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Video is the fastest growing form of content marketing and rightly so—it’s one of the most effective ways to tell your story to your potential clients.
So, one thing appears to be clear: B2B marketers are definitely wise to spend money on video marketing. Where B2C marketing is emotionally charged – because it is driven by a goal to get customers to connect with the brand on a personal level and therefore buy into it – B2B marketing has a more complicated nature.
Investing in video that focuses on the environment isn’t necessarily the sexiest way to spend your budget, but FedEx aren’t trying to be sexy. So how do the complicated aims of B2B video marketers fit into the context of viral video making? For B2B marketers it is important to recognise that ‘view count’ is not always a useful measure of success for a video. As a worldwide leader in IT, Cisco is targeting businesses who can make use of their products and services. Rather than jump on the viral video bandwagon, take a step back and think about what it is you are trying to achieve as a B2B marketer. As proponents of an ROI based video marketing strategy, at MWP we would argue that investing in producing one so-called ‘viral’ video is akin to investing in creating one great blog post, leaving it, and hoping for the best. Our advice to B2B video marketers is to have a strategy and focus on creating great video content over a period of time. About 46% of people say they’d be more likely to seek out information about a product or service after seeing it in an online video. Video is now the sixth most popular content marketing tactic, as 70% of B2B marketers use some form of online video with their overall strategies. On average, mobile viewers watch videos that are three times longer those on PCs and laptops. Videos capture attention of your prospects, and if produced right, hold their attention, which can lead to increased engagement and conversion. Many times it’s best to plan a video strategy to target all levels of buyers within the funnel.
Cisco is a leader in video marketing for their products; below is a sample content plan for their videos. Planning: The steps involved with planning a video that will contribute to eliciting a positive response from your prospects. Determine video elements: music, voiceover, subtitles, length (for advertising- stay within 30 seconds, for longer form, 3-5 minutes is best, but depends on the format and goals)  60 seconds is best for mobile. Your primary keywords should be near the beginning as only 25-30 characters are visible in YouTube search results. Put the URL at the beginning of your description so that the user will see the link at all times.
For driving leads with video,  a video landing page that features your video,  landing page copy that has strong benefit and CTA language,  offer and lead capture form should be the primary hub for your campaign.
NuSpark has been extremely valuable with helping us develop a comprehensive demand generation plan in the United States and Europe. Luciana ShortalCarolyn (NuSpark’s Executive Director Content Strategy and Creation) and I worked together to develop a content marketing strategy for the division I lead at Gartner. Most B2B marketing videos don’t support the buyer’s journey because they are product-centric. 1.    A product-oriented explainer or demo video by itself won’t create that crucial shift in perspective that transforms a viewer into a potential customer.
So how do you move away from product-centric videos and toward videos that support the buyers journey? What kind of videos would be made if, instead of starting out “Hey, we need a product video,” marketers thought “Hey, buyers need information”? We know that buyers in the awareness and consideration phases of the journey like summarized content.

A vendor of security threat intelligence plans one video for CISOs, one detailing product differentiators for buyers just researching the category, and one for IT managers about integrating the product with other security software. The more focused videos you have, the more videos your lead gen and sales enablement teams can promote, to more accurately segmented lists — and research shows that just putting the word video in the subject line sharply increases open rates.
In 2013, the Online Video Marketing Survey and Business Video Trends Report looked closely at how businesses are working with video.
93% of the total number of respondents claimed to be using online video in their marketing. The question is: should they be spending money on creating viral videos to raise awareness of the business with as many people as possible?
B2B video marketers need to convince a number of key decision makers in any one organisation. They are trying to appeal to businesses who are becoming increasingly more aware of the need to consider the environmental impact of their activities. This might be setting the bar too high or low, depending on the size of your competitors, but looking at how their videos perform can give you a more relevant comparison than how many views ‘Charlie bit my finger’ has had.
When you have a niche audience, your content should be driven towards their goals and needs – this will be diluted if you are aiming to cast a wider net for the sake of more views.
The video above showcases some of their finest video communications products in a business context.
However, these technologies are only truly impressive to the businesses and professionals who can make use of them.
Video is just another form of content and so should be incorporated into a thoughtful marketing strategy. Your content should be very specifically targeted towards your audience and should set out to meet their needs and solve their problems. Like any content development plan, you first need to define what your customer’s pain points are before scripting your video. The traffic driver sources (social, email, display, PPC, etc.) should direct all campaign traffic to the video landing page. Utilizing their full scope of inbound marketing and content development services, our lead generation goals were far exceeded. Paul surveyed potential outlets, helped us select the sites with the best demographics, established pricing, and organized the advertising copy. Carolyn is extremely insightful and about the content marketing space and developing engaging content that educates potential customers and helps move them along the buying journey.
They accompany product introductions, reside on product pages and are featured in product promotions. Customers, prospects, marketers, and salespeople all like short videos that answer the question “what does it do?” when the subject is new to them. In order to get to the product information quickly and to get it all in, they need to set up the problem quickly, assuming the viewer even knows about the problem you solve.
When a prospect already knows what your product or solution is for, it needs no introduction. A sales enablement app vendor is making a 30-second video showing how various product features benefit salespeople, another about benefits for sales managers.
The vast majority (82%) said that video marketing had had a positive impact on their business. Online video is a major part of B2B connections in that video has the power to bring a brand to life. B2B video marketing therefore has to take into consideration how it’s own business goals are aligned with those of the businesses it is trying to convince. There are definite commonalities between many videos that have gone viral (humour, emotional engagement, support of social seeds with big followings), but this doesn’t necessarily mean that virality can be recreated.

A great indicator of the relevance and usefulness of your video to your audience is how many times it has been shared. They have done well to make this video fun and engaging, but the message is firmly one of using their products and services to make the business process more efficient. Their video marketing strategy is therefore to target those people and demonstrate how their products are achieving results for other businesses, all over the world, every day. An off-the-cuff video about opening a bottle of wine without a corkscrew went viral and the positive effect of the views rippled through the business, bringing in more customers.
Do this in an original and creative way, and you might just achieve the added bonus of appealing to a wider audience, causing your views to go through the roof.
Paul and his team have provided exceptional service and are always coming up with new marketing ideas for us to implement. Additionally, his attention-to-detail with our pay-per-click campaigns has contributed to our conversion growth and increased ROI. She would be a valuable partner to any organization looking to introduce the right content to generate demand for their business.
That’s okay for a product overview, but not if you’re trying to change how someone sees a problem. Online video viewers are impatient, and much of your one-size-fits-all product introduction will be stuff the view already knows. For the purchase stage, you need case studies, testimonials, and user story videos that show how your solution is being used and the results achieved.
And to accommodate the different interests and levels of engagement of buying team members, you need multiple short videos. As soon as you start thinking about how video could support the buyer’s journey, you’ll start to generate all kinds of new story ideas that will put this powerful medium to better use. It enables businesses to talk to each other about who they are and what they have to offer. Depending on the product or service that is the focus of your video, your audience size will vary and this should be taken into consideration too. You could generate some useful information by calculating the number of shares as a percentage of the number of views each of your videos has had.
Also, don’t forget that your strategy should include a distribution plan that gives your videos the best possible chance of reaching your audience.
Offering prospects a white paper or case study in exchange for an email address is best practice to generate leads with content.  Videos that persuade free trials and demos are equally essential. If their particular interest hasn’t been addressed 20 seconds or so into the video, many viewers will stop viewing.
For the post-sale stage, you need videos to show you can get even stronger results with additional support. Stories about different personas, stories featuring unusual differentiators, stories set in different vertical markets, stories that challenge preconceptions.
The way that online video is used in B2B relationships is very different to the way it is used in the B2C environment – but it is just as important. Buyers will appreciate how easy it is to find the information they want when they encounter these videos on the buyer’s journey.

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