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It means that we have to provide online ways for our companies to participate in this process so that we can be included in the set of credible solutions to be considered. We have to put information in the buyer’s hands that can be fed to everyone else who might influence the decision. Interactions and requests for information must be monitored so that we can tell how they are advancing through the purchase process so that we can decide when to pass a lead onto sales staff.
B2B sales staff have to be knowledgeable and well trained in product knowledge and its uses because they will more often than not, be dealing with buyers who have spent quite some time learning about the product category before contact them. If the sales team find out that the lead is not quite ready, they need to be fed back to marketing so that it can be nurtured until it is.

We then use the B2B buyer decision map to identify specific differences in what each segment wants to know. As always, we would love your input on how this B2B buyer decision map compares to how you are marketing to your customers. You’ll then need conduct market research online to uncover how to move your audience from their current state into the top funnel.Leverage Your AudienceOnce you have a handle on how to create an “engaged audience,” the next step is to leverage that audience, transforming them from listeners to co-promoters of your brand. You can refine your segments over time with more robust analytics and data but a quick segmentation is a great place to start knowing more about your customer and what they want to know. Successful examples of marketing campaigns of this nature include Lincoln Financial Group’s “Chief Life Officer” campaign, Progressive insurance’s “Name Your Price,” campaign, Obama’s “Yes We Can” election campaign.These are the types of campaigns which are successful for B2C but which naturally translate exceptionally well into the B2B marketplace.

The most common reason for this is that B2B corporations usually are filling a void in the market and providing a service which is valuable to other business professionals who may feel overwhelmed or unhappy with their current service.

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