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7 B2B Landing Page Best Practices to Increase Conversion Rates You are using an outdated browser. The additional benefit of an offer like this is that it invokes immediate action from the user, since it gives both a personalized grade on the performance of his or her website and an immediate list of action items that can be improved.3. The less form fields you require on your landing pages, the higher your conversion rate will be. Obviously this list excludes external data points – eg search trends of customers around your key products areas and sectors). This entry was posted in Content strategy, Measurement on November 5, 2014 by Dan Williamson. See below an example of a strange skyscraper display ad for Mailchimp which takes a leaderboard image and rotates it 90 degrees to make a skyscraper.
My Mailchimp maverick idea was then scotched somewhat when I clicked on the banner and was taken to a dedicated landing page (below).
I’m a little surprised by this unusually non-amusing and less than intuitive user experience.
Cloud will enable your content to follow you wherever you go and cloud based analytics enhances the offline world in the form of sensors monitoring stuff going on in the home.
Not quite content marketing but just had to say hats off to RSPB and their digital marketing team of late. Marketing departments up and down the nation are slowly realising the potential of inbound marketing vs outbound marketing. This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged Content marketing on November 11, 2013 by Dan Williamson. Lots has been made of the recent revamp of Google’s Adwords network to improve targeting smartphone and tablet users.
The majority of coverage has focused on the need to simplify the process of targeting mobile users in the face of increasing mobile web traffic (the number of daily Google searches from mobile devices will surpass searches from PCs and laptops by next year – according to a Guardian report). To date, businesses run mobile only ad campaigns because they have huge reach but for much cheaper cost per click fees than campaigns targeting desktop users. Massive mobile web growth means that businesses are only going to divert more of their ad budgets from desktop to mobile ads, which means cheaper ads for all, but much less revenues for a search engine like Google.
We have seen this pattern with other organizations and work hard to refine focus, so conversion optimization is a component of all of our internet marketing strategies. The B2B solutions or products section is where the most qualified traffic should convert to lead opportunities. As a test, we decided to reduce the number of clicks to the form submission by placing the evaluation form directly in the right-hand margin. The first month we placed the evaluation form directly on the page request improved by 100% (to mid-level, double-digit lead inquiries).
Solutions pages are usually highly visible, but make sure the proper cross-links are in place so that users and search engines can get to them often. Test how implementing forms directly on key conversion pages improve overall conversion rates, for both paid and organic search engine campaigns. Visitors were finding our client’s content in search (and finding it of value given low bounce rates and reasonable time on site metrics) but were not converting as well as expected. While we cannot attribute all conversion improvements to this enhancement, conversion rates improved by nearly fifty percent in the following month, and have ranged from fifty to upwards of two hundred percent year over year improvement since. Don’t forget the call to action on the supporting page (in this case, a link to membership registration). To truly unlock the value of a search engine optimization strategy, B2B SEO’s should always consider how web pages sending organic search traffic can attain better conversion rates. Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Search Engine Land.
Derek Edmond is a Managing Partner for KoMarketing, a B2B online marketing agency specializing in search, social media, and content marketing.

SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23. MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. Include a videoIt’s true, solutions and products within the B2B sphere can be complex.
Lengthy forms with too many fields (example: state, revenue, industry) require visitors to reveal sensitive information about themselves before you’ve gained their trust and built a relationship with them. I know in this day and age that our competitors are our friends, but never seen this before?
Cloud allows everyone to become a media company so a football club can offer content outside of the two hour fun on the pitch.
A game which sees the banner sync with the actions on your smartphone – using a unique URL.
With this increase, businesses are only going to want to target more mobile users and so it goes that they’ll need a simplified Adwords tool to do just that.
Perhaps move to a new model where the two types of platforms are less distinct and charge one price for both mobile and desktop ad campaigns? Just because a web page ranks well in organic search results, for a particular keyword, does not guarantee optimal business results. In this survey, well under half of B2B marketers polled were receiving organic search traffic to web properties managed, were purposefully optimizing the landing experience to convert that source traffic.
In many cases, simple changes can improve conversion rates dramatically, and it is important to test and evaluate over time.
To protect the guilty parties, page outlines have been used in lieu of screenshots, to illustrate changes in layout. In the layout example below, the original solutions page adhered to a standard layout, with a link (the yellow rectangle) to an evaluation form, in the upper right-hand side of the page. While this seems obvious for PPC, not everyone in the organization was sold on the recommendation at first.
It seems obvious but sometimes this will be overlooked in the rush to get content implemented. Sometimes simple changes can lead to dramatic improvements and it is critical to continually test and refine strategies.
With over 10 years experience, Derek has worked with a range of organizations from the Fortune 500 to venture-backed startups and small businesses. In addition, these fields take up valuable real estate on your landing page, and overwhelm visitors who just aren’t that into you (yet).If the objective of you landing page is to generate leads for lead nurturing, I recommend only collecting first name, last name, and email address.
While content was not an issue and we were able to drive a fair amount of keyword traffic (organic and paid search), conversion rates seemed low. Analysis of leads generated has also uncovered a new potential target market for solution development as well. While organic search engine and third party traffic was consistently on the rise, membership rates were not improving at a comparable percentage. Potentially interested visitors had easier access to learn what the benefits might be when becoming a member. Unbounce released this study that showed that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 100 percent. This allows you to cast the widest net possible, and nurture cold leads to hot with a targeted lead nurturing program.
I visit a cloud based calendar tool and I see a banner about saving nature while I shop at the RSPB e-commerce store. Of course, it’s important to pursue a strategy which observes the importance of both inbound and outbound. Provide clear and concise header messagingMore often than not, B2B products are complex, which can make explaining them difficult.

Use trust marksBuilding trust is one of the most important responsibilities of an inbound marketer, and landing pages are a great medium to do so. However, more than 60% of B2B marketers report that their greatest marketing challenge for 2012 was generating more leads.
Once you can demonstrate the significant increase in lead quantity (and maybe even quality, because your best leads may be hesitant to share information), they’ll agree to collecting less information initially.In this example below, I clicked on an ad after searching for “landing page testing tips”, and was taken to the below page that offers a white paper.
A clear value proposition with meaningful and direct copy can drastically improve conversion rates.One of the best ways to do this is by using powerful words or invoking emotions that will resonate with your personas.
Incorporating customer logos, customer testimonials or partner testimonials are all great ways to do this. To efficiently boost revenue in 2013, focus on generating more leads by improving your landing pages.1. There is a tremendous opportunity for the advertiser to generate a higher quantity of leads and increase revenue by reducing the number of required form fields and THEN nurturing those leads over time with a lead management program. A great example is how BaseKit was able to increase its pricing page conversions by 25 percent just by including a customer testimonial at the top, seen here:5.
Focus on Benefits, Not FeaturesI’ve created and tested many B2B landing pages—and I can you the absolute #1 most important element of your landing page is the message. Provide a valuable tool or offerThere are many different ways to deliver a valuable offer to a site visitor—from a whitepaper, e-book or webinar to a more developed tool. Provide clear calls to actionWouldn’t it be nice if your site visitors knew exactly what you wanted them to do next? Your headline and body copy must be clear, not clever, and focus on benefits, not features. Keep Your Design SimpleAs I explained above, the most important element of your landing page is an effective message with a clear and obvious value proposition for the user.
I know you love your product (hey, I do too!), but strip your page of copy that focuses on features or company jargon.
Match the Message of Your Ad to the Message of Your Landing PagesEnsure that the message on your landing page clearly matches the message of the ad or offer that got the visitor to click. Remove navigation elementsNow this one is nuanced, but in many situations you will want to remove the additional header and footer navigation from your landing page. There are some use cases, especially when using paid tactics, where this might not always apply. If you’re managing a large scale or more sophisticated digital program, this means creating tens, if not hundreds, of unique landing pages.3.
You can see that all the additional navigation has been removed, leaving the visitor a clear conversion path via the form.7. Require the least amount of fields possible, and built a relationship with them over time through lead nurturing.
Use thank you pages to your advantageFinally, not using the redirect from your thank you page is a significant lost opportunity. A pretty page with a lousy message is far less effective than a boring page with a great message.
As with any optimization campaign, these tactics won’t work for everyone, so be sure to carefully test your pages to see what will drive the best results for your business. These tips are sure to help B2B companies with their landing pages, especially the tip about including a video.

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