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Email marketing is so popular among B2B marketers because it provides a cost-effective way of communicating an offer to a large audience. But it’s not enough to just throw together a promotional email and cross your fingers in hopes it gets the job done. Objective – what do you want to achieve with the campaign (e.g., nurture leads, generate subscribers to your newsletter, drum up webinar attendees)?
Below are some proven tips on how to compose an email that have helped many successful B2B businesses attract qualified leads. When crafting email copy intended to draw in new leads, be aware of your medium and your audience’s time.
It’s best to address your audience in a casual, yet direct tone using straightforward language. The four stages of a customer’s typical buying cycle include awareness, research, evaluation and commitment. If you are targeting new leads in your email communication, then many of your prospects may not even realize they have a business problem yet.
As mentioned above, your customers and prospects do not have a tremendous amount of time to be poring over your marketing emails.
It probably goes without saying, but there’s no better validation of your marketing claims than a glowing customer endorsement. Email marketing can be an incredibly effective tool for converting leads if it’s part of a strategic content plan. For more information on best practices in email marketing, check out the blog 5 Tips for Driving Conversions in B2B Email Marketing. About Latest Posts Christina OswaldChristina is a B2B Copywriter for the Financial Services Industry. PropelGrowth specializes in marketing strategy and content marketing programs for financial services and financial technology firms.
Our integrated marketing programs include white papers, articles placed in trade publications, videos, e-books, podcasts, blogs, webinars and live events. Business to Business (or B2B) email newsletters are a great way to generate renewed interest with members of your contact list.
Beyond the subject line, you need to make sure that you give readers helpful (or at least interesting) information. Following this handful of tips isn’t guaranteed to give you a mind-blowing 50% click-through rate, but it will almost certainly help you get that much closer!
Lee Goff is widely recognized for building a well renowned, globally-recognized Internet strategy and fulfillment company from the ground up.
Because stats are so important to email, I’ve rounded up 35 of the most reliable, recent and meaningful stats I could find about B2B email marketing. I hope these stats can help you with your marketing whether it’s to look smart in a meeting or spur you toward trying something new. 1) 93% of B2B marketers use email marketing, according to WebMarketing 123’s 2015 State of Digital Marketing Report. 2) Software Advice’s B2B Demand Generation Benchmark Survey, done in October 2014, found 97% of the 200 marketers they surveyed use email marketing software. 3) 100% of B2B marketers use email marketing, according to the survey results from Regalix’s 2015 State of B2B Marketing Metrics And Analytics report. 6) There’s been a lot written about how much time business people spend managing their inboxes. 7) The email client service MyEmail did a study that found email use for business was a bit less than is usually reported. The reports are mixed for this, but every study still showed email among the most effective B2B marketing tactics. 11) 71% of B2B marketers said that email was effective for accomplishing their marketing goals in 2014, according to Regalix’s 2015 State of B2B Marketing report. I was surprised to see how weak effectiveness of email newsletters is according to these surveys. 12) While 71% of Regalix’s survey respondents said email was effective, it must have been an email approach other than email newsletters.
14) But even among the CMI and Marketing Profs audience, only a bit more than half said B2B email newsletters were effective.
15) B2B email newsletter readers don’t seem terribly enthused about newsletters, either.
16) Email is also the most accessible channel to track ROI for according to WebMarketing123’s 2015 State of Digital Marketing report.
17) 73% of B2B marketers believe email marketing is core to their business according to Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing report. 21) Email marketing comes in third for a combination of lead quantity and quality according to Software Advice. 27) 48% of B2B marketers say click-through rate is the most important email marketing metric, Salesforce’s 2015 State of Marketing report.
28) Here are the best and worst words to use in B2B marketing emails, according to Adestra’s 2015 Subject Line Analysis Report.
29) As you know, over emailing is one of the best ways to wear out a list and crush engagement rates. 31) But 27% of B2B marketers don’t know which devices their subscribers are using to read their emails. 34) 55% of B2B marketers have a marketing automation system in place, according to WebMarketing123’s 2015 State of Digital Marketing report. About Us Pinpointe's cloud-based email marketing platform helps business marketers get better results with their permission-based email communications. The B2B Marketing BlogWebbiquity: 1) The unified management of SEO, search marketing, social media, brand management, content marketing and social PR supported by web presence optimization (WPO) metrics.

While social media is the flashy show horse of online marketing, email remains the solid workhorse.
One key concern among email marketers is open rates; how can you craft subject lines that increase the odds recipients will open your email messages? Achinta Mitra provides step-by-step instructions for integrating Google Analytics with standard ESP email tracking, which produces much richer data to help optimize conversion rates.
Dustin Betonio shares 30 designs that are undeniably beautiful, though most rely too heavily on graphics (see the post above). Brian Deagan identifies three key components for email marketing success, starting with picking an email service provider that incorporates device detection, can deliver messages in mobile-friendly format, and provides actionable analytics. Noting that “B2B marketers say that their internal e-mail lists are seven times more effective at generating quality sales leads than third-party lists. David Kirkpatrick walks through a scientific formula for addressing the most challenging aspect of email marketing: building a qualified list.
Amanda Gagnon explains how Walden University dramatically increased email subscriptions by simplifying its signup process and reduced the number of clicks required. An interesting collection of email stats from a report by email marketing service provider Silverpop. Email marketing can be used in any industry of course, but the results can vary considerably.
Ben Ardito identifies the characteristics of social email and then explains how to capitalize on it by using email to share social content and encourage your recipients to pass it along. Ajay Goel believes email and social media will increasingly be used in an integrated, mutually supportive fashion, and offers five tips on how to use social media attributes to make email marketing more personable and effective.
Gail Goodman notes that social media is timely and interactive, but also fleeting, while email is more intimate and archivable.
J-P De Clerck details 10 characteristics shared by skilled email and social media marketers, such as relationship building, content sharing, trust earning and engagement. With some help from ten Pardot clients, we've put together an Email Design Lookbook that's filled with example templates and email marketing best practices.
It’s likely that your recipients receive hundreds of emails per day and are only quickly scanning them before they delete, if they open them at all.
Industry jargon can differ amongst different audiences, so ensure you are incorporating these nuances correctly.
When crafting email copy, as with any marketing content, it’s important to keep these stages in mind.
Use the opportunity to educate them on industry issues (that your solutions, of course, can address.) But be sure not to push your products at this early stage of the buying cycle.
It can also make the pain points and solutions you describe in your email more real and personal to their situation.
In fact, they may elect to abandon your communication before reading it all the way through.
Including a powerful and prominently displayed customer quote in your promotional email is a great way to validate the value of your products and lend credibility to your brand. For example, if you phone a customer to help them with a question and they happen to say some kind words about your company, simply ask if you can formulate the statement into a quote.
For maximum results, you need to develop a succinct, on-point messaging strategy that causes your customer and prospects to take notice. We develop strategy and build thought leadership programs to help you generate leads and facilitate the buying process. PropelGrowth has expertise in FX, futures, equities and derivatives and works primarily with sell-sides and FinTech vendors. Most of the Internet is all about split-second reactions and attention-grabbing headlines and media. My description of newsletters probably sounds dull and straightforward, but in reality they’re anything but!
Add bullet lists, small images, short paragraphs, and plenty of white space so nothing runs off the page or gets cut off.
If you have article after article all packed into one email, it might overwhelm potential customers and cause them to lose interest in little more than a moment’s time. His company has managed Fiji’s entire Internet marketing strategy, and Lee is even the Chief Web Officer for Jay Conrad Levinson and Guerrilla Marketing!
According to the Radicati Group, the average office worker receives about 78 emails per day and sends about 37 emails a day. 31% of the marketers who responded to the survey for WebMarketing 123’s 2015 State of Digital Marketing Report said email made the biggest positive impact on revenue.
Email came in second place for effectiveness for that question, just after websites, which 81% of B2B marketers said were effective.
Only 27% of Regalix’s marketers said newsletter were effective for accomplishing their marketing goals in 2014. 83% of B2B marketers use newsletters for content marketing according to the Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs 2015 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets, and Trends— North America, on page 19. So here’s a closer look at how email marketing fits into lead generation according to a few studies.
That’s what Software Advice discovered when they asked 200 United States B2B marketers to rank different marketing channels.
But there are other lists available – without resorting to those nasty purchased lists. The story here is in the flip side of that stat: 60% of B2B marketers do mail to third party lists. She's a serial entrepreneur and an avid email and content marketing enthusiast with a background in publishing and journalism, including a New York Press Award. According to recent research, 92% of marketers consider email to be one of their a€?most important marketing toolsa€? and 54% plan increased spending on it in the coming year.

How can you use email marketing most effectively and avoid overloading your recipients with information?
Bannan reports that more than half of marketers plan increases in their email marketing budgets, while nearly two-thirds plan to spend more on digital marketing generally, and identifies three key spending areas to consider when allocating those budgets.
It takes constant trying, tweaking, analyzing, and risk-taking,” Dylan Boyd highlights seven brands that he thinks do email right, such as National Geographic, Banana Republic and The Wall Street Journal.
A better approach may be a simpler newsletter design with a compelling hook to get the reader to click through to a more graphically-rich web page with similar but augmented content. The key is to optimize the relevance and value of the incentive offered while minimizing friction (your target audience’s concerns about subscribing). She then details five considerations to keep in mind in order to maximize the impact of both channels, along with tactics like repurposing newsletter content in short snippets as social media messages. Low cost UK email address data, including email, with over 90% address locations and website addresses. Download your free copy today to see what other B2B marketers are doing for their email templates, and find out how you can put their advice to good use.
So it’s better to leave the more complex analogies for lengthy content, such as whitepapers or articles.
These technical terms may make perfect sense to you, but ultimately serve to confuse the heck out of prospects.
Instead of sending one blanket email to all your contacts, send out a few different communications, each tailored to fit your different niches.
As a financial B2B marketer, attracting new leads is more about helping them identify they have a problem.
From there, you can direct them to an insightful blog post or article that goes into more detail on the topic. That’s why it’s beneficial to make your call to action clear and place it early on in your text—like within the first two to three sentences of the email. While a strong customer quote is impressive to prospects at any stage of the buying cycle, it’s probably the most impactful once they are in the process of evaluating potential vendors. But always be sure you obtain written approval from the customer prior to publishing anything, and inform them of how and when the testimonial will be used. Accomplishing this goal is not always easy, but using the tips described above is a good place to start. These small touches can make a hesitant subscriber at least skim through the words and possibly even click a link and follow through.
If you have multiple, high-quality stories to reveal, why not spread them over several letters? On top of that, his company is also a leading innovator, having received numerous awards and recognition including Innovator of the Year from Infusionsoft (the world’s leading software automation company). According to a late 2014 Pew survey, office workers find access to email even more important than access to the Internet. According to an IBM survey of B2B buyers, millennial B2B buyers currently work with vendors most often via face-to-face meetings.
This is never recommended and not allowed by most email marketing service providers, including Pinpointe. Email marketing remains one of the top spending priorities for online, after search and display advertising. While many corporations still ban or limit social media use within their walls, none ban email (they filter it for spam, but don’t block it completely). In all cases, however, email from senders in the top quintile (those using the best practices) significantly outperformed those in the bottom quintile.
For example, if you’re offering market data products, content targeting currency traders should be different than the content targeting equities traders. Delivering content that is aligned with your prospect’s buying journey can help you facilitate the buying process and move a sale forward. This way they don’t have to scroll all the way to the bottom to understand how to move forward.
They’re naturally text-heavy, which usually appeals to a different kind of prospect or customer. It’s direct, cost-efficient, and, done properly, still an effective channel for lead generation, nurturing and sales. Doing this shows prospective clients that you have experience and know your subject matter. It’s been proven time and time again that well-crafted email content, backed by a solid content strategy, helps position companies as helpful advisors and trusted experts in their respective industries. The weak effectiveness of B2B newsletters was the biggest surprise I found while gathering this research.
And as some of the posts below show, when integrated with social media tools, email becomes even more powerful.
Integrate your email and social media marketing efforts to improve results through both channels? In addition, we can say whatever we want in an e-mail and not get interrupted by someone elsea€™s point of view,” and suggests using other communications methods such as instant messaging, phone calls, live meetings, web conferences, blogs and wikis in situations where those tools are really more appropriate and effective. For example, if you’re targeting currency trading executives, the exchange rate between the U.S. Gaining this respect will make prospects feel more comfortable in continuing along the buying journey with your company. Find the answers to those questions and others here in more than two dozen of the best email marketing guides of the past year.

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