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Email marketing is a cost-effective form of marketing whether you’re trying to sell to businesses or consumers – but each form of marketing requires a different approach. With B2B marketing you’re marketing, in some cases, to an entire organization where decisions to purchase are based on a group consensus. Businesses generally have long sales cycles whereas consumers usually make a decision to buy or not buy fairly quickly. With B2C marketing, the focus is on writing short, compelling sales copy that motivates the consumer to buy on an emotional level. When marketing to businesses through email, it’s important to understand the unique problems your target market faces and address them directly.
Strong email communication skills and a quick response to questions about what you offer is critical for both B2C and B2B marketing, but it takes on greater importance when you’re marketing to businesses. Unlike B2C marketing where consumers make the decision to buy based on limited information, businesses want more in-depth data before making a buying decision since they’re making an investment in the future of their company.
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Research conducted earlier this year by Demand Metric confirmed that email is still the most favored marketing channel for businesses.
Ignorance abounds with respect to understanding of the impact of catch-all, invalid and high-risk email addresses. The B2B Marketing BlogWebbiquity: 1) The unified management of SEO, search marketing, social media, brand management, content marketing and social PR supported by web presence optimization (WPO) metrics. Keep your masthead or any graphics near the top of the newsletter shallow vertically, so that readers using the preview pane with images turned off don’t see just a blank box. For each content item, combine a small graphic, compelling headline, and 1-2 sentence summary to entice the reader to click through to your site to read more. Include buttons for your social network accounts in the newsletter to build your following on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and other social sites.
Make use of the footer to provide links to supplemental or less important content: upcoming events, popular past articles, additional newsletters you offer, etc. Utilizing these best practices in your newsletter design helps increase reader engagement with your content and extends the reach of your content. Hot off the press, our new, 58-page eBook is a comprehensive guide to improving your B2B email marketing practices.
An extremely thorough, well-organized and informative eBook with the wonderful and all-to-rare combination of comprehensive, valuable advice packaged in an easy to read format. There is no shortage of information and tips for B2B email marketing, but it’s rare to find so many useful and practical tips in one place. This is the most comprehensive eBook on email marketing I have seen—it covers email marketing from soup to nuts! As email plays a big role in B2B marketing and lead generation, I’m always looking for the latest information on how to improve B2B email results. Over the course of the last six months, we’ve collected and analyzed hundreds of examples of B2B email marketing. We know we haven’t thought of everything, and that there are lots of good ideas still out there. Proteus B2B is a marketing consulting firm specializing in repositioning business-to-business companies and their brands. Remember, you didn’t invent Christmas and it’s not breaking news that it happens in December.
Always keep an automated lead nurture program running in the background so you stay top of mind. As Adestra’s 2015 Subject Line Analysis report shows, the wording in your subject lines can affect unsubscribe rates as well as opens. As you’ve seen in these tips, it’s all about offering your prospects something relevant and valuable. When I wrote a blog post about the top 50 retail subject lines you can use for email marketing recently, one of the readers of The eMail Guide asked if I had any examples of B2B subject lines that work. Below, and at my VerticalResponse blog, I have blogged about 29 great B2B subject lines for email marketing, which you can test out for your business today.

Hear Exclusive Research Presented on [insert what your event is about] – Register Now! This subject line hits a pain point and makes it seem like there is even more information to help me, on its way. Here they started with the hot topic in the front of the subject line and it was somewhat controversial. I like that they tell you there is something tangible in it for you right in the subject line. This was just a nice thank you for your business with a huge discount to get customers coming back.
This company sells a product to make it all better and they got to a real pain point for people.
E-mail marketing is a form of immediate promotion which uses email as a means of interacting professional or fundraising messages to an audience.
Are you stuck with ineffective email campaigns that send generic email messages to all of your prospects without any customization to their needs? With many years of email marketing experience, Keen Solution offers the best commercial email marketing solutions with the best server management experience and administration in the industry. Keen solution is one stop Email Marketing Service Company who provides B2B & B2C email marketing service with affordable prize in India. With B2C email marketing, you’re marketing directly to consumers, the end user of the product. Before a business purchases a product or service from you, it may have to be filtered through several different decision-making individuals or departments.
It “hits them in the gut” and makes them want to pull out their wallet – and their credit card. One way to get a better idea of the needs of your target market is to talk to sales reps that deal with them directly or survey similar businesses and ask them the biggest problems they face. When you market directly to consumers, offering a free ebook or report with relevant information is a good way to get new subscribers to your email list. B2B is about building long-term relationships since businesses will usually become your regular customers once you’ve earned their trust.
Here are six best practices for making your email newsletter engaging and reader-friendly, and optimize it for viewing under different recipient email settings. Keep the graphic small so that the link and summary are easily readable even with images turned off. We put this book together to help our clients and friends improve the results of email marketing to other businesses. So I attend lots of workshops and webinars, and read all the articles, how-to guides and books I can find on the subject.
Though the eBook is incredibly thorough, what I love about it is how the content has been carved up into easy-to-read, digestible chunks. We used these examples and our own professional experiences to compile a comprehensive list of best practices, strategies, and tips we think can help other B2B marketers.
We help companies identify and migrate to positions of market leadership where their brands have few credible substitutes in the marketplace. There’s plenty of advice out there for other industries, but the conversation about B2B has been quieter. Read on to discover how you can plan and execute B2B campaigns that will keep you on the Nice List.
Don’t focus on why you want people to buy from you at this time of year – that’s the wrong question.
It can be fun to talk about a seasonal scenario, such as employment rights for elves or booking corporate hotel rooms to avoid a ‘no room at the inn’ scenario.
You might be tempted to suspend this until January to avoid all those out-of-office notifications, but that would be a mistake. Use them to inform the timing of future campaigns, as they’ll give you information about when your prospects are active. Don’t just plump for any old turkey – arbitrary festive vocabulary won’t bring guaranteed click-throughs. Check your proposed wording using the Adestra subject line checker and remember to split-test different options. Like any marketing activity, they’re just one part of your overall strategy – and relationship-building is especially important for B2B, where sales cycles tend to be longer.

Look at the results from what you sent this Christmas and during the past year, identify ways to improve and consider how you’ll keep the momentum going in the new year.
With a business-to-business offering, you might be trying with your copy writing to get your customers to sign up for a free trial, get them to an event, a webinar or give them information on how to be better at something or use your products or services better. If you’ve got some B2B subject lines that have worked for you in the past, comment on the post, we’d love to hear about them! I’ll keep these in mind as I think of the subject line for this months edition of The eMail Guide Newsletter! In its largest feeling, every e-mail sent to a potential or current client could be regarded e-mail marketing. With B2B marketing, you have to provide companies with more objective details and specifics about what you’re selling. Be responsive to their needs, address their concerns quickly and provide them with additional data when appropriate. At the same time, email marketing volume continue to grow, with 68% of b2b marketers planning to increase spending on email marketing this year. These are illustrated using the popular iMedia Connection newsletter, one of the leading sources of marketing news and guidance. Posting your newsletters online also provides SEO benefits and encourages readers to subscribe.
Even if you are an email marketing expert, you’ll walk away with several new ideas and great reminders.
As you progress through the eBook, you’ll find more and more related to issues specific to B2B email marketing. If you have found other ideas and practices that work really well, please let us know via the comments on this post.
Of course, B2B customers have their own distinctive needs, so it follows that they need a different approach at Christmas, too.
Some choose to end the fiscal year in January or February because December is such an untypical month.
It’s also a mistake to pressurise leads that simply need to be kept warm until after New Year. In her spare time, Janine is VerticalResponse's Chief Executive Blogger for the VerticalResponse Marketing Blog for Small Businesses.
A common example of permission marketing is a newsletter sent to a promotion company's clients or customers. Collect as much information about the companies you’re dealing with online so you can better understand their structure and how purchasing decisions are made. White papers are authoritative reports designed to educate businesses about how a product can make their company better.
Effective email newsletters, focused on the needs of readers, remain a powerful tool for communicating with your customers and nurturing sales leads. That’s not to say you should copy their template necessarily, just the techniques they use for engagement and readability. Our hope is that by combining general best practices with those unique to B2B marketing, we’ve created a helpful guide to those starting to use B2B email marketing. Because you’ll fail to nurture prospects who are researching the purchases they plan to make in the new year. You might find your subscribers appreciate a touch of festive decoration, but check what brings you more conversions rather than making assumptions. Businesses rarely buy on the basis of emotion, so a B2C approach not only won’t be effective, it’ll turn business buyers off.
Businesses want objective evidence that your product will improve their company in some way.
Sales copy with lots of “fluff” and descriptions designed to arouse readers emotionally is unlikely to sway B2B customers. Site Admin · Entries RSS The opinions expressed here are of the individuals and do not necessarily reflect the views of Elastic Path.

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