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Collect your favorite tutorials and always keep track of progress with your CyberLink account. You can combine multiple CyberLink PowerDirector projects you worked on and saved previously into one project using the Insert Project feature. To insert the project exactly where you want in your production, move the timeline slider to a preferred position and then select File > Insert Project.
The multi trim function lets you trim out one or more segments in a video clip, creating independent clips from the original video. If the position of the timeline slider is at the beginning or end of the video clip, the Split function is not available because it cana€™t be split into two segments.

If none of the split segments are removed, they are still one continuous video, which may be helpful if you want to apply effects or transitions to individual segments . The Import Media Files option allows you to import media files individually, while the Import a Media Folder option allows you to import all the media files contained in a specific folder. It is recommended that you place all the media files you want to use in your production in a single folder so that you can quickly locate and keep track of it. Drag the mark in and mark out position sliders to your preferred positions and then click OK to complete the trimming.
Drag the mark out position slider to your preferred position and then click on the button.

You can use it to quickly split a video clip into two segments, and then keep or remove one of them. Drag the timeline slider to the position where you want to split the video clip, and then click the Split button.
Editing is a broad term that encompasses a number of different functions, including splitting, trimming, and much more.

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