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The American Audio, Media Operator is a fast, simple and reliable all-in-one MP3 media player designed for permanent installation where easy control of music is a must (ie. There is a great demand for media player software for playing multimedia files which can support both audio and video. This player supports all the common video, audio, image file formats which are available as well as video playbacks. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
There are a large number of websites which gives you access to download media player software.
This media player plays most multimedia files as well as DVD, audio CD, VCD and other various streaming protocols. Aside from publishing a bevy of life improvement guides, Dr Prem runs a network of 50 niche websites that attracts millions of readers across the globe. Kantaris Media Player is a Free open source media player which has all the features of VLC player and the looks of Windows media player.
Here we can provide our YouTube video to play.Here in the button click I provide the input of the TextBox to the Shockwave Flash objectmovie property.

It is most suitable for those users whose computers have poor quality but still want better audio and video quality. This player supports video formats like AVI, MKV, MP4, FLASH, WMV, REAL MEDIA, Quick Time, 3GP, DVD, 3D Videos.
Thus far, Dr Prem has traveled to more than 40 countries, addressed numerous international conferences and offered his expert training and consultancy services to more than 150 international organizations. Kantaris is developed based on VideoLAN client (VLC).A  The best feature of Kantaris is that no separate codes are required since its developed on VLC. Let us see 10 best free media players for both music and video and how they are different from each other.
It is equipped with subtitle options which enables users to watch video and audio in worlds many languages.
Its interface is not among best looking interfaces but it provides best features which differentiate it from other players. He also owns and leads a web services and technology business, supervised and managed by his eminent team.
As it is a packet based media player, it can also play the video content of any damaged, unfinished or incomplete videos.

To feel the theater effect just turn its surround effect function ON and enjoy your movies in a theater from room. Kantaris can play almost anything any format – AVI, MPEG, MGEG-AVC, WMV, MOV, MKV, quicktime, matroska, divx, xvid, H264, MP3, WMA, OGG files and more. To this method I passed the parameter as 0 and 1, 0 for adding and displaying the Audio Player to the panel and 1 for adding and displaying the YouTube player. It seems the only player that allows for drag and drop streaming music from a GNUMP3d server is WinAmp.
The user can select an audio or video file and add to the Play List and play the songs or the video file. Therefore the first and most important one is to add the Windows Media Player COM Component to our project.

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