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If there is anything that you could do to improve the amount of business that you get, then video is IT.
UpClose Media will create a uniquely styled, high impact video production that gives your business, products, services and website, distinct unmistakable branding. If you are ready to increase your revenue in Duluth, Atlanta, Roswell, Alpharetta, Lawrenceville or other areas of Georgia or the Southeastern United States, let us show how video production can enhance your bottom line and brand your business. Your website will get more traffic, rise higher in Google rankings, and convert more clients with just 30 seconds of video on your home page.

The average person between the ages of 25 -45 watches 14.2 hours of TV per week and 3 hrs of web video. The people who view a video product or service demonstration for a specific item, purchased the service or product 68% of the time. Most people will not read every page they land on in your website, but they will watch a video that tells them about the page. For businesses such as lawyers that work on a per client basis, video can better per-qualify your clients as they have had a chance to know more about your unique style through video.

Combine your website video with a moderate television ad campaign and you could increase your business by as much as 35%.

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