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New feature alert: Spider Player now includes the Lyrics Pane, allowing users to download and view the lyrics to almost any song! First of all, Spider Player has internal 32-bit sound processing that adds extra clarity and fidelity to playback, even if your hardware doesn't natively support such audio resolutions!
Enjoy over 30 audio file formats, stream audio over the internet, and listen to internet radio stations.
The only thing I really do not like at all is its name and the pic of the ugly spider on the button as spiders really are not welcome in my life lol. I'll see if I can enhance the Favorites feature in a way that will allow for position to be saved as well.
The license is very flexible, either use the program on many PCs to which only one user has access or on a single PC used by several people. I have just installed it on my netbook too - and am totally happy: until now the sound was nearly unusable on my netbook, but with Spiderplayer its such a big difference, its almost unbelievable. The automatic lyrics download is activated but where do they appear and where are they saved to?? All files will be put to the specified output folder after conversion, so hierarchy won't be preserved. Henry Wittle I am interested in the audio program you offer , Vitaly, but have a question that is relevent to the one posed by Chris. Will this program interact with the two other audio programs I utilize or will it become a dominent default?
Azziz Mouloud Can radio be searched by countries, because I looked and I dont see sort by countries, Also can the list be updated by adding new radios that I search on the internet.
So when a new version is out, you still have to download the Basic version installer, even if you are a registered user.
You could also have a "Recurse sub-folders" checkbox option, so the user can decide what happens when a folder is included in the context menu convert operation.

Prefs for suggestions (2) and (3) could go in a "Context menu" section on the Options-Converter page. All three options would allow for easy batch conversion of audio files from Explorer (and other file managers). The same tracks played in foobar2000 have no discernible gap when transitioning between tracks. This ultra portable capsule speaker includes a very noisy seem, originating from this type of small speaker.
Spider Player PRO now includes a Lyrics Pane in the playlist that can automatically download the lyrics to almost any song!
I never thought I would use the additional features of the PRO version, so I never considered it until it was offered here a few months ago. The developer is very responsive to suggestions and trusts his customers with very generous licence terms.
Couldn't you rename it to something nicer, like for example Colibri or Nightingale Player lol? The "Save Track Position" would be great if the position could be saved for the file and woud be preserved until I continue with this file even when I play other files in between. I have a ton of CDs converted to lossless WMA files and stored in separate folders that correspond to different artists and CD albums. Edwin Felty The Iconico Store is inaccessible at this time, as PSINet has several servers that are sick and dropping packets everywhere. Spider Player will detect your registration key automatically and turn itself into a PRO version. If enabled, it will traverse all files and sub-folders, converting all relevant files to the specified format. Related to the recurse sub-folders option, it would be handy if the user could specify what files should be considered for conversion through multiple wildcards.

It will certainly wow anybody who has not already been through it of hearing an Alpatronix speaker.
I rarely comment about anything, but I am happy to comment about and support this excellent product. I also heard about the "Save Track Position On Close" option but as I understand it the track position get lost when I open another audio and go back to my audiobook. Would this program be able to batch-convert all my files into MP3s and keep the same file hierarchy of folders and files, without going through enormous effort doing it by hand? As most people will probably only want to convert to one or two formats, it would be nice if the user could choose which formats were displayed on the context menu (eg.
They are dance tracks where each track is mixed into the next, and there is a noticable, albeit small, gap when transitioning between tracks. The speaker’s many advanced designs turn it into a very helpful accessory for your mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, or laptop.
Once the light turns blue, the speaker is billed and able to choose another 12 hrs of continuous playback time. The sound is exceptional and, though clear and simple, it does have all the features one could wish. My favorite PRO feature is the ability to continuously record internet streams in MP3 format, and it's unlimited too. I love that it combines with recording from radio since its lightweight (having AudialsOne, I did record rarely because the program is so "heavy"). This little player is not bloated with unnecessary junk like the more popular players, and most of the skins are easier on the eyes too.

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