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FreeSmith AVI Player gives you the most flexibility for playing, organizing, sharing your media content.
Download free AVI Player from this website, then install this free AVI player and launch the app. Choose the exact time to play - drag the mouse and drop it on the process bar to start or set the seek time under the settings in main menu. Change Video Color - increase or decrease contrast, saturation, brightness, hue on the top panel or under the settings menu. Rotate the video - CW 90, 180, 270 and horizontal flip, vertical flip, change it ok when playing the videos. Audio Video Interleaved (also Audio Video Interleave), known by its initials AVI, is a multimedia container format introduced by Microsoft in November 1992 as part of its Video for Windows technology.
Aurora Blu-ray media player, as all-round media player with fantastic audio-visual experience  can be used as a free avi media player to play all your avi files without any decoders. Firstly, download Aurora Blu-ray Media Player from the download page and install it in your computer.
Besides to be a avi media player, Aurora Blu-ray Media Player can also play Blu-ray and other types of video formats which makes it an all-in-one media player. For enquire about affiliate, reselling, distributing, business partnership and advertising opportunities. Jetzt haben die Entwickler des legendaren Freewareprogramms „VLC media player“ zum Download bereit gestellt. Adobe Flash-PlugIns fur 64-Bit Betriebssysteme:Wer kennt es nicht, man hat ein 64bit Betriebssystem. ViViDVD Player is an easy to use and powerful software - DVD player that combines the great picture and sound with full featured DVD navigation that includes: DVD playback with full operating controls.

Control anything of the Video Image and Sound,such as contrast, brightness, image ratio ,etc.
AnyMP4 Mac Blu-ray Player - AnyMP4 Mac Blu-ray Player allows you to play any Blu-ray disc released in different regions, Blu-ray folder and Blu-ray ISO image file with super quality for Mac. Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player - Macgo Windows Blu-ray Player is a superior Blu-ray media player software for Windows-based computers. EasyVid Video Converter - EasyVid Video Converter is uses MEncoder, MPlayer and FFMpeg to convert and encode almost any video format.
CalMAN - CalMAN is color calibration software for high definition televisions and other video displays.
WinX DVD Player - WinX DVD Player is a professional DVD and video playing program for your PC.
Freemore CD Burner Ripper - Freemore CD Burner Ripper is a powerful and easy to use CD creation and backup application that combines CD Burner, CD Ripper and some other useful disc tools in one program.
Before you decide to choose the right AVI player, you'll need to determine what kind of file the AVI refers to.
It almost covers a full range of video, DVDs, audio formats including WMV, MPEG, MP4, MTS, MKV, WMA, M4A, AAC and much more. Note that you can watch not only AVI movies, but a great variety of other file types too: FLV, SWF, RM and RV (Real), MOV, MP4, WMV, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.
AVI files can contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback. The simple interface contains almost every function that you expect a media player should have. Wer es noch nicht wei?, der kostenlose VLC Media Player spielt fast alle Audio- und Video-Datei ab.

Eine weitere Verbesserung ist, das wenn man mehrere Bildschirme unter dem Betriebssystem „Windows“ betreibt, dass dann auch das Fullscreen-Verhalten funktionert. It perfectly supports all media formats with high quality, and it also makes Blu-ray playable on iOS devices. EasyVid Video Converter supports the hard coding of subtitles into video and you can run up to 8 conversions at the same time.
It supports playing all kinds of DVDs, and it also supports playback of most popular standard video files such as FLV, AVI, MP4, DivX, XviD, MPEG, WMV, etc.
AVI (acronym for Audio Video Interleave) is one of the most popular video formats at present. Like the DVD video format, AVI files support multiple streaming audio and video, although these features are seldom used. Neu in diesem Programm ist, das jetzt auch ein Dekoder fur das Real Video 3 und 4 Format zur Verfugung gestellt. AVI can contain both audio and video data in a file container that allows synchronous audio-with-video playback.
Most AVI files also use the file format extensions developed by the Matrox OpenDML group in February 1996.

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