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Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. There is also shortage on intelligent data collection, data monitoring and data interpretation. Starbucks should start setting up an intelligent data collection, monitoring and analysis system. Data collection should cover basic demographics such as gender, location, and purchase trend. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The challenge of local marketing is that it requires a certain understanding of approval workflow between corporate and field sales channels. Organizations at this level simply do not have the foundational processes or technology in place to be effective in the given local-ready competency area.
These organizations are employing some proven practices, but they are not integrated or are limited in scope. A Prepared organization is on its way to driving future returns on their localized marketing investments but has room for improvement.
Organizations at this level are getting the most out of their field sales force, agents and distributors. If you’d like to measure your local-ready marketing maturity level, set aside a few minutes to take the DocuStar Local-Ready Marketing Assessment.
Wea€™ve got years of experience and a proven methodology for helping businesses like yours build and optimize fully-functional, lead-generating, business-growing inbound sales engines.
Fill out the form on this page, give us your web address and a little information about your business, and wea€™ll schedule you in for a free inbound marketing assessment.

Your inbound assessment will cost nothing to you except a bit of time on the phone with one of our expert inbound marketing consultants.
Quick, actionable feedback on your blogging and content efforts, with ideas for reaching a wider, more qualified audience a€” so you have a pool of contacts ready to market to when you really need them.
How your business can benefit from a custom-built inbound marketing strategy based on the Content Marketera€™s Blueprint. The answers to any questions you might have about inbound marketing or working with our agency. We love talking about inbound marketing and we love helping businesses achieve their potential, so dona€™t hesitate to fill out the form today and schedule your free inbound marketing assessment. Additionally, budgets, brand control and compliance must all be aligned between sales agents and corporate. If your organization is in this situation, the good news is that there are likely many productivity and compliance improvements on the table waiting to be grabbed. With respect to marketing assets, it is likely difficult for local sales channels to access compliant, up-to-date marketing materials. If technology is being used for marketing asset management, it may not be fully utilized or its functionality might be limited. With respect to marketing assets, they are localized, brand and regulatory compliant and easy-to-access by distributed sales channels.
And that journey, as well as your organization’s position on the local marketing continuum, is determined by several factors – overall marketing strategy, desired customer experience, business model and the competitive environment.
We know what works and doesna€™t work and wea€™d be happy to take a look at what youa€™ve got and pass along a few pointers. In order to be effective, local marketing strategy needs to employ highly targeted marketing messages created by field sales agents and distributors who know the market best.

Naturally, some organizations are better equipped than others to handle this balancing act. With respect to campaigns, they may be limited in frequency, do not integrate multiple channels or do not fully engage local sales channels.
Campaigns which resonate with local targets likely occur on a regular basis with little effort on the part of local sales channels. Localized marketing isn’t going away so you need to set a course that aligns with your corporate goals and objectives. From a workflow standpoint, developing approved, localized marketing materials may be resource intensive and time consuming.
Some workflow automation may be in place for localized marketing initiatives, but resources are likely still strained. Processes are likely automated without heavy reliance on technical resources and freeing up marketing to focus on strategic initiatives.
From a budgeting standpoint, cost tracking may be focused on central marketing functions with limited tracking of marketing expenditures across local sales channels.
From a budgeting standpoint, the cost of marketing materials and campaigns is likely well managed both centrally and across local sales channels.

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