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The course teaches development of film language, its aesthetics and technical aspects with respect to editing as a tool of audio-visual story-telling. The tools and techniques of the editorA’s craft are presented through a series of classroom lectures, workshops and hands-on training sessions.
Advanced editing workshops are conducted, by Editing faculties and experienced industry professionals who present a variety of topics and experiences designed to broaden the studentsA’ understanding of the art and craft of story-telling and editing.
While students learn traditional styles and basic cinematic language, they are encouraged to experiment with new forms, and thus, the programme in Editing is designed to build specific skills upon a strong foundation of general knowledge of video production.
The provisional merit lists for admission for the academic session 2014-2016 have been published. It provides extensive hands-on practice on linear and non-linear editing machines using software like Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Xpress Pro HD with Mojo and Final Cut Pro. Editing students must successfully fulfill all editorial responsibilities of productions which are professionally executed projects evaluated by faculties and external experts. At present, many students trained by us in editing are working successfully in different television channels and production houses in Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. The professional training standard enables students to work with competence in any post-production situation.
The good news is there are significant improvements in this software package from Sony, making it easier than ever to create all types of video productions.
Students get inputs on basic computer graphics and sound post-production with respect to video editing.
Each year, editing workshops and classes are conducted by external experts comprising of accomplished industry professionals.
Though this course deals primarily with video format, it provides theoretical inputs on the steps involved in film editing, as well as, exposure to the film editing process on digital platform, to enable students to edit films after completion of the course.

Recent Guest Faculties include Arghyakamal Mitra, Mahadeb Shi, Sumit Ghosh, Amitabh Chakraborty and Subrata Ghosh. Let's take a look at the capabilities of this updated version, testing the software on all types of video and audio content. To get the most out of Vegas + DVD, if you want to edit HDV footage, Sony recommends a minimum 2.8GHz Intel Xeon system or its AMD equivalent.
For our testing, we used a PC with 3GB of RAM and an Intel Core 2 Extreme 2.93GHz processor inside. I tested version 7.0a, the latest update as of this review -- a point release update will be out next week or close to it. Sony has also improved Vegas's memory handling for longer HDV projects, and Sony's implementation of editing without using any external acceleration hardware works very well, especially with the latest Core 2 Duo processors. Capturing HDV has also been improved in Vegas 7, where you can now Scene Detect HDV footage as you capture it.
This means that you can put a tape in a connected deck and instruct Vegas to capture all of the shots on that tape, and the software will dutifully grab each clip and place each one separately into your designated folder. A slight drawback I noticed is that there is still no facility for logging shots and then capturing them later when using HDV footage, a routine that I've grown accustomed to when working with DV footage on various software packages, including Sony Vegas.
Nor is there the ability to scene detect from a designated in and out point on an HDV tape. In the demo, I was able to browse the contents of the disc using Vegas 7s built in XDCAM Explorer window, and then choose which files to import.
You are given the option to import small, low resolution proxy files or full resolution files. The  proxies that are automatically created by the XDCAM camera were very quickly imported over a standard 1394 cable (iLink in Sony-speak), and transfer over a network connection is also possible.

Another enhancement is Vegas's improved timeline snapping, with color-coded "snap objects." What the heck are snap objects, anyway?
These are color-coded lines that show what you are snapping to in the timeline as you edit. This lets you move clips and have them perfectly match up in time to clips on other tracks, even if those tracks are scrolled vertically out of view. For example, when dragging a video clip down the timeline in time, the end of the video clip snaps to the beginning of the audio clip that's sitting on another track as you drag over that point in time. Not only does a clip feel like it's magnetically pulling toward a snap point, but the snap point itself glows when a clip gets into close proximity to it. Each timeline object that you can snap to has its own distinct color -- a different color for event edges, markers, region, timeline grid points, and the cursor.
In a complicated production, I noticed that editing with this new snapping behavior made operations that were once difficult much easier. With XDCAM, you can record "essence marks," in the camera that show up in the source media on the Vegas timeline or trimmer, and the cursor will snap to those. There are a surprising number of video characteristics that can be chosen as essence marks, such as brightness peaks and audio peaks, and you can use those as locator points as you edit.

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