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B2B Mobile Marketing:10-Step Starter Guide for Integrating Mobile Into The B2B Marketing Mix.
Le 21eme siecle, les Technologies de l’Information (TI) sont devenues l’un des piliers essentiels du business. La notion de Big Data recouvre une combinaison de progres technologiques, d’innovations d’usage et d’evolutions sociales qui amene les entreprises a repenser leurs priorites strategiques et leur modele operationnel.La premiere dimension fondamentale du Big data, c’est la composante technologique. Les donnees des entreprises : les emails, les documents, les bases de donnees, tous les historiques de processus metiers (logs), et tout autre type de donnees structuree, semi-structuree ou non-structuree que l’entreprise produit et stocke. The work of Mobilart clearly helped us set the tone right, communicating the paradigm shift for Farex; and we know that the MobilArt team put their best foot forward, in delivering the change. Team Mobilart is a bunch of young creative thinkers and producers who have a sound understanding of the content business. Our ExpertiseMobilArt leverages customisable combinations of technology, content and marketing resources to craft programmes and platforms that are often revenue-generating and cost-reducing in nature. MobilArt is a digital mobility solution provider that specialises in impacting consumer mind-sets and preferences with focused and engaging communication. The way marketing departments choose their technologies and engage their audience is being redefined by mobile channels. In the B2B Mobile world, 78% of companies allow employees to bring in their own devices, while 50% of the C-Suite will use a tablet by 2013. MORE ABOUT BRANDONAfter being physically and mentally disabled by a brain tumor, Brandon overcame the odds to regain his health to help his pregnant wife in her fight against stage 3 breast cancer. Mobile technology has had profound impacts on life and business that were unimaginable a decade ago.
While B2C marketers eagerly seized the mobile opportunity, mobile remains new territory for many B2B marketers. The Home Depot, a big box home improvement retailer, has been an early adopter of B2B mobile marketing, and illustrates how B2B marketers can successfully engage professional customers by using mobile devices to make their jobs easier.
The “Home Depot PRO” app is separate from The Home Depot consumer app and features mobile functions specific to the professional user. Reorder frequently purchased items: If you’re a contractor buying the same sheetrock or lumber several times for a particular job, this saves you the time of repeatedly navigating to and selecting these products online. Real-time inventory for every product in every store: You can confirm inventory for a part before leaving the client’s home, never wasting another trip to the store. Order from phone, pick up in store: The Home Depot will bundle orders placed through the PRO app so they are ready for in-store pick-up. The Home Depot has found ways to take advantage of the versatility of mobile devices to engage their professional customers.
How could we create a differentiated experience for our customers by taking advantage of mobile device features (camera, GPS, Bluetooth, etc.)?
Luke Goodrich is an experienced marketing professional who helps leading companies develop customer acquisition and engagement strategies and bring products to market.
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When you think of mobile marketing, visions of searches for store hours, maps and getting tips from Facebook friends about good restaurants probably come to mind – all consumer focused.
Power More is a Dell content platform that provides customized content to technology decision-makers optimized for mobile devices. 3M’s Post-it® Plus app for iPhone and iPad enables users to capture images of their Post-it notes, share and collaborate with other business people. By creating content that can be discovered, consumed and interacted with in ways your B2B buyers prefer, you can optimize your ability to attract, engage and convert more leads, deals and revenue. Learn More CloseCareersWe are always looking for the best and brightest talent in content marketing, PPC and ecommerce. We help brands connect with targeted mobile users by advertising their products and services in mobile search and mobile applications.

Explosive growth means that businesses need to incorporate mobile marketing into their digital strategy if they wish to remain visible and competitive.
But once you have a mobile-friendly website with optimized landing pages, your mobile marketing efforts can prove highly effective. In fact, Vertical Rail has helped many brands transition to mobile marketing using their existing advertising platforms. Mais si votre entreprise sait deployer une strategie et des outils adaptes, cette generation pourrait aussi bien constituer l'un des ingredients cles de votre avenir. Social, mobiles, Cloud et les technologies multimedias sont quasiment integres dans leur ADN. En effet, le Big Data s’appuie sur un ensemble d’innovations technologiques qui transforment profondement la facon dont les entreprises et les individus generent, transmettent, stockent et utilisent des donnees : massification des echanges de donnees (video, texte, son, image), revolution dans le stockage (cloud-computing) et la structuration de donnees (NoSQL), progres des techniques d’analyse, progres des outils de visualisation de donnees…Cependant, la montee en puissance du Big Data n’est pas uniquement une histoire de technologie. We design and manage customized, end-user focused programmes and platforms to suit marketers’ changing needs. Our purpose is to leverage our expertise in technology, marketing and content to build rich digital content experience platforms for brands.Get started. Over 60% of business executives are comfortable making purchases via a mobile device as more than 53% of them make use of their mobile devices to gather product information before making purchases.
There will be an integration of mobile devices in multiple levels of the marketing chain used for the following. The development of tablet optimized websites will be triggered by the growth of tablet sales.
There will be an increase integration of mobile marketing initiatives into CRMs and marketing automation systems like Salesforce and hub spot.
Software developers will assist the marketers build more technology that will convert mobile traffic into leads. Gaille is one of the top business bloggers in the world, and he has founded several multi-million dollar companies.
I first realized the potential of mobile devices when, in 2008, I moved across the country to Seattle, having never set foot there before. Nearly half the apps I have installed on my phone today are provided by companies I also frequent in the “real world.” I download these apps because they provide me (as a consumer) a benefit, but they also clearly pay dividends for the companies behind them. According to Regalix Research, 67% of B2B marketers have been using mobile for less than two years.
The PRO app is designed to help a small business professional, such as a contractor, plumber, or other home repair service provider save time and work more efficiently. You can place an order from your tablet the night before to pick it up on the way to the job site in the morning. The Home Depot PRO mobile app adds value for business users by simplifying the business user’s day and making his job easier. He focuses on how marketing technologies can help companies build stronger connections with their customers. Optimize for Mobile: At a minimum, marketers can ensure their websites are optimized for mobile experiences. We respect your privacy.NameThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on integrated content, search, social media and influencer marketing. Mobile commerce is expected to account for a significant portion of total eCommerce revenue. If you don’t have a mobile-friendly website designed with user experience in mind, even the best distribution strategies will fail to convert.
Since advertising across mobile search and application channels is similar to how you would advertise for desktop, it doesn’t take much to get started. Un website vous aidera donc a poster des informations generales ou des annonces, de developper votre boutique en ligne, de creer des forums de discussion, ou meme de combiner tous ces elements. Leur maitrise technologique est un element determinant de leur profil, mais ce n'est pas le seul.

Les evolutions culturelles vis-a-vis de la generation et du partage d’information et les nouveaux usages et nouvelles possibilites de monetisation sont des elements cles de l’augmentation de la richesse et du volume des data. Had I made the move just two years earlier I would have been utterly lost in a new city, but with a smartphone in my pocket, I could navigate like a native. Case in point: ever since I installed the Starbucks app, I go there twice as much as I did before, despite the abundance of independent coffee shops in Seattle. Only one third collect customers’ mobile preferences and behavior data, and only 21% leverage mobile device tools.
What ways can you follow “The Home Depot model” to engage professional users through their mobile devices?
Also, make sure your demand gen content loads quickly in mobile devices or it can suffer in mobile search engine rankings. Video is a top content type consumed on mobile devices, 61% of B2B users watch mobile video relating to their work (IDG). When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely on a beach somewhere doing absolutely nothing. Installee dans le quartier de Yaba, elle abrite plusieurs incubateurs de start-up digitales.Dans cette metropole de la premiere economie du continent, mieux vaut ne pas se separer de son ordinateur, de ses telephones portables et de ses tablettes.
Deja democratise avec le developpement fulgurant des smartphones et tablettes, le web 3.0 designe un Internet qui s’affranchi de toute plateforme pour devenir accessible partout.
Comment pouvez-vous vous appuyer sur l'information si vous n'avez pas confiance en elle? Mobile GPS allowed me to instantly pull up directions and go anywhere I needed to with ease.
The mobile app makes it easy for me to pay from my phone, and when I do, I earn points that accumulate toward perks I can collect on future visits, incenting me to keep coming back. Avant de deployer une application, lorsque vous devez decider des capacites a allouer, vous vous retrouvez bien souvent a court ou, au contraire, avec des ressources inutilisees qui coutent cher. In the near future, we’ll see more companies use mobile apps as a primary means of serving and engaging with customers. Make sure your B2B video content is mobile friendly for the best possible experience for your prospects.
Elle genere un milliard d’euros de chiffres d’affaires.De plus, Benin Smart City, le nouveau quartier numerique de Cotonou au Benin est en chantier depuis le 11 Fevrier 2016. Vos clients ont plus d'information sur vos produits et services, regulierement mis a jour, avant de commander en ligne ou dans vos lieux physiques. Alors que l’internet ne se prolonge habituellement pas au-dela du monde electronique, l’internet des objets (IdO, ou IoT pour Internet of Things en anglais) represente les echanges d’informations et de donnees provenant de dispositifs presents dans le monde reel vers le reseau Internet.Beaucoup d’entreprises se sont d’ores et deja engagees dans cette voie et il ne fait guere de doute que nombre d’objets connectes vont arriver sur le marche ces prochaines annees. Si cette nouvelle categorie de travailleurs est source d'incertitudes et de changements, cette perturbation peut egalement devenir une force extremement positive. Ainsi, le temps necessaire pour rendre ces ressources disponibles pour vos developpeurs passe de quelques semaines a quelques minutes a peine. Le site abritera des centres d’incubation pour start-up, des data centers, des centres de surveillance de reseau, mais aussi des banques, des centres de conference et des centres commerciaux. Ne risquez pas de perdre des clients au profit de vos concurrents.Une foire aux questions (FAQ) sur votre site permet de repondre a vos clients. Les sondages, commentaires et les statistiques de frequentation permettent de recueillir de l'information sur les habitudes de consommation, les gouts, etc. Utilisez votre site pour le faire savoir et generez de la croissance dans vos ventes!5- CREDIBILITELe seul fait d'avoir votre site augmentera la credibilite de votre entreprise.

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