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Founded in UK in February 2012 and through continuous innovation and breakthrough, the leader in specialized mobile game store, with one of the most influential game user communities and a fast growing market share. If I were to pick my top app to receive Chromecast support as soon as possible, it would have been MX Player. However, Google seems to have a different opinion, and the first media player that got welcomed on the Chromecast was the relatively obscureĀ Avia. Videos can be browsed by date, playlist, rating and folder, as well as added to playlists and shared.
Avia’s redemption as a media manager comes in the form of its support for cloud-stored files. Despite everything that I have said above, Avia is currently the most used application on my Nexus 7.
Gone are the supported video codec woes with Avia, because the Chromecast will be the one doing the decoding.
The app also supports all the Chromecast quirks, with the media continuing to play on the TV even if you switch to another app or turn off your Android device’s screen. When sending a video to the Chromecast, Avia shows a useful notification with playback controls.
If you do have a Chromecast and you only care about casting local videos to your TV, you should try Real Player Cloud first, in case it’s available in your region. If your media isn’t necessarily on your Android device but is hosted on another server computer in your house or if you have used Plex before, then you should definitely try the PlexPass membership for a month and download theĀ corresponding app.

I have no doubt that there will be more and more apps supported on the Chromecast later on, but in the meantime, Avia does the job, with the bare minimum requirements, but it does it nonetheless. Avia is an adequate but very average media library and player for Android, but its support for Chromecast makes it a great option if you want to play your local videos, photos and images on your TV. Despite a seemingly simple UI that lacks a lot of bells and whistles, MX Player can handle multiple file formats and sizes thanks to hardware or software decoding and supports gesture controls during playback and pinch-to-zoom. It is an average media manager at best and you can easily find many other better options out there, either as all-in-one solutions or as separate music, photo and video apps.
When opened, the video player features all the regular controls along with a screen ratio button that will allow you to watch the file at its original resolution, stretched to the full screen, or adjusted for the best fit.
There are no gesture controls for the playback, which makes sliding back a few seconds a matter of artfully holding the play position progress point and minutely moving it backwards. The photo browser is as rudimentary as the video player, with options to swipe between photos, rotate them, and start a slideshow.
Again, the music offers very basic functionality including playback controls, shuffle and repeat options, and queue management.
Link your Facebook, Dropbox and Picasa accounts to the app, and it will index all your media on those services and show it as you browse your Albums in the app. So for example, even though Avia stuttered every second while playing a 480p mkv file on my Nexus 7, the same video played smoothly on the TV while casted through Avia.
Controlling playback is smooth, with a Notification continuously showing the media controls, and a Now Playing window appearing inside the app while you’re browsing for other content.

I thought this was due to the 10MP size of my camera images, which were being sent over WiFi to the Chromecast, but the lag also happens when handling small VGA images and while in Slideshow mode. It looks better, has a specific tablet UI, supports more video formats, and adds a cloud upload option along with the playback of locally stored videos. However, for the purpose of this review, I will talk about Avia’s features as a media library. Because normally, I watch a lot of videos on the tablet since I can’t be bothered to transfer them to a USB stick to play them on my TV.
Another bonus is that Avia will wait a couple of seconds before starting a video’s playback to make sure the Chromecast has received enough of the file and avoid buffering later on.
I would have thought that loading the next image should happen while the current image is being shown during a slideshow, instead of waiting for it afterward. It isn’t necessarily a bad one, as it works quite well with the Chromecast, but there is room for improvement on so many fronts that it is currently just a band-aid solution. You can’t force software decoding to play more formats and codecs as with MX Player, which makes Avia a real hit-and-miss video player.
But a week ago, I acquired a Chromecast and Avia works beautifully with it, making it super simple to watch my locally stored videos on my TV.

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