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This free B2B marketing plan template is an easy to use tool  designed to help you plan your marketing activities by objective.
Get StartedBrainrider can help you get better results with a B2B Website update, best practice marketing planning & execution, or a Pardot marketing automation implementation.
About 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video. Video is now the sixth most popular content marketing tactic, as 70% of B2B marketers use some form of online video with their overall strategies. On average, mobile viewers watch videos that are three times longer those on PCs and laptops. Videos capture attention of your prospects, and if produced right, hold their attention, which can lead to increased engagement and conversion. Many times it’s best to plan a video strategy to target all levels of buyers within the funnel. Cisco is a leader in video marketing for their products; below is a sample content plan for their videos. Planning: The steps involved with planning a video that will contribute to eliciting a positive response from your prospects.
Determine video elements: music, voiceover, subtitles, length (for advertising- stay within 30 seconds, for longer form, 3-5 minutes is best, but depends on the format and goals)  60 seconds is best for mobile.
Your primary keywords should be near the beginning as only 25-30 characters are visible in YouTube search results.
Put the URL at the beginning of your description so that the user will see the link at all times. For driving leads with video,  a video landing page that features your video,  landing page copy that has strong benefit and CTA language,  offer and lead capture form should be the primary hub for your campaign.
NuSpark has been extremely valuable with helping us develop a comprehensive demand generation plan in the United States and Europe.
Luciana ShortalCarolyn (NuSpark’s Executive Director Content Strategy and Creation) and I worked together to develop a content marketing strategy for the division I lead at Gartner. Content marketing can help firms share their expertise online to build visibility and credibility among prospective clients, industry influencers, and other important audiences. For a B2B content marketing program to succeed, you’ll need a range of resources and skill-sets. The importance of diverse skill-sets and clear leadership is underscored in the Content Marketing Institute and MarketingProfs’ recent survey of B2B content marketers.
Maybe you know someone like this: the genius who has trouble explaining their thoughts or work to anyone but another genius. The B2B content marketing process might look like a staircase, but audiences tend to need some guidance to move from step to step. Clear, engaging, targeted, and visually appealing offers for the next stage of content lead blog readers to your premium content, or from premium content to a closer engagement like a webinar. But some firms get a little too eager to collect registration information and put too much content behind the registration wall. This can feel counterintuitive, particularly to firms just starting out with content marketing.
When a firm’s content is a thinly disguised advertisement, it stinks of dishonesty and condescension. The difference between these outcomes illustrates something of the power of B2B content marketing. At Tarrystone we have re-thought the way B2B marketing can build sales by combining digital contact with personal sales callage and ‘nurturing’ the customer target base to recognise the sales opportunity to close the sale. Online needs fully exploiting with SEO, PPC and tactical landing pages and increasingly PR. Contact strategy, reflecting the sales forecast, which includes all channels and all customers.
Successful achievement means fully integrating many suppliers and sources; design, web production, specialist online agencies, data sources and sales support.
This is the Tarrystone approach with the web and digital solutions at the heart of an integrated programme to achieve sales success and reduce costs.
Yet despite this overall comprehensive approach we always aim for the highest creative standards to build the brand recognition and engage the customer not matter how technical the proposition.
The key elements covered…Tarrystone provides a full spectrum of activity working to support the sales team and agents to build relationships and seek additional sales volume.

Recent Work SWINDON Silicon is a global player in applied integrated circuit design and production. Get in TouchInevitably any relationship with a marketing consultant starts with first contact and we would be pleased to speak with you about your marketing.
In most companies, however, it’s not done often enough, thoroughly enough, or with enough focus on particular issues or decisions. We’re in the midst of different types of strategic marketing planning – both formal and informal – for some of our clients and for Right Source Marketing. The typical B2B company assumes its best clients are either its biggest or most profitable clients, and that is a flawed assumption. The list of criteria related to mindset and relationship should be at least as long as the numbers-oriented criteria. Once you know who your best clients are, you can begin to map out ways to find more of them. Many of the clients I work with are focused almost exclusively on lead generation, or ultimately, client acquisition.
Here’s an idea: invest some of those marketing dollars into retaining your current clients. Gartner Group says that even a one percent increase in client retention rate could result in an eight percent increase in profits.
If you haven’t figured it out yet, content marketing plays a role in every facet of marketing.
The 2014 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends report shows us that strategy is the key to effectiveness. You can start your content marketing plan here: 12 Questions That Should Guide Your Content Marketing Plan and 5 Tips for Building a Content Marketing Budget. I hate to pick on social media properties, but they are the most obvious examples of noise as it relates to marketing planning. Listen closely, though, and you may hear some noise that changes your business, or at a minimum, your marketing. Find out – ask the person who controls the purse strings what will be important to measure. As managing partner and chief content officer for Right Source, Mike Sweeney is responsible for all content marketing initiatives, including growing the company’s content marketing practice, guiding all client content marketing strategy, and recruiting and growing a team of modern marketers.
The workbook includes: prioritizing your marketing objectives, identifying program gaps and opportunities, new programs pick-list and an marketing budget planning worksheet.
Like any content development plan, you first need to define what your customer’s pain points are before scripting your video. The traffic driver sources (social, email, display, PPC, etc.) should direct all campaign traffic to the video landing page. Utilizing their full scope of inbound marketing and content development services, our lead generation goals were far exceeded.
Paul surveyed potential outlets, helped us select the sites with the best demographics, established pricing, and organized the advertising copy.
Carolyn is extremely insightful and about the content marketing space and developing engaging content that educates potential customers and helps move them along the buying journey.
More and more research demonstrates that successful B2B content marketing is tremendously effective from a business standpoint, driving growth and profitability for its practitioners. They may be pursuing the wrong strategy, using inadequate resources, or simply executing their strategy poorly, among other challenges. At minimum, an effective program will require subject matter experts, SEO and marketing specialists, writers, and a project leader.
The most successful firms had a leader in place to direct diverse talents toward a carefully thought-out end.
Sometimes, your blog posts might get so arcane that only other experts – or only your team!
Make sure you stay accessible to prospects and write with their interests and needs firmly in mind. Alternatively, they ask for too much information – or simply make the process appear too complex, foreboding, or time-consuming. A prospect who has accepted an offer for a free personal consultation, by contrast, is further along in the process.
Consistency and quality drive this process, and you can’t let either characteristic slip.

Speak in your firm’s unique voice about a diversity of matters relevant to your prospects and industry.
It’s an ongoing communication between a service provider and their audience, one that shapes brand perception and trust. Our first meeting is always without any costs to you and we are sure you will find it both interesting and helpful. That might make me one of the crazy ones, but when done with the right people, strategic planning can be revealing, inspiring, and dare I say it – fun. In those cases, the process will fall flat, people will stop trusting the process, and the outcomes will be difficult to measure. While there are literally hundreds of questions that get asked and answered during strategic planning, here are five critical ones that every B2B organization should be addressing. And if it turns out that your best clients are also the biggest and most profitable ones, pat yourself on the back. Bain & Company says that increasing client retention rates by five percent increases profits by 25 to 95 percent. In particular, most startups I work with are exclusively concerned with customer acquisition. Eighty-four percent of marketers who say they are ineffective at content marketing say they have no documented strategy. For instance, your organic search data is about to be decimated, but that doesn’t mean you should run – this is noise you should be listening to, because it impacts what is likely one of your strongest sources of traffic, and your ability to measure that traffic. Mike received a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a major in marketing from the University of Notre Dame. Paul and his team have provided exceptional service and are always coming up with new marketing ideas for us to implement. Additionally, his attention-to-detail with our pay-per-click campaigns has contributed to our conversion growth and increased ROI.
She would be a valuable partner to any organization looking to introduce the right content to generate demand for their business. Optimizing your content for search engine visibility is a must, and paid advertising can create new opportunities for your content to be seen. By contrast, a sincere effort to inform and educate can form the backbone of a powerful ongoing relationship. When you avoid the worst mistakes of ineffective content marketers, you have the opportunity to secure your reputation as a leader in your marketplace.
That would be Lee, our managing partner, who suits up in a pair of cowboy boots every day and drives strategy and research for our clients. If I have to explain this one, then perhaps you need to go back and take some business school refresher classes. B2B marketers who have a documented content strategy are far more likely to consider themselves effective (66 percent vs.
Just last week, my cousin Willie put up some Vine videos, and within three hours we had 367 views.
Regardless of who you’re dealing with, this is an important step in the marketing planning process.
You may need the basics (Google Analytics), or you may need something a bit more advanced (a marketing automation platform), but identifying and then measuring what matters is critical. Just make sure that you’re not asking your strategic planning team to answer so many questions that you end up heavy on information and light on decisions.
You can find Mike on Twitter and Google+, connect with him on LinkedIn, or read his other posts.
Offering prospects a white paper or case study in exchange for an email address is best practice to generate leads with content.  Videos that persuade free trials and demos are equally essential. It’s important to remember that content marketing is an organic process, with one stage leading naturally to the next. Does the client have a well-defined decision-making structure, so that you’re not dealing with corporate drama?
He left academia to start up and run three high-growth companies, including an $80 million runaway success story.

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