something we aren’t doing, or something we could do better, let us know. From experience, I have seen it happen so many times that when there is a dead short in the vertical IC itself, it could affect the whole TV and in this case the TV was dead.
If you get any reading between the terminals and the magnetron metal body, it is shorted and needed to be replaced. Many repair technicians replace the fuse with higher amp rating causing the magnetron to blown or shorted it on the long run. Took the cover off and scanned the power board with my naked eye but could not see anything there. In a fraction of a second, the signals are analysed by the EDC microprocessor and orders are sent to the actuators on the shock absorbers, which, with the help of magnetic valves, are variably adjusted to provide optimal suspension. To confirm my analysis, I checked the 25 volts coming out of the secondary section of the power supply and they were missing. When turning on the oven, I could hear a loud noise coming from inside the microwave oven and it did not heat up the water.

It is very important to replace it with the same fuse specification to avoid any kind of problem in the microwave oven.
Thanks to Electronic Damper Control, the tendency for the nose to dip when braking is practically eliminated.
In this case since both has the same problem, if I am able to fix one of them, there should be no problem fixing the other one. The vertical IC has a dead short in it that it was pulling the 25 voltages down to 1 volts only. Usually, this is a problem with the main capacitor in the microwave and I think that is the main reason why the fuse was blown in the first place.
In addition to increased driving comfort and improved roll characteristics on the tyres, EDC also contributes to vehicle stability and safety. The only way to know is by checking the specification of the vertical IC online and you will know which leg that is getting the power. By reducing the nose's tendency to dip when braking and improving the tyre traction, EDC shortens the braking distance when braking heavily.
In my case, the vertical IC LA78041, leg number two was the power feed to this vertical IC.
The damper adjustment means that even when braking with ABS the vehicle chassis remains upright on the road and all four wheels have the largest possible contact to the surface. The Driving Experience Control switch with ECO PRO lets the driver choose between various programs (like COMFORT, NORMAL, SPORT or SPORT+) and adjust the suspension to suit his individual needs.

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