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StartUp FASHION On a mission to help independent designers make a living doing what they love. Last week we did a round up of some of (what we thought) were our most helpful textile related articles. The Importance of Quality Fashion Photography – our tips on getting quality photos of your work.
Choosing an E-Commerce Platform For Your Emerging Fashion Brand – Tips on choosing the right platform for your business. A Chat with Fashion Stylist Jennifer Margolin – how to approach a fashion stylist to gain further exposure for your brand. What to Consider When Putting Together a Fashion Event – Tips and pointers on creating a successful fashion event. How to Write Your About Section – Pointers on creating a useful and informative About section on your website. Developing Social Media Content Best Practices – ideas on how to create compelling content for your social media platforms.

How to Maximize Your Social Platforms – how to use your social platforms to their fullest potential. Nicole is the founder and CEO of StartUp FASHION and has been critical in the launch of hundreds of independent designers’ successful fashion businesses.
Personally, i’m fine with imperfect grammar if the content is coming from the heart, is relevant and interesting, but this article should be read for just the comments alone! I do a lot of reporting for a lot of different clients so I found this article on KPIs and measuring ROI interesting.
I write a lot.  Despite only blogging about once a week here on my own blog, when it comes to writing content for my clients I write several thousand words a week and publish on perhaps a dozen websites. For me writing great headlines is super important and not something I always get right!  Any tips and advice I can get on writing winning headlines is welcome, so I found this article really useful.
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I found this particularly interesting as I hated the brand, even though I fall squarely within the brands target audience.  I went to visit the brand website (Happy Bitch Wines) that is discussed in the podcast and was very interested to see that it lead not with product information, but with an emotional personal profile of the women behind the brand.

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