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On July 26, or 2013-07-26, according to some Mayan calendar folks, we enter a new galactic beam.
MANY thanks to Tony Carr and Owen Wyatt at the ABC for digging out this audio highlights package.
AUDIO from the appearance on ABC Local Radio’s Breakfasts with Eoin Cameron on Monday, February 18.
The Government has flagged solar users and the current setup of electricity pricing as a threat to the continuation of the service, but that is not the real threat. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Ensuring that your show has optimal sound quality is very important not only for your show’s success but for the enjoyment of your listeners. When connecting via landline, use a high-quality phone and to speak clearly and directly into the handset.
When dialing in via Direct Connect or Skype, use a high-quality headset plugged directly into your computer.
Schedule and host a test episode to check equipment and audio files for optimal sound output. Conference multiple people in with Skype (on the host line) – this can cause degradation in sound output. Bonus tip: If you are looking to further optimize your audio quality when dialing in using a phone, consider investing in a JK Audio Box.

This entry was posted in BTR Tips, Tips and Tricks and tagged audio, avoiding dropped calls, optimal sound quality, skype on October 12, 2011 by blogtalkradio. Did you ever want a little background music with your daily grind but either you didn’t want to (or couldn’t) fire up something graphical to use? Those of you who work most of your 50-hour plus weeks at the command line deserve the same multimedia enjoyment that your GUI-tethered coworkers enjoy. Comment: Join Aaron Titus and explore common threats to your identity, and practical advice on how to make your identity more secure. If you have a directory that contains your favorite songs, you can play them all by issuing the mpg123 command with a wildcard setting. The mpg123 project maintainers provide regular updates though the documentation could use some help.
On this setup, even bare-bones music players like Rhythmbox had a hard time keeping up with playing audio files of any kind if I wanted to do anything else with the computer.
Sadly, I haven’t used mpg123 since I retired the Cube, but I will always have fond memories of it. It is designed to be powerful and easy to use, with a command structure and window layout similar to the Midnight Commander console file manager. Supported file formats are: mp3, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, Musepack, Speex, WAVE, AIFF, AU (and other less popular formats supported by libsndfile. I simply could not depart your site prior to suggesting that I actually loved the standard information a person supply in your visitors?

Based on the successful Axe-Edit for the Axe-Fx, FX8-Edit allows you to create, view, edit and manage presets. Applications such as mpg123 give you the opportunity to get real work done and have a little fun while you do. It takes so long because, during the installation and setup process, the program automatically downloads sample podcasts into your home directory under a new directory named POD. From your local system, ssh to the remote system and issue the mpg123 command to enjoy your audio gold just as you would from the console. You can get a lot of mileage out of mpg123 but beyond the basics, you’re on your own. The large intuitive interface shows many parameters at once and speeds productivity with the ability to edit using mouse and keyboard. In each of those directories, you have directories that are home to three specific podcasts: The Privacy Podcast, The Linux Link and LUG Radio. For those of you so inclined, contact the developers to enhance and expand the documentation for this incredibly simple, fast and flexible utility.

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