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We learn from others, from ourselves, from mentors, from coaches, from colleagues and competitors; if we are receptive to knowledge, they all become our teachers. In this chapter I have highlighted sixteen different industries through case studies of a few of our most successful clients.
Read all the case studies anyway – sometimes the best idea comes from learning what others are doing outside your own industry. Remember, the case studies to follow were picked exclusively because of what they had to offer.
Problem trying to solve: John wanted to generate more qualified leads and at the same time have his shop recognized by his target market as an upscale rental establishment. Length of mailing postcards: Chuck started mailing postcards in 2004 when he became a PostcardMania client.
Mike comes up with the design ideas himself, keeping in mind whenever he creates his design that he wants others to get the idea that he is a contemporary jeweler and not just a cookie-cutter-mall retail store.
As an aside: You will see in these case studies that not all business owners track extensively. Initially, Stefany started mailing postcards in March of 2006, right after she started selling insurance. Stefany had been mailing letters, but felt that the process was too much handwork and she wanted to streamline her promotion.
The way Stefany comes up with her art is by first viewing the samples on PostcardMania’s website, then making changes and writing the text for the back herself.
Chip wanted to cut back on his Yellow Page advertising because he was no longer servicing two counties and felt that advertising in those directories was a waste of marketing dollars that could be better utilized elsewhere.
Out of 6,000 postcards mailed out per week, Lightning Pools gets 15 responses, which is a mere .25%. They use very simple designs with colors that they know work in ads (yellow, blue and red). They spend 14% of their gross income on marketing, which equates to about $15,000 per week spent on marketing. Measurable Solutions made Entrepreneur’s 11th Annual Hot 100 List in 2005 as one of the fastest-growing new companies in the USA.
Report Masters sells a software program to chiropractors which helps them generate reports to send to insurance companies to justify payments.
In the past, Ron did most of the designs himself but currently sends a six card series designed by PostcardMania’s design team. He noticed that his gross income was not changing even though his price was going up, which meant fewer orders. There was never a problem with the design or copy of Ron’s postcards, but his tracking methods needed improvement.
Ron puts 16% of his income toward marketing every week which equals $1,930 and generates $12,000 in weekly gross income. This is a great example of how tracking your marketing can help in evaluating the effectiveness of a campaign. Susan had discovered that advertising in the newspaper did not pull in the type of customer she was looking for and it did not fit the image she wanted to portray for her salon.
Savvy tracks the number of appointments that get booked starting the first week their postcards hit their prospects’ mailboxes.
Erik has never gotten a zero response, but his best response is when he mails consistently and uses colorful designs.
Ralph had been mailing postcards for about four years before switching to PostcardMania’s services in 2004. Villa Valenti sends out birthday cards to their database and even though Ralph does not do extensive tracking, he said that there has been a substantial increase in business since doing so. Villa Valenti now has almost 40,000 names on their mailing list and they mail approximately 3,000 birthday cards a month. As an independent agency with access to many different companies we offer both competitive pricing and excellent service. We know that saving you money with quality coverage is important and we understand what it means to budget. PostcardMania has over 350 industries in our database that we have created direct mail postcard marketing campaigns for.
He had read in magazines that the upscale formal wear stores used postcards for their marketing efforts.

Now he uses a nicer, artsy picture on the front that has the text on the back and he gets a great response. He’s not located in a mall, so most of the people who come into his store are seriously interested and are easy to close.
He wanted to do something different because so many other financial planners were now mailing out invitations in envelopes. On his postcards he advertises what is popular at the time – something a little cutting edge to catch their eye, but not too edgy to scare them away. He found the newspaper to be worthless and since they are in a suburb, advertising in the larger metropolitan area was way more expensive and was going to people that would never drive the distance to visit his store. Some go by the awareness of increased foot traffic; others will go by increased money in the door. She was a little bit nervous about using postcards because when she received things like that in the mail she would just throw them away! She uses sample rates on the back of her cards to give the recipients an idea of how much they can save.
Right now she does two mailings of 2,000 postcards every month and on her off weeks she runs a newspaper ad. However, they know their calculations on this are not totally accurate because when they go out to homes for proposals, often people show them the postcard they got in the mail, even though they said something different when originally called and were asked. Measurable needed a marketing medium that would allow them to immediately convey the message that something could be done about that problem.
He also realized that chiropractor offices around the nation are mainly one-man operations and he was pricing them out of the market. He realized his tracking methods were giving him incorrect data while reviewing his figures, which revealed he was only getting .4% response from his postcards. She was looking for other ways to target an upscale market and knew that a committed direct mail campaign would have more impact than a one-time mailing.
He discovered that people respond to different things and what works well for him is to change the design of his postcard every three mailings. Charles’ marketing and the postcards are supplemented with newspaper, radio, TV and trade magazine ads. We mailed an additional 1,000 to our top depositors, and handed the rest out in our two credit union lobbies.
By the way, I have entered this postcard (and the latest brochure you printed for us) in this year’s Texas Credit Union League marketing competition.
Initially, he thought that using postcards to market was a gamble, but he had a good feeling about it. However, he also added that to make it work where it’s actually profitable for a restaurant, he pushes his wait staff to up sell additional menu items to increase the ROI. We ask that you stay focused on the story topic, respect other people's opinions, and avoid profanity, offensive statements, illegal contents and advertisement posts.
Please refer to Bankrate's privacy policy for more information regarding Bankrate's privacy practices.
Bankrate may be compensated in exchange for featured placement of certain sponsored products and services, or your clicking on certain links posted on this website. About 60% of the weddings he does are from his postcard mailings; he services about fifteen weddings per week at approximately $1,200 to $1,300 each. When he was located in the mall, he had a smaller closing percentage because he had more people wandering in that were less interested. Beale and Associates did some of their own design and PostcardMania designers also helped with ideas. He admits he was a bit nervous at first about trying postcards for fear that people would see his postcard as advertising junk and just throw it away.
1st – 15th) works the best, rather than advertising a discount off of one particular item.
These are both good tracking methods, but remember: the better you track, the more in control you will be over your marketing. Upon some research, he found he was actually getting 800-1,000 unique visitors on his website per week: a 14% response!
When a prospect calls in whoever answers the phone needs to ask how the prospect found out about the company.
His office is right on the ocean and they market to the surrounding lakes region, where there is prime real estate for vacation and dream homes: Lake Sebago and Lake Winnipesauke in Maine and New Hampshire.

They also wanted to portray that even though the customer would pay more at their salon, they would get better service, a better environment and much more personal service.
Susan also noticed that other salons were starting to offer the same thing, a free haircut with hair coloring. They currently mail 5,000 postcards per week and they also do a monthly brochure mailing of 12,000 pieces. What he found worked best was getting the right combination of an offer and making it easy for the consumer to acquire it. He tried prom mailings, but his ROI isn’t as good due to the fact that he only rents one tux as opposed to multiple tuxes required for an entire wedding party. He also determined that postcards were more economical when he realized that he got more mailings for the same amount of money.
Measurable Solutions tracks the leads coming in, but Kathy didn’t have the exact response rates for each postcard. This new campaign is modeled after his original idea to have the best product, while undercutting his competition’s price.
Savvy changed their offer to a complimentary KERASTASE hair treatment with any hair service ($40.00 value).
Many people bring in the postcards because they have a discount or special offer on them: some people, Erik said, hang onto the cards for years and then bring them in. In this case, the business your postcard brought in generates $9336 per month in net income to the credit union, which gave us a break-even point of just 4 days, and a 12-month ROI of 8652%. At the time of this interview, they were promoting a train trip and noticed that their response rate was higher.
From this he realized that he needed to convert more of these unique visitors into qualified leads by having them fill out the on-line surveys. In this case, Ron figured it out and his seemingly ineffective campaign showed its true colors! This offer really stood out because only 700 salons in the nation can carry that particular product. Erik has calculated that his return on investment is at least 10 times what he spends on his postcard marketing. During the month of May, the postcard brought in $5.3 million in CD deposits, surpassing our goal by well over 400%.
Please avoid posting private or confidential information, and also keep in mind that anything you post may be disclosed, published, transmitted or reused. Another twist on the lunch approach that they use is to offer a tour of Little Rock or Pettigean Mountain.
Their gross income was up 53% for the first quarter of 2005 over the same period in 2003 and 2004.
At this point he streamlined his webpage and the number of steps that it took for a visitor to get to his survey. The people that began coming in from that offer not only knew what that product was, but were higher-spending clients.
But he made the point that you have to send them out repetitively to get that kind of response.
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He has learned by observation that when postcards are sent out, more people come in the door and he makes more money.
The results are as follows: Prior to the changes, he was only getting 8-15 people per week filling out surveys. The new offer with the KERASTASE treatment is something that other salons cannot easily copy since the product is exclusive to a smaller group of salons. To save you money, we represent The Hartford AARP program, Mercury and Safeco in addition to other quality low-cost insurance companies. Savvy began a quarterly newsletter campaign directed to their in-house clients alongside their direct mail postcards to get new leads.
In fact, through our database we access over 30 companies to truly give you and your family the best price possible.

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