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This software is compatible with many file formats and can extract audio from many different video files. The control panel floats and can get in the way of your audio editing window if you don't have dual monitors.
The file import and conversion capabilities alone make this software worth the inexpensive price tag. GoldWave isn't the flashiest or most aesthetically pleasing audio editor that we tested, but it has a large feature set, great file compatibility and tools to help you restore noisy analog files to better quality.
One of the advantages to using GoldWave as your professional audio editing program is its customizability. We tested every software with the same noisy audio sample to see which of the 10 software programs could successfully remove the unwanted hiss, hum, cracks and pops that are interlaced within the recording.
GoldWave looks a little outdated, but the audio editing software provides many tools and effects, and it is compatible with multiple file formats. This audio editor has many benefits including plenty of editing tools, a great toolbar and a space to edit multiple audio tracks at once. AVS Audio Editor was also able to extract all of the audio from every video file that we tested.
If you have additional questions about the software, the video tutorials can be helpful for novice AVS users. Final Cut Pro X is the latest incarnation of Apple's signature professional video editing software.
Upon its initial release, this software was criticized for its radical redesign and elimination of some beloved tools.
One of the most innovative parts of Final Cut Pro X is how it has revamped how you get all your media elements into the program. Another important distinction from Final Cut Pro X and previous versions of the software is its 64-bit architecture and GPU utilization. Final Cut Pro X introduces another avant-garde feature to the professional video editing universe: background rendering. One of the major features Apple includes in this professional video editing software is the innovative new magnetic timeline.
The precision editor included in Final Cut Pro X allows you to adjust the cuts between clips by sliding clips into each other. If you're working on a complex project like a music video or a feature film, you're going to have a lot of media elements to work with. The Smart Collections tool also draws information through another innovative tool found in Final Cut Pro X, the content auto-analyzer. Final Cut Pro is only available for machines running the most recent versions of the OS X operating system. The B652 speakers are underpowered and can’t produce enough volume to serve as your mains. If you are on a tight budget, you won’t find bookshelf speakers under $100 that sound as good as the B652. Affordable and enjoyable is the best way to describe the Dayton Audio B652 bookshelf speakers. MAGIX Music Maker Premium allows you to create songs and beats by dragging and dropping quality premade loops into the arrangement window. If you want to create your own unique sounds, you can use any of the 15 virtual instruments to create beats. The mixing console within Music Maker Premier doesn't immediately display any equalization tools.
You can customize the toolbar that sits above the audio editor to hold any tools that you want. This is ideal if you have a dual-monitor setup, but the control tends to get in the way when you are working on a single-screen workstation, especially it it’s a small laptop screen. GoldWave's best tools for the job were its noise reduction filter, parametric equalizer and click filter. This software is inexpensive and gives you professional tools to handle many different audio-editing jobs.
It boasts an easy-to-navigate interface with a tool ribbon at the top to clearly identify each of the tools.
The mix tab pulls up an arrangement window where you can edit and arrange multiple audio tracks at once. The transport with all of the track recording information is located at the bottom of the screen with the editing tools located conveniently at the top. The test clip was a single voice recording with noticeable hiss, hum, clicks and cracks throughout the audio. With this tool you can sample the noise that you want removed from your audio and then run the filter to remove the profile noise from the entire audio recording. We tested seven separate video files, and AVS extracted all the audio from each file without a hitch. The interface is easy to navigate, so beginners shouldn’t have trouble getting their feet wet.

Any qualms that the professional video editing community had at its launch should be squelched by now.
The manufacturer lists the new version as offering the following features: 3D titles, cinematic templates, color grading and winder camera support.
The manufacturer lists the new version as offering new features such as 3D titles, cinematic templates, color grading and winder camera support.
All the importing and capturing functionality in this program is consolidated into a single panel. These two improvements have drastically increased how fast the software runs, renders and plays back video footage during the editing process. This new take on the old concept of the timeline makes it easier to compose your project because it automatically snaps the clips into place.
This is another great timesaver because it eliminates the multistep process of fine-tuning clips on the timeline. Final Cut Pro X takes great strides to make the process of organizing all your media as easy as possible with what Apple calls Smart Collections.
It is not only pleasing to the eye but also incredibly useful, providing editing tools that only a few years ago were unthinkable. It’s hard not to suppose that the sound quality will be substandard and the speaker build flimsy.
The 70Hz to 20kHz frequency range is one of the least dynamic in our comparison, but at least it's honest.
For those of you who are new to the world of beat creation, this software boasts one of the largest loop libraries available compared to the rest of our lineup. This beat making software features a large loop library that boasts many musical genres so you can create beats of different styles. Music Maker Premium boasts over 6,000 loops within its library, which is great compared to the competition. MAGIX gives you the option to upload your finished songs directly to SoundCloud, YouTube or Facebook. You can create beats by dragging and dropping loops into the arrangement window, or you can create them using any of the 15 virtual instruments. This affordable audio editor also allows you to record audio, so you can use it to create podcasts or other single audio source recordings. The combination of the parametric equalizer and noise reduction filter led us to some successful results in removing unwanted noise from our recording.
GoldWave audio editing software was able to extract the audio data from all video files except for DV video files. The clarity of the interface allows the most novice user to navigate the interface of this audio editing program with ease. Your line meter sits to the right of your audio track so you can easily determine that your audio isn’t too loud or quiet during editing. We used the audio editor's noise reduction tool to remove the unwanted noises from the audio.
While this tool worked, it didn't work as well as some of the other audio editors that have the same feature. The simplicity of this audio editor makes it accessible for users with any type of audio editing experience. We will evaluate, rank and review the newest version of Final Cut Pro when we next update the Professional Video Editing Software reviews. We will evaluate, rank and review the new version of this product when we next update the Professional Video Editing Software reviews. It is intuitive enough for new users to grasp while providing the expansive tool array demanded by veteran editors.
The result is an innovative, versatile application that earns the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award in our review of the best professional video editing software. This means that no matter what your footage source, whether it be a flash drive, memory card, DSLR cameras or network locations, Final Cut Pro has a single spot that does it all. The advantage of compound clips is that you can move sequences as a single piece rather than one at a time.
The precision editor gives you granular control over clips and cuts even after you've dropped them into the timeline. This feature enables you to use custom keyword and metadata information to automatically sort your footage.
You even have the option to export an unfinished version of your project in an XML file to send to other collaborators, such as composers or animators, for fine-tuning and finishing.
We would eventually like to see Apple do with Final Cut what it did with iTunes and release a version compatible with Windows. The only thing keeping Final Cut Pro X out of the top spot in our review of the best professional video editing software is the fact that it's only available on recent versions of OS X. Surprisingly, the Dayton Audio B652 bookshelf speakers offer sturdy construction and solid sound quality for a pair of speakers that are so inexpensive. These speakers don’t produce deep bass like some of the best bookshelf speakers we reviewed, but this isn't surprising given the 70Hz low-end frequency response.

This suggests that the speakers are not strong enough to serve as your mains for your home entertainment center but can be a solid complement to your current tower speakers. This means that in order to make these bookshelf speakers sound their absolute best, you will need a decently powered amplifier to properly drive them.
These speakers work best as surrounds for your home audio center or as desktop speakers for your laptop. We've award MAGIX Music Maker Premium our Top Ten Reviews Silver Award not only for its loop library but for its production abilities. You can easily filter through loops by style and instrument to find the right loop you are looking for.
There are a few drum samplers, including Urban Drums and the Robota drum sequencer, which you can use to create your drum loops. You can add an unlimited number of audio tracks to your recording session, as well as an unlimited number of MIDI tracks. To open equalization parameters, you can insert an equalizer into one of the two insert effects slots or you can use the mastering suite's multi-band equalizer. You can visit the MAGIX website for additional information, such as video tutorials and FAQs, to help you get properly introduced to the software. The loops and virtual instruments boast quality sounds for professional-level beat making material.
When you can customize your toolbars and interface, you can create a work environment that maximizes your workflow.
GoldWave is able to import AAC audio file formats, but you cannot convert an audio file to an AAC audio format. The ability to import and export the variety of audio files that GoldWave can handle is impressive. From here, you can split the audio into separate tracks, adjust volume and gain, and arrange the audio.
The noise reduction tool has presets to remove hiss and hum, but it lacks a click or pop remover. If you're a Mac user and a video editor, Final Cut Pro X was made with you specifically in mind and will fit almost any need you have. While aesthetics don't always translate into increased functionality, in Apple's case they almost always do.
This provides immediate playback for your sequences without requiring you to render clips as you place them on the timeline. This is great because it reduces the amount of time you spend adjusting sequences by moving one clip at a time whenever you need to insert something new. Heretofore, it was a two- or three-step process to move complicated sequences around, and once you got it just the way you wanted it, moving it piecemeal would disrupt the sequence and you couldn't always get it back.
You can set up collections by shot type, camera, scene number, people in the shot and much more.
You'll find that 8-ohm speakers give you more flexibility because they can typically be paired with just about any amplifier or receiver.
Priced well below $100, these speakers are a steal and worth your consideration – especially if you are on a tight budget.
This software gives an overall user-friendly experience by boasting a clean and intuitive interface along with providing all of the tools you need to successfully create music. There are also unique instruments such as the World Flutes plugin that displays the versatility of the virtual instruments and helps you to create unique sounds that other software can't replicate. You can label each audio track with a logo, such as a guitar or drum pad, to keep your audio organized. You can only add two insert effects per channel, which is limiting compared to other beat software. When we tried to apply gain to raise the vocal volume, some of the unwanted noise would amplify along with it. The filmstrip provides an at-a-glance view of all your footage, and the media browser can help you find any file you need to import.
When you drag a loop into the arrangement window, the software conveniently labels the track for you. We were still able to remove some of the unwanted noise, but the vocal volume lowered as a result. The software is quite intuitive and full of features – it would be impossible to detail all the tools found in this application, but rest assured that if you're a professional video editor, you can find what you need here.
You also have the option to set favorite locations in the sidebar for your frequently used media sources.
You can also add plugin effects to your audio recordings, but you can only add two insert effects per audio channel.

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