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WordPress has completely shifted the dynamics of web publishing what with over sixty (60) million users relying on the platform to power their websites on a daily basis. While the WordPress templating (theme) system gives you the ability to customize how your website looks, the plugin system gives you the power to extend WordPress beyond the boundaries of imagination.
The following is a list of forty (40) free and premium WordPress plugins you will most certainly want to have in 2014. Technically speaking, UberMenu gives you all the features you need to build a super-efficient and fast menu.
When I checked out the demo (I check and test out the plugins I recommend), I was quite impressed with the Slider Revolution plugin. If you want to inject ease and fun into building WordPress websites, the Visual Composer Page Builder plugin is exactly what you need. You can drag and drop page sections with a visual composer, or order the sections with shortcodes in the classic WYSIWYG editor. The plugin costs $25 bucks only, which is quite a bargain considering all the features you are getting.
Give your users a unique experience with custom backgrounds on your WordPress website with this plugin. Additionally, the plugin presents you with a number of great options including the ability to schedule backgrounds, set background transition timing, background stretching, tons of effects, and clickable backgrounds that are good for advertisements.
The White Label Branding plugin for WordPress is what you need if you would like to develop WordPress sites for clients under your brand. If you would like to create interest in your website long before you launch, you need an intriguing coming soon page. Verde is a great plugin to create anticipation and interest in your products, and more so your brand. WooCommerce PDF Invoice plugin creates nice looking invoices that will make your business look good (professional).
Additionally, you can translate the invoices for your customers right from the settings page, which will help you develop personal connections.
Are you feeling frustrated and stuck because you have a plain HTML theme that won’t work on WordPress?
If you’ve been looking for a backup, cloning, migration or restoration solution for your WordPress site(s), look no further. To be successful in any business, you need to know what your customers think of your goods and services.
The WordPress Request & Feedback plugin allows you to gather opinion and feedback from your customers in a non-intrusive way that will leave them feeling special. Add some Pinterest flavor to your WordPress posts and pages using shortcodes in no time with this Pinterest Grid Gallery plugin. The social media scene is expanding everyday and with this expansion comes more social activity, which means juicier traffic from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. The plugin showcases images, videos, maps and HTML content in a lightbox that appears overtop of pages.
Give your visitors a refreshing music experience (and a reason to stick around for longer) with this audio player plugin. The plugin runs on HTML5 but will use Flash if the former is unsupported by the user’s browser.
This is a free plugin, but you can also upgrade to the PRO version that comes with additional features and support. This is yet another WordPress SEO plugin that has carved a name for itself in the SEO plugin niche.
The W3 Total Cache plugin was designed to reduce server load and improve page speed for better user experience.
The WordPress PopUp plugin will help you grab your customers’ attention as soon as they get to your website. Stop comment and trackback spam with the Antispam Bee plugin by Sergej Muller, a German plugin author. The plugin has about twenty (20) useful functions, requires no registration to set up, does not store personal data and is compatible with WordPress themes. The font you use on your website can mean all the difference between a performing and a failing site. The fonts are all free and you can use them on your website without editing a single line in your stylesheet. The WPtouch plugin helps you to create an elegant and simple mobile version of your WordPress site. The plugin attracts readers back to your blog like magic and they (readers) can unsubscribe from your emails at will, so no one complains. Polls give you the chance to collect customer opinion, interact with your customers and increase user engagement on your site. The WordPress Backup to Dropbox plugin allows you to backup your site to your Dropbox account in a matter of minutes. Take the security of your WordPress site to the next level in seconds with the Better WP Security plugin. You get nearly every Analytics feature including the new asynchronous tracking and custom variables.
If you are looking to encourage discovery on your blog and draw readers to more of your awesome content, nrelate Related Content plugin is your best bet.
Freddy is a writer, web developer and founder of Vistamedia, Inc., a nice place dedicated to the online entrepreneur looking to boost conversion rates using effective web content. Disclosure: This page contains external affiliate links that may result in us receiving a comission if you choose to purchase said product. AJ, I actually found a way to do it right after I posted here (sifted through a couple google pages).
Lyrics Plugin for Windows Media Player is a handy plugin to have around when you want to sing along with your favorite band or artist.
Once installed, the plugin automatically finds and displays the lyrics of the songs that are being played using WMP.

As far as plugin configuration goes, you can change the text and background colors, font size and style, as well as the text alignment. Audio Plugin Player is a lightweight VST and AU instrument plugin host, that allows you to play these instruments using either your mouse, computer keyboard, or MIDI device (both hardware and software MIDI devices supported). AboutWe test, review and rate best WordPress themes, top templates and useful plugins to help others to find and select the best plugins, themes and other useful tools.
An Amazing Music Player Plugin built with jQuery and HTML5 that allows you to create a beautiful Music Player for your website.
Oh yeah, WordPress is that popular not to mention very flexible, extendable and relatively easy to customize.
Plugins come with a lot of functionalities, and with the right ones, you’ll have all the power you need to catapult your WP site to success. Sevensparks released the latest update to the plugin on 20th December, 2013 meaning everything is still hot and fresh, so you won’t have to worry about incompatibility issues. The WordPress Live Chat plugin allows you to chat with your customers to provide support and close more deals.
The plugin enables you to use different backgrounds on blog posts, categories, front pages, homepage, and other pages. The plugin is easy to use since all you need to do is point and click to apply your backgrounds. This plugin will help you customize the logo and menus in WordPress as well as choose the menus that your users (clients) will have access to. The customer can choose whichever works for them, which means higher conversion rates for you! The plugin comes loaded with tons of exciting features such as an extensive dashboard that supports live configuration, a mode configurator, several table options for whole tables, table cells, columns and rows.
The way you display your products affects how your customers respond, which can be the difference between the success and failure of your online biz.
Well, you could build a coming soon page from the ground up (and waste time and effort) or you could install Verde in one click and be on your way. The UserPro plugin gives you the power to offer your users a rich user experience with improved profiles, which you can integrate easily and seamlessly using shortcodes and frontend pages.
The plugin is extremely flexible, meaning you can easily customize the invoices with your own company details, invoicing numbers, dates and even logos. Do not worry anymore, the HTML to WordPress Converter plugin will convert your HTML theme to a WordPress theme in minutes. The WordPress Backup & Clone Master plugin will help you backup, clone, migrate or restore your WordPress site in an easy, reliable and secure way. You can restore your site with a single click or clone it to a different domain with a few clicks.
It’s the kind of knowledge you need to have at all times because it gives you the power to enhance your offerings to satisfy current customers and attract new ones. It is that feature-rich ?? This plugin is exactly what you need to start a successful email marketing campaign. You have to take the security of your WordPress platform seriously because – hackers. It’s effective for creating captivating galleries as well as generating interest and engagement.
The Fullwidth Audio Player plugin creates an audio player at the top (or bottom) of your website.
The plugin is compatible with major browsers and mobile devices such as Android, iPad and iPhone. Take a breather, grab a coffee and come with me to the other side second part of 40 Must-Have WordPress Plugins. The plugin relies on CDN (content delivery network) support, super-caching and minifying techniques, which decrease download times and increase server performance.
In fact, your website will be deranked in the near future if it’s not optimized for mobile devices. The plugin is super-charged by a Sociable Skyscraper rating system that makes social sharing even more fun. You can view visitor count and ratings for posts and pages.
If you seek to create exciting polls for your WP site, WP-Polls is the plugin you want. WP-Polls makes adding polls easy. This means you can track views per category, traffic to old posts, post types, traffic demographics, page views per author etc. The plugin gives you the power to display related content from your WP website and blogroll. It scans your content (in the background) on a regular basis, and then displays related posts (either as thumbnails or links) below every post.
As you gear up your WordPress sites, don’t forget to share this page with a few friends ?? Thanks for your time! I personally have never needed this function so I’m not sure how to do it right off the top of my head. The plugin is lightweight and takes up almost no system resources so you won’t have to worry about it affecting playback performance. During audio playback, the plugin displays the track artist, name and three buttons that you can use to add lyrics, search for them online or open the plugins’ configuration window. The search tags are the tracks title and artist name and in case they are not entirely correct, you can edit them from inside the plugin. It has a simple, one-screen interface, that will let you start making music with your favorite audio instrument plugins in seconds – just drop your plugin onto the application window, make your input and output choices, and you're ready! You no need to pay us or send us any file, if you don’t wish; and if you do, it will not effect our review! If you would like to help or support us in our goals to provide top notch testing, ratings and reviews for WordPress plugins and themes, you can help by donating.
It is the bridge between you and your web visitors; the connection you need to increase your conversions. White Label Branding gives you the ability to take full control of branding in wp-admin to set user privileges and access as you wish.

Your clients will never see the real administrator account (your account) since it’s hidden. The CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing plugin is exactly what you need to create feature and price comparison grids on your WordPress site.
The Verde plugin is the ultimate coming soon plugin, and thanks to its unique and ingenious design features, you will have your prospects dancing to your tune in no time.
This unique plugin does all the heavy lifting for you, so can concentrate on the important aspects of your online business.
The plugin further calculates the taxes, sums up the figures and display them on the invoice. The plugin saves you time, money, effort and gives you peace of mind, which is everything you need to run a fruitful venture. You can display all social media activity on your site using a revolving feed list or a social network wall that runs on jQuery.
The Amazon eStore Affiliates plugin gives you all the affiliation tools you need to make BIG money on Amazon. You can make the maps interactive by using colored markers to contrast different geographical locations. Once you install and activate it, the plugin will automatically optimize your WordPress website for Google and other search engines. According to the author at, W3 Total Cache improves website performance ten times (10X). The plugin supports mobile devices too, and it will enhance your site’s user experience immediately without having to change settings or uninstalling plugins.
You can choose your language and choose whether spam comments will be marked for review or deleted immediately.
The WordPress Google Fonts plugin gives you the ability to tap into Google Fonts directory, which is a collection of over six hundred (600) beautiful web fonts.
Just install the Google Fonts plugin, activate it, pick your fonts, specify a few variables and your work is done. They will give you a pre-configured Hello Bar plugin that you need to install on your WordPress site. You have several social networking sites at your disposal including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.
Better WP Security plugin is the solution you need to obscure, protect, detect and recover your site should the worst happen. Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast helps you integrate Google Analytics to your WordPress site easily. It’s a great plugin to increase pageviews on your site and provide a richer user experience to your visitors.
Audio Plugin Player allows you to route your plugin instrument through a plugin effect (either VST or AU), and also lets you route external audio through a plugin effect too. As a result this audio will be available for your visitors through powerful HTML5 audio player.
The plugin comes with a Role and Capability Manager that enables you to create new roles and capabilities. It is a pack of pricing tables with twenty (20) color variations and two table styles, so you have plenty of options.
You can hide WordPress backend, registration pages from logged in users, and anything else you want with a few clicks.
Speaking of saving you money, the plugin costs $18 only, which will fit right in your budget. Boost social activity and increase traffic from social networking sites with the WordPress Social Stream plugin for $14 only. The plugin has some very attractive features but the developers felt that wasn’t enough. The plugin is fully customizable, compatible with WordPress 3.8 and utilizes responsive design techniques, which means your maps will be accessible on multiple platforms. Just download, install and activate it then choose the default homepage (the page you want to appear first when someone visits your site on a mobile device) and your work is done.
The plugin is full of features, easy to configure as well as use, and gives you full control over social sharing on your WordPress site. If you had fun, please share your thoughts with the rest of us in the comment section below!
It’s the plugin you need to boost engagement and excitement on your WordPress community. You can choose to send the invoices to the customers via email or have them download the invoices on your website. On top of that, the plugin allows you to include order details, payment instructions and other important bits without breaking a sweat. So, when you purchase Amazon eStore Affiliates, you get a WordPress theme worth $45 for FREE! You can customize the plugin or buy the PRO version and your visitors have all the freedom to view the full site if they so wish. WordPress Backup to Dropbox uses oAuth authentication to ensure the security and integrity of your Dropbox account.
And have no fear, we even put together our own WPExplorer quick guide to using the Visual Composer. You can track all activity (who opens, who clicks links, who unsubscribes) right from your dashboard.

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